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Found 25 results

  1. Hi guys, I have been playing the game for quite some time now and was wondering how does one become a community contributor ? I would like to test out ships that are still a WIP. Please advise.
  2. Hi, Warships player based in Australia. Basically getting into the game, having battles with Clan mates, and streaming 3 nights a week! There is swearing, so probably not for the faint hearted, or kids Would love to see some new faces, ship giveaways, streaming every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, from 9 pm. Currently exploring the Russian Cruiser line, getting my US BB's, English DD's, and German CC's. Please join, watch, subscribe - and see you online! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM3drt4g2Oioi1RFOmzoPlQ?view_as=subscriber
  3. I have been interested in Linux for a while and after watching an episode of Linus Tech Tips that you can game on Linux, I took some time and tested if I can play WG games on Linux (Without Steam). I got to try Ubuntu in 2005. Back then, Windows XP was way better than any Linux Distro (Distribution) I have tried. Overtime Linux seems to be getting better and better and the GUI is more friendlier than before. Some functionality still has some issues and sometimes stability of the OS. However, comparing that to Windows 10's forced update, in linux, you can opt not to update right away if you feel uncomfortable, and let others try it first, look for bugs, then once they have been ironed out, you can update with peace of mind. Just like Windows 7. Playing WOWS in Windows is still mostly stable by a long shot, as WOWS is built in Windows. Playing WOWS in Linux, Linux requires some "emulation" to be able to play most Windows game. It is not perfect, but if the Linux community, the WOWS community, and WG dev staff will help and get the game to work on Linux, it can and will make the game work flawlessly. Here are some screenshots of the Game played on Linux: Where's waldo? In space, no one can hear you fart. Do not touch my model. Damoi! La bataielle commence What the...., who dares?! In just 4 minutes -_- I have been trying to re-introduce myself to Linux again since 2017 (12 years of being dormant). After watching Linus Tech Tips, Gaming on Linux episode, I find time to try and test the game. 1 weeks to play around Linux OS. 1 week to try to play and install the game in Linux, 1 week to play the game in Linux, and 1 week grind fest to get T6. I will post on how to install and play WOWS in Linux in the nest thread. So that I won't make this one long. Also some few solutions to make the game experience playable to Windows level, and some issues I have encountered and yet to replicate or find solutions. If the community can help to make the game smoother in Linux, let us post the solutions or create a forum dedicated to Linux.
  4. Couple of contests were seen on World of Warships Asia Server - 1. Design Camo for Helena - When are we going to see this camo in-game ? US Cruiser Arc is over but no sign of this camo or early mission for those who participated in this camo designing contest. Apparently the page has also been taken down - https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/contests/camo-content-helena/ I don't have the ship currently nor do i have its predecessor Dallas but i was curious to know what happened to that camo and its early access mission as i had participated in designing the camo 2. Gifts for Sincerity Contest - https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/my-wows-story/ Why do i play world of warships - uploading video on YouTube gives the participating players with Containers as gifts. I have uploaded video on you tube with the necessary hash tags - the rewards were suppose to come on 20th August, but no sign of announcement of the same or no sign of the said containers. "Waiting for an Update on above two eagerly" Thank You. P.S - Sorry, incorrectly posted in Public Test Forum Section
  5. So just installed WoWs again after 3 months and 2 days ago i just finished installing and downloading it. At the log in menu , i typed my email and my password. I'm sure i'm not typing the wrong email or password. I've tried to log in again and again and again and it seems the game didn't allow me to log in at all. I have good internet connection in other games but when i try to log in into WoWs i encounter the same problem. Sooo... did anyone have the fix to this problem ? ( Yes I've tried to reinstall it again twice and the problem occurs again )
  6. I have been playing world of warships before it was released on steam, and after the steam release, I have been using the steam client for the game since its faster and i prefer it. But for each game steam makes a new account for the user for that game and to disable this I have removed the steam.api file for this game so it wont do it and let me login to the game with my old WoWs account, and since currently there have been DLC releases for this game on steam which I'd like to buy for my wows account so would it be possible to link my WoWs account with my steam so I could buy those DLC's to use it in my WoWs account. Thanks
  7. MFP - Modern Fleet Project by Kamar_96 mod for some ship to equip modern weapon on it , No effect on performance just visual , You guys can suggestion what should I make on next one (If it not too hard or it will take some time to make it) I will keep update when I finish the new one Modern AP HE sample Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/j8sjh86x26bi7k2/Modern+AP+HE.zip Błyskawica Ciws Change 40 mm AA guns to Ciws style Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/g8hau31s1us35my/Ciws+bofor+%28Now+Work+on+all+quad+bofor%29.zip German Guided Radar AA (GEPARD Turret) Replace 55 mm Gerat twin AA to GEPARD Turret Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/gb6rzwcthyy0t1a/Ciws+German+BB+%28GK%29.rar AK-130 for Khaborovsk Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/sksqyuvba0a5z1h/Ak-130+mod+%28khabarovsk+Udaloi%29.zip Vulcan AA for triple 25 mm AA (No preview yet) Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ds3q4hdvj0jdgpt/Vulcan+AA+for+Japanese+triple+25+mm.zip Special! Scifi 5 inch Turret For Sims Benson Fletcher Class Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmqdg51e1xmouev/Scifi+5inch+turret.rar Good luck and fair seas
  8. i was wondering if some people would like to squad up and play together honestly it does not matter if you are Australian just if you can speak English my highest rated ship is tier 4im rank 12 all most 13 add me if you are interested thanks name: C4OnYoorDoor #1
  9. C4OnYoorDoor

