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Found 4 results

  1. Hello fellow captains~ So here are some ideas for possible weather events in-game... A volcanic eruption in some maps that could have volcanoes in them. It's the same as a cyclone event—only this time it's a volcano. The eruption would bring ash-fall across the map, limiting visibility just like a cyclone would. Clouds of ash and debris could also erupt from the volcanic island, creating a natural smokescreen over a large radius. Now the obvious problem would be the toll on the PC with this level tho. Another idea regarding weather events is the effect of cyclone (rain) on the speed of fire extinguishing in burning ships. It's only natural i guess for a burning ship to douse the flames more quickly when it's raining. And that's about it.
  2. Is there really lightning in the game? Cause if there is I haven't really noticed and if so when can I expect to see it most often? If there isn't any lightning I'm going to add a few polls in to this post on more suggestions for weather as this post covers both suggestions and Q&A so yea.
  3. Japanese videogame magazine Famitsu has published on their website an interview with Ivan Moroz, who is the global director of the WoWS development team at Wargaming Saint Petersburg. As of the OBT, approximately 85% of core game development is complete On the Asia server, the pre-order packages were mostly purchased by Japanese players During early alpha testing, developers noticed that players got bored after 20 or 30 battles, which made them shorten the duration of each battle to 20 minutes (they were longer before). After the premium ships for USSR, Germany and UK roll out, the tech trees will be released. The developers plan on splitting cruiser classes into CL and CA, in addition to separate branches for battleships equipped with torpedoes. Submarines aren't completely ruled out of the game, though they are still in preliminary brainstorming stages. After formal release (i.e. upon completion of OBT). there are plans to introduce weather effects and night battles. Such effects include wind, waves, storm and fog. The developers are considering releases on other platforms, such as Xbox and mobile devices. They are hoping to be able to introduce promotional skins, ships and characters for the Arpeggio collaboration. Premium time and gold/doubloons will be shared across the player's unified account. They are considering the possibility of tournaments and e-sports. Destroyed ships are due to feature effects such as pieces falling off.
  4. As the title suggest, different weather would be a great addition to the great game for added more intensity and great game experience, ex. Stormy weather with big waves, snowy weather, rainy waether and etc. Plain sunny weather is kinda boring.