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Found 6 results

  1. Does any one knows which website is more accurate for your personal progress tracking? Which is which now I find there is disparity between these 2 websites:- Yesterday - asia.warships.today showing purple rating 1,535 where as asia.wows-numbers.com showing 2,046 blue rating and for today is vice versa. The only difference is the number of battles played with different class of ships. Today 11 battles in dd where as yesterday the battles was 5(dd)+6(CA). I thought the parameters/logic would have to be the same? Can any expert help out to explain which is the better website to use? I realised that asia.wows-numbers.com is always showing a higher number asia.warships.today asia.wows-numbers.com
  2. I've created tool for World of Warships statistics based on my WoT Page. WoWS Stats & Numbers Main features: - player statistics with progress tracking - example, - milestones - important moments for account, new ship, new damage record, - leaderboard, - warships statistics, - leaderboard for warships and same class/tier warship comparison - Cleveland, Atago, - recent events Enjoy, use, comment!

    How well are you doing?

    Hi all, Without a comprehensive way to measure personal performance in relation to all other players etc besides looking at a player's stats via the website, does anyone have any indication or a breakdown of stats in relation to WR, Av AP and the like? What is considered a 'Unicum', versus a 'Above average" vs 'Good' vs 'Average' versus "below average' vs "Waaaaaay below average" If there is a way I cannot see can you point me in the right direction to have a look at this? Cheers
  4. AntifoulAwl

    Ranked Battles and Stars

    So if i understand this correctly, you gain a star for a win and lose one for a loss. An average player, say 50% winrate, will always hover around having no stars, they will win a battle or two, then lose a battle or two. Result= no stars. Even if your WR is 55% your only going to eventually get one star. Someone much less than average, say 40% WR, will have no stars either. They will rank the same as the average player .How frustrating is this going to be for all these sailors who can't seem to gain a rank, especially when you see yourself ranked with those who have less skills than yourself?? Is everyone going to be ranked on the bottom, with only the cream rising to the top? and you know the saying about scum coming to the surface.... If I am wrong, can someone plz set me straight.
  5. KolossalkabawSEA

    Winning. How important is it?

    DISCLAIMER: This poll does not entirely represent the player population since not all players visit the forums. There are serious gamers, there are casual gamers, and there are those who just want to pass time. Which one are you?