    my game wont run help plz

    every time since last night i go to launch world of warships this message pops up please give some advice
  10. patri3x


    Hi I want to submit a client which is used for hacking in wows and i tried generate a ticket for same. But wargaming dont allow submitting exe files and files more than 3 mb of size. Then what i am supposed to do? I will not definitely submit this client at forum as more people will fall for it. So please guide or super moderators contact me. I dont cae if i get banned forever from wargaming.
  11. Ahoy sailors, I've previously shared my YouTube channel in the Fan Zone section of the forums but figured I'd share it here also, hope you like it Duplicate Thread. Thread locked. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  12. Artisto81

    Hillarious WoWS Thai advert

    Seriously, after last year's WoT advert...? Wargaming Asia advertising agent is so good on making commercial videos with sexual allusion.... Very funny
  13. this is started when i was just thinking about to mod khabarovsk skin, and so i open the khabarovsk skin into my trusty Pooh2Soup PS for mod : do i post it in right section? if i put it in wrong section feel free to move it
  14. Hi guys I was testing the game if it would run well at 60 FPS. well it did and this are my results. World of Warships PC Benchmarks Nvidia GT 750M 720p MD 60 fps
  15. Tomahawk012

    Game Launching crash/freeze

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forums so please don't get mad. I am having a problem when I launch the game and it comes up with the game loading screen i get the windows 10 error sound. i am unable to alt+tab or alt+f4. when i try to bring task manager up i get a black screen. i was able to navigate to task manager using the arrow keys but i still had a black screen. I press turn my pc off and then it comes up with my desktop for a second and then it starts shutting down and i am unable to stop it. any help would be appreciated thanks
  16. sgtbubbles

    Clans and Features

    I would like to see the feature of clans, like in WoT, and all the features it has, so every feature that comes under clans in WoT, I'd like to see in WoWs. Along with a lot of the features from WoT, to be put into the game of WoWs, not just the design look, but also, when in battle, to have more types of battles, not just between bots or real people. I would like people to use punctuation to make it easier to read what you are trying to say! Hard to Read, Post Fixed, User Warned ~lengxv6
  17. Hi there, fellow captains! Here is a small video I shot while MC'ing the Wargaming.net booth at PAX AUS 2015. We thought it would be fun to shoot a timelapse and watch the ebb and flow of people through the booth as the day went by. If you attended PAX, or were lucky enough to win a prize or come up on stage with me, see if you can spot yourself in the video! Action stations!
  18. Now can play the world of warships in mac now! download link:https://files.wargaming.net/public.php?service=files&t=7f7122de06707b9ce826b56693dfda86 If you want to use the official wrapper but you play on the Asia then your gonna need to make one small tweak to it before you install the game - if you've already installed then game just go to your Documents folder and delete the World_of_Warships folder to "Uninstall" it. Right click the wrapper, select "Show Package Contents" Navigate to Contents/SharedSupport/worldofwarships/support/worldofwarships/drive_c/games/World_of_Warships Delete or Rename WoWsLauncher.cfg to something else (WoWsLauncher2.cfg for example) Download the proper cfg file for your server from here- If you don't trust me and would rather modify your own cfg file see below (if so then DON'T delete yours ) Place the newly downloaded cfg file in where you just removed/renamed your old one from (replace yours with the new one you downloaded) Go to your documents folder and delete the World_of_Warships folder if you have one Run the wrapper, let it download the 4.5 gig update, play the game, sink ships, win. WoWsLauncher.cfg.rtf
  19. Win Exclusive World of Warships Codes 7 days Premium Subscription 500 Doubloons, Marblehead Premium Ship Port Slot By Participating in the sweepstakes, you agree to the following: • The Sweepstakes will begin on 23 October 2015 08 00 PDT and end on 23 November 2015 23 59 PST, or such other date/time as Razer may announce. • Winners will be chosen by 30 November and codes will be sent out by 6 December. • Eligibility: • No purchase necessary. • Must be 13 and over to participate. • Must meet further entry requirements in the Additional Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions: http://www.razerzone.com/terms-conditions/contestThis promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. https://gleam.io/smo96-E2ghn0
  20. anonym_E7LiqzUBWa53

