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Found 6 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    The Sad Truth

    Average damage is calculated from all your games since day 1. What you really want to see is the average damage of your recent games, which is normally higher. Over the last 500 games, I'm averaging 40k with 0.80 kills per game. My WR is decreasing because far more of my games played are T8 and T9, I hardly ever play T5 anymore, and T6 only rarely. More tonnage on the map means my damage output has to scale just to keep up the enemy teams total hp.
  2. Just wanna share some thought. After the match yesterday I convinced win rate mean nothing in this game.. There are more uncontrollable variable that influencing every match (RNG, noob team consist of bot and afk, luck) than controllable one (individual skill based on experience). Right now the most important thing just to play every ship according to its specialty and enjoy the game without thinking about stats at all. P.S. Beside sharing my thought I also want to train my english writing skill here.
  3. mingkimingki

    matchmaking algorithm

    how exactly is the game's matchmaking algorithm system? what aspects determine the trigger other than tier?
  4. Have you ever felt that when time ran out that the game should have been a draw? I have been in games where we are lucky to get the win and unlucky to lose, in fairness neither team should have won. Why is it so black and white? Perhaps certain game modes? I guess i would not be the only one to have asked this but I am interested in your thoughts? Cheers
  5. This is an extrapolation the point I made on the other stats thread: Win rate is directly correlated to number of players playing a particular ship and therefore cannot be used to directly compare ship's performance. Instead, here is a graph of Win Rate VS. number of players (data from SEA 1/28/17 last 2 months, taken from here. The shaded areas represent linear trend lines by class and is about +/- .75% WR wide considering RNG, this amount of variation should probably be ignored. Note that the line is much steeper for DDs than for other classes - this is probably an indication that DDs are more skill dependant. What can you say from this data? For example; Gearing has a 51.98% WR whereas Akatsuki has a 47.29% WR. However there are only around 1300 Gearing players VS. 5500 Akatsuki players. The graph suggests (it may not necessarily be the case), that if there were a similar number of Akatsuki players as Gearing players, WR would be very similar. I.E. Akatsuki's WR is lower, not because its much larger player base is on average, much less skilled.
  6. NyanDora_Mech_Tank

    How to increase the winrate?

    Like the title, how to increase the winrate in WoWS? Honestly, i think it's really hard to get the winrate above 50% in WoWS. Unlike WoT where i can easily get 53% overall winrate at 15k battles, WoWS may have more unpredictable situations such as 1 CL and 1 Carrier can sunk enemies' 3 DDs and 2 BBs with full HP. More ships remain doesn't say anything about the battle's result, which is very different in WoT. Furthermore i think 20 minutes of battle time limit is still not enough, since many winning scenarios come to draw unfairly.