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Found 6 results

  1. We've all had them, now it's time to share them. Doesn't have to be a failed to carry thread. I want to see that everyone else gets these special kinds of people too.
  2. LongDongFong


    WG require a minimum of 10 battles to post in the forums, yet there is no limit on played battles to enter Ranked. Ranked is supposed to be a more competitive form of random yet it's not, it's just a potato festival with less potatoes per team. Would it be that bad to have a 'you must have been a potato for at least 500 battles' to enter? It won't fix much, because this is potatoland anyway regardless of how many battles they have played after botting their way to tier X, but it might, in a tiny way, make Ranked less of a joke.
  3. LongDongFong

    Epicentre - why?

    I'm curious as to who at WG Asia thought it was a good idea to introduce a battle mode that demands being closer than 20kms to enemy ships on a server where the majority of players are ...cough... passive to say the least? Most of them barely comprehend domination mode. Edit; Just copped it twice at tier X with stereotypical asiateams who congregated at the back of the map.
  4. LongDongFong


    On a massive losing streak for 3 days, I started checking both teams stats at the end of every 'fun and engaging' one sided battle. I've done this for a week, close to 100 battles and it looks like MM stacks a majority of low stat 'players' on one team and a majority of reasonable to good/great on the other. This may just be a statistical glitch and it's only a small sample but surely over the course of 100 battles there should be more than maybe 10 - 20 actual decent battles..the rest are just crap. I've seen the same with radar cruisers as well, often one team has an advantage. Has anyone else seen anything like this or is it just me trying to work out why I feel jinxed lately with typical superasiawinnerteams?
  5. LongDongFong

    Needs more bots

    Hi all, and this is specifically aimed at WG Asia I was wondering what WG ASIA is doing about bot accounts, if anything. I am seeing more and more of these 'players' that do very little, even by Asia server standards. After battles I'm checking the profiles of these very very hard to detect ninjas and 36--42% is pretty consistent, average damages range from 6k - 8k, Kill/Death ratios of 0.1 are pretty normal for them. Everyone knows that botting is rampant here, same as it was on WoT Asia, yet these accounts are racking up thousands of battles and WG seem to be struggling to do anything about it, or ignoring the issue. I see 1 on average every battle yet WG has access to all the data and the problem persists. I know it's a lot to ask, given that they can't even get CV balance right, but surely they can slap a ban hammer on bot accounts just as easily as they would on anyone that points out that they're incompetent.
  6. Centurion__MK64

    First topic ever

    Testing 1 2 3