    Keeps Freezing

    When I'm in a match, my match keeps freezing when we spot an enemy, or there is gunfire. It kind of does it frame by frame, of three or four, every 30 - 60 seconds. I can still shoot, and everything else, but it just keeps freezing. idk y. PLZ TELL ME Y!!!! I put it on the lowest graphics settings and stuff, but it still happens! Sincerely, FF174
  21. RandomPankakes

    Voice Acting (Vocals) & Script

    I have noticed while playing this game that the Voice Acting, notably the Vocals; seem to be too 'mechanical', as if you were listening to an android or some such which I feel to be far too futuristic for the setting and mood of this game. Try using a static-y radio effect to the vocals or use a speaking tube (probably not as the higher tier ships would be using in-ship radio comms) or get a sound recording of some one inside a boat house for a more natural sound. The vocals are just for mood and ambiance, however the script is what niggles me, for example; when setting way points (plotting a chart) you get to hear, "Auto Pilot Engaged Sir!" or something to that effect. Please correct this, as sophisticated piloting computers have not been invented in those times, and it is some thing you would hear on a jet plane or at NASA. Try scripting some thing like; "Charted Course, Plotted And Laid in Sir!" or "Navigational Course Plotted And Ready Sir" or some thing to that effect. Also referring course markers as way-points is a little annoying, but for the average player I can understand the use of the term for the ease of reference. Just a couple of little silly things that I believe would bring out a stronger naval feel about the game. Thanks to any and all who took the time to read this as I hope it may help the game in the future.
  22. TheHornyMango

    Game flickering

    I recently bought a premium ship to get into the beta of wow, but when i get to the login the client keeps flickering and switching between not responding and responding, im not good with fixing pc problems so if anyone can help me that would be great.
  23. Recently, Wargaming removed the Rising Sun from IJN Vessels within World of Warships because of complaints that claim they were a symbol of Japanese atrocity during the Second World War. Many Japanese people responded to this issue by starting a petition to bring back the flag to the game, arguing that there is no reason to delete a flag that is not illegal for use, but rather is still used by the JMSDF. Any thoughts? I personally think WG should bring back the flag for that very reason: The Rising Sun was used by the Navy way before WWII, and the flag is still in use currently by the JMSDF and therefore should not and cannot be associated with the Nazi Swastika, which is banned in most European countries including Germany. The matter has been discussed and the decision is that the flag will not appear in-game Please do not bring politics into the forums. Thread closed. ~Centurion_NZ
  24. Since there is no official clan thread/section I will post one. I will post our clan recruitment thread for BULL from the wot forums. BULL was founded by Aussies and Kiwis for common clans, that is world of tanks and world of warships. Hello Forums,Lets start with introductions, My IGN Black_Pantheras. I'm an Australian player who started WoT in the NA cluster 2011, before starting anew here. I am the commander of the Aussie [bULL], a new clan dedicated to uniting players of World of tanks and the upcoming World of Warships, through common clans. We are looking for mature, loyal, friendly and active players. My vision is to become a strong competitive clan that offers training, participates in tournaments and eventually has a strong presence on the Global map through Clan Wars. To do this we need YOU.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our requirements Tiers: Any tier, as we will platoon with you to help you save free xp for WoWS. If you plan to do WoT clanwars with us then having at least one Tier X tank is mandatory Not Bot stats Speak English Mature 17+ Be dedicated to this clan Be friendly with others Great at teamwork Have Headphones (Mic if possible) For competitions and skirmishes have RaidCall http://www.raidcall.com/index.html Be willing to participate in Skirmishes and later clan wars Be on at least 2-3 times a week (the more the merrier) Be available 7:00 pm+ (GMT +11:00) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The benefits: You get a friendly social clan Once unified accounts starts you can convert your saved Free xp and use it on WoWS! You get to participate not only Wargaming competitions but in-clan competitions As an Alpha Tester of WoWS I can platoon with you from Closed Beta onwards and help you get to your A-Game I can inform you when Closed Beta is released so you can get your place at the top of the list when applying And much more that I can't think of! GREAT! HOW DO I JOIN?Easy! Submit an application on the WoT Site at http://worldoftanks.asia/community/clans/2000001843/If you have any questions feel free to PM me! SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD AND OPEN SEAS!
  25. Picture from World of Warships Booth at Tokyo Game Show 2014 *I think i saw this clothes somewhere before......*