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Found 2 results

  1. I'm kidda bored so I try it out recently with my new phone (ROG phone 2) I'm only at tier 3 tenryu, so I don't think I know too much dept but the game is seem much more simplify than PC version it's feel nice to let loose on other platform by the way, my blitz in game name is 'PGM991' same as PC any clan so I can join? I mean... for casual player.
  2. Don't, just don't I plays American BB and a DD rammed into me and survived then I get torped in the face twice for not be able to kill him in a few accurate salvo. Everything except DD are gimped especially BB. How gimp is it, you ask? Well, how about Yamato with 14km firing range vs Benson with almost the same weapon range as PC version? You can't upgrade your ship as your wish, you have to try your luck against post-game result gacha farm blueprints for it which drops randomly, and you'll surely get saltier than the sea And there is no cap reset even if you dropped nuke on the capper the cap counter won't be reset if he didn't get killed.