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Found 4 results

  1. Der_Wustenfuchs

    The New Invisible Soviet Railguns.

    So the new soviet cruisers what are we dealing with this year?, well you have cruisers with absolutely insane shell velocity the so called balance for this being the dispersion is not even that bad. And the stealth oh my god the stealth these ships come prepackaged for stealth we are talking stupid detection ranges, for example the tier IX the Riga she has 220 mm guns with a 14 second reload more health than the Odin the new German heavy cruiser that had its health nerfed for doing to well in battles not to mention it has radar. so whats the stealth you ask?, Riga has a base detection range of 14 km an air detectability range of an insane 6.4 km and in smoke again it has in insane smoke fire penalty of only 8.7 km. and that's the norm for all these new ships ridiculously accurate large calibre guns coupled with hard hitting HE shells as Flamu put it Truck hitting AP followed by an insane stealth ratings for every part of the ship including the torpedoes for the ships that have them. This is literally WG having their cake and eating too they have pulled out all the stops for these ships they can stealth radar let that sink in for a moment other ships in the game where nerfed so that they couldn't stealth radar but for the new Soviet ships Stalin guides their radar waves. for these ships to exist is a pure insult to the community these ships get it all no matter what ship type you play lately we have all lost an element of our ship types and these cruisers get it all. I cant even go into all the details because ill start a rant that will never end i didn't even get into the range of these ships by the way the new tier X is a light cruiser with 19 km range let that joke set in for you a light cruiser has the same range as my Grosser Kurfurst. This video is the perfect reaction to watching a game die:
  2. I mean... she's a good ship , she has a fighter that can kill tier IV-VI planes, her spotter plane is good for camping at very far ranges (although low damage, she can still invisifiring) her secondaries are good, they even cause fire suddenly for a few hits, and she has quadruple torpedo tubes (much like the Furutaka, except it's short range) her AA is better (upgraded) Well her drawbacks she had weak armor, low smokescreen and other stuff i really like the fighter and it kills higher tier planes
  3. cellum95

    Server Unavailability

    I tried logging in to World of Warships and I can't connect to the server. I tried multiple times and still I can't connect. The same thing happened in World of Tanks. Is there something wrong with the server that I didn't know?
  4. lately, when I'm play (occasionally tier 6-7) I notice major change. number of DD in each match greatly increase, almost never fewer than 4-5 DD per team per match while I almost never see CV at all. why is that?