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Found 2 results

  1. see this thread for reference : as you know, even WG itself stated in its video..... Pan Asia DD can basically cover the entire map with smoke for more than 5 min! min 3:07!!!! https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/dev-diaries-PADD/ ..... well, its not really suspicious until you realize..... WG said they want "smoke and smoke gameplay too much smoke gameplay" is removed from the game! but, what did they have done? 1) Offer to Refund Buyfast and Mikael Kalashnikov! 2) promise never sell belfast again...... 3) BUFF entire RNCL to get as longer smoke as DD! 4) player who refund belfast is regret their decision 5) add Pan Asia DD with ultimate smoke of damocles 6) creating new meta " T6 2 Pan Asia DD + T7 radar ship " 7) of course, since T7 MM is special (get highest tier most of the time) this division will benefit A LOT! 8) and LELwater torpedo is guarantee to not hit Atlanta and Belfast if enemy have Pan Asia DD 9) the LELwater torpedo will punish a BB who try to destroy the radar ship now think, unlimited smoke plus radar..... i must admit Indianapolis is not flamethrower, but Belfast and Lolanta is superb Flamethrower. with inside the smoke, it can firing and firing.... delete anyone.... oh wait, there is smoke nerf! ok, still with radar, the gunboat pan asia DD can still rekt any ship especially a small torpedoboat.... anyway, a person behind this scheme is REALLY GENIUSES! _______________________________________________________________________________ well, here is the theory why WG doing this! A) WG want to sell more Indianapolis and Lolanta because this meta this is the most logical sense, since belfast removed from shell... Lolanta is crappy ship compared to Belfast. to increase the sell? introduce the pan asia DD with unlimited smoke works. no CV dare to get close, no BB dare to get close, enemy try to get close will get tribuchet of flame to their ship until sunk and regret after that rant to forum which is only feed the troll and finally forced everyone to get the meta by buying Lolanta and then we have a new meta and then there will be ranked at T7 that benefit pan asia DD and Lolanta. conclusion : more smoke, radar division with pan asia DD, new meta, >> Profit >> yeah! i am [content removed] genie! B) some ultra rich and powerfull person is order WG to do this! if you know this guy....... if you are noob but want to gitgud? MONEEEIIIISSS!!! yep, money will solve the problem.... imagine you are the only one who use belfast and NO ONE on enemy team use belfast..... and in your team there is 3 pan asia DD...... oh well, you will be easily win! without effort! the hired unicum pan asia DD will lay smoke and protect you..... and what will you do? just pop up radar.... sit and relax.... let the unicum pan asia DD do their job! but here is the problem! there is TOO MANY BELFaST! how to get rid it? give $$$$ to WG, WG will pretend to nerf the smoke meta and offer to refund! tadaa! less belfast! conclusion : life is easier when you have money C) WG want to sell Belfast in the black market so if Belfast is not sell anymore where you can get it? of course you cannt buy it in normal way..... WG have actually have its own black market called "Russian Bias". did you know the commander called "Russian Bias" in april mop even and commanding the submarine? IF YOU DECODE the message, it want to tell you "find us, RussianBias at Deep Web" and surprisingly there is really someone name called "RussianRedCat" selling some weapon in deepweb...... well, i am just peek there to find information about China next economic move. i am suspect he sell belfast in the deepweb. sell the redeem code! but there is a hole in this theory......since the silk road is closed, where is reliable black market when you can sell something anonimously? are there a new BTC black market? D) WG just want to punish player who refund belfast staff A : bro, there is 90% player refund belfast and mikhail kutuzov! staff B : dang it! we are just want to balance the game and they betray us by refund the OP ship? staff C : bro, i got an idea! lets get our revenge! create the new meta and show em, wooo is da boss! staff B : LEL, nice idea! staff A : how about Pan-Asia DD with unlimited smoke works..... the smoke is smoke at all tier? staff B : i dont get it what you say..... but LETS DO IT! _________________ WTF i have done Profanity. Post edited. User already warned. ~dead_man_walking
  2. LordTyphoon

    French Cruiser Armour Layout

    Hey guys, Any of you had time to check out the new French cruisers in public test 0.6.3? There's no statistics available for each of the ships yet, but the ship model is available in the PTS for you to see, and they look gorgeous. You can also have a look at their armour schemes. Of course, being primarily a cruiser player, I was curious and decided to investigate the armour and what it would mean for gameplay. I'm not sure what to make of what I found. E.g. Emilie Bertin at tier 5 has two layers of armour protecting her citadel - a 13mm 'armoured belt' on the outside, and then a 13mm 'citadel torpedo bulkhead'. Its weird because the citadel torpedo bulkhead layer is also raised well above the waterline, meaning that it isn't just a bulkhead? But it also gives the citadel horizontal protection? Also, 13mm x 2 is a bit weak in terms of protection for tier 5 - Furutaka, Emerald and Omaha have a single belt of 76mm, Konigsberg gets a double belt of 50mm on the outside + 15mm on the inside, even the glass cannon Kirov gets 50mm! Is there some mechanic in the game for dual armour belt layers that I'm not aware of? The armour does not appear angled for turtleback purposes. E.g. With the Algerie at tier 7, you see even more peculiar armour layouts. Bits of the citadel armour belt (110mm) is directly on the hull of this ship. The remainder of the citadel has two layers - an inner plate of 40mm (called the citadel torpedo bulkhead) which is covered by an armoured belt on top of 110mm. So bits of the citadel get an extra 40mm of inner armour protection. Again, the inner plating and casemate armour do not appear to be angle to provide any turtleback-type protection. Experts, please explain.