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Found 1 result

  1. ShadowPolack

    Strange Gun Mechanics

    I would like the developers to explain this one to me. I was in my New York shooting at a Kawachi. Bear in mind that it has 5 twin gun turrets and I was shooting one turret at a time (so I can ensure accurate fire). The first 3 turrets gave me 2 hits in the forward half of the ship. My fourth is the puzzler. I watched as one shell (left gun) landed just in front of the Kawachi's bow and the other shell (right gun) on the aft end of the ship. If anybody tries to tell me that this is normal, I will reach thru this monitor and bitch slap the stupid out of you. The guns in the individual turrets may change elevation different from each other, but they cannot change direction unless the entire turret does. So tell me, is this more of making it more fair for IJN warships fighting against USN ships? If so, this is extremely bogus. And don't even tell me to save the action as that dog ain't gonna hunt.