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Found 3 results

  1. Too many people in this game are more concerned about having "fun" than about winning. Now, I don't want to judge people here. I'm not gonna say they are bad, even though we have all experience players who have shown much room for improvement. That's how they want to play their game and I have no problem with them in that regard. But unfortunately, this nonchalant attitude of them with respect with winning the game kinda ruin the game for those of us who just want to win and particularly those of us who want to git gudder. Too many times I have seen players who act as if they don't even want to win. I have seen ships of all classes feeding for no reason, teams hanging back and farming damage while objectives get takes, players getting kited, and other simple mistakes, even in Tier 10. Many players have no idea what they are doing, and ruin the game for players who just want to stetped git gud. So why not we have some sort of system, something with different tiers for "regular randoms" and "tryhard for more xp" modes. One for those serious players who want to git gud and git xp, and one for those who just want to play whatever way they want. This way, players who want to "just have fun" would not feel pressured to "ptfo" or "play to the damn meta" just to satisfy those people serious about winning. Coop battle is OK, but credits reward is not enough to cover the cost of repair and resupply when you are on high tiers. Or better yet, why not just implement MMR on random battles?
  2. I just had a match in my Gnevny where team refuse to defend cap in standard mode Thus I had to hold the cap against a Cleveland, Graff and two Nagatos with assistance of kind Mutsuki whom decided to stay with me and help with spotting Unfortunate thing is the team push got wrecked and pretty much every living enemies went for our cap and we could only buy time until the match ends and lose by points Is there any way I can contribute more for victory
  3. KolossalkabawSEA

    Winning. How important is it?

    DISCLAIMER: This poll does not entirely represent the player population since not all players visit the forums. There are serious gamers, there are casual gamers, and there are those who just want to pass time. Which one are you?