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Found 4 results

  1. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Transfering from Steam to Wargaming Center

    I have installed my game through Steam and registered by my Steam account. However it seems like that Steam client is not as stable as the one in Wargaming Center since It is sometimes difficult to start up. I wonder whether there is a method allowing me to use WGC instead of Steam to launch the game.
  2. This is a guide for those who wants to get back their old game Launcher which they lose after installing WGC (Wargaming Game Center) Old Launcher Step 1: Go to control Panel find WGC and uninstall it do not tick where it says delete game files [Don't delete game files ] Step 2: Go to the game directory (the folder where you installed the game) by default its C:\Games\World_of_Warships Step 3: Get old launcher files from your friend or someone who's not using WGC and copy/replace inside your game folder. files are: WoWSLauncher.exe WoWSLauncher.cfg WargamingGameUpdater.exe 7z.dll (only if its missing) (P.S. I'll be uploading these files for ver. ASIA SERVER ULTRA Client) updating currently will post shortly) WoWs OLD Launcher Files Step 4: Run WoWSLauncher.exe That's it.
  3. WGC(Wargaming.net Game Center)についての要望のトピックを作成いたしました。 WGCに関連した要望を書き込んで頂けたらと思います……。 7月のWGCアップデートにより「一度のログインで全ゲームをプレイ!」ということで実装されましたが、他のリージョンとを跨いでプレイする際にはWGC上で一度ログアウト、他のリージョンでログインし、またAsiaでプレイする際には最初から入力しなければならないという事が起きています。 現在は他リージョンのクライアントを動かす際にはWGC上から起動せずにインストールフォルダから直接動かしている状態でWGCでのメリットを受けられていない状態です。 リージョンごとにアカウント・パスワード情報を保持するということは出来ないものでしょうか? またWGCにログイン情報を登録するとtwitchでのログインにしてたものがメールアドレス・パスワードによるログインに戻され、パスワードの欄が空白に戻され再起動時にはWGCのログイン情報を読み取っているのか自動で接続されるが、再接続時に不便が生じています。 こちらも改善していただけたらと思います。
  4. 2ShotsShort

    World of warships not lauching

    Ok so I've had this issue for quite a few patches and it's gotten to the point where it's quite irritating. After I put my computer to sleep then wake it back up, if i try to start world of warships. No Ball Kill the Game Center process and try again? No ball Run Game Center as admin? Nope Run World of Warships from the directory it's located in? You guessed it, NOPE. The only way to fix it is to restart the computer. As I've said above, This is bloody irritating. Has anyone else had this issue? if so comment below and tell me what you have to do to get Ships to launch.