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Found 23 results


    Modern Destroyers

    When will wargaming include Missile Launching Destroyers in World of Warships
  2. Hey guys, I am BatsLaw I am an Indian, you can guess that pretty much easily after you've jus read the question. I've done my research on this. Currently India is the 4th most powerful nation in the world! And the countries preceding it are USA, RUSSIA, CHINA. All of whose ships are there in this game. The pan asian line doesn't have any battleships, same as the realtime Indian navy. Wargaming i have read is doing some pretty good work in India. It has upcoming plans to have a separate Indian server, host their naval legends show in Hindi. All that is really exciting, especially the server. But c'mon guys, India being the 4th most powerful country in the world needs some recognition. To make the developer's work easier, let me say, India has a lot of good cruisers, both before and after the World Wars. India also has a really good aircraft carrier "INS Vikrant", it holds the record for the world'd longest running ship. The cruisers,frigates,corvette's and destroyers are plentiful. I also really mean to bring in the Aircraft Carrier, it's legend. The more countries you bring in, the players you get! Simple! My friends seriously like the German and American lines, but at the end we jus wish there were and Indian one. I am not being biased, currently my in-game favorite is the german and french line, but cmon guys, you gotta bring in all the current powerful countries in the world and spice up the game with some more reality (It already feels real lol). Hope you guys can at least take up the idea Regards, Batslaw
  3. Farlesquew

    Farewell, I'm out.

    I'm out. I played WoTB for ~two years and left when WG exponentially ramped up the level of their thieving, gambling ways. I've now played WoWS for over two years and largely enjoyed it, but watching the blackness of the plummet of WG's corporate 'ethics' as it slithers wallows into the depths of a dark pit of its own making has leeched any possibility for me to find any joy whatsoever in playing WoWS. I played 1-3 games on the launch day of WG's Publicity Rupturing 'Christmas present' but felt dirtied by the experience. I refuse to fund an oligarchic kleptocracy. I feel better, freer and far, far cleaner with each non-WG day that passes. Thank you to everyone I've met in game; the battles, the conversations, the friendships. I wish you as much fun as you personally may still be able to find. Cheers.
  4. 到了今天 伺服器才算恢復正常 能夠正常遊玩 但是WG並沒有做出任何公告或做出任何對香港玩家的回應和賠償 到底你們處理事情是有怎樣的流程
  5. Unknown_User01


    昨天玩就過千ping 伺服器是不是壞了 不然的話拜託賠償 你害我沒得刷活動 還有嚴重破壞遊戲體驗 高ping情況下無法準確地瞄準 然後就被人射爆死了 拜託正視問題 已經超過2天都那麼高ping了 完全不關我網絡的問題 我的朋友也那麼高ping無法正常遊玩遊戲
  6. It's like Henri (Speed, Maneuverability) that can juke your shots very easily, also it has that black hole mechanic on Henri + Worcester (Firing speed/DPM) raining he shells on your ship constantly with that much turrets. I shot a Colbert in 6-7 km range hoping to get a citadel and only got overpen, with a musashi. The Colbert and Henri is just overpowered, If I compare these ship to normal tech tree ship (excluding Henri), even Azuma/Yoshino they are all nothing compared to Colbert and Henri IV. Please Wargaming nerf these ships.
  7. so what's going on that event? i never hear again since last year, usually that event always come every year at middle or late year i really miss that event when we all of player can have fun together and share opinions on this game and discuss what we want to the future of this game and we all here still waiting for the next announcement
  8. Nice to see a Naval Legends episode with an Australian twist. Thank you WG
  9. KaiserPhantasma

    Next Server Maintenance?

    Good day I just want to ask when is the next planned server maintenance as I want to avail of premium and want to take that juicy additional 1 day
  10. G’day Folks… OK this may be a bit ranty but I’ll try and keep it as fair as I can. A post I did up for clan mates a few days ago... WG has seriously lost the plot. Just so I’m not completely having a go at them, let us take a look at what they’ve done right over recent memory: USN BB buffs IJN CA buffs (Mogami still needs a range buff to 16km IMO and you could argue Furu/Myoko didn’t need them but global 203 buff was good) USN CL line (mostly, Worc is still a tad ‘OP’) IJN DD gunbotes 9/10 (still ‘OP’ – looking at you Flambass w/ Haru div, good to finish the line though) Arms race game mode (good when not in ranked) Brawler mode (circle reducing during Halloween, a lot of fun) Salem MN CA reload booster JB PEF campaign (reasonably difficult but not impossibru like others have been in the past), PEF not so much though. Ranked Sprints Izumo buffs (both first and second) Ibuki buffs (still really squishy though) What was the common factor in most of the above? Simplez, minor changes, not sledgehammer ones (game modes/campaigns exempted). Even things like the Salem and JB, Salem isn’t ‘OP’, and JB is good fun (most of the time – looking at you RNG) but again not ‘OP’. Both are very similar to tech-tree ships with some minor changes that made them feel unique and fun. (Although I have heard Salem called boring *shrugs* at least it isn’t broken). Now by doing things incrementally, even when WG hasn’t implemented changes that CC’s/players have asked for; they’ve still managed to release balanced changes that felt right. I feel like over xmas they’ve lost the plot. Let’s look at some major issues since xmas… From the recent ST changes; Azuma has heal buff, accuracy nerf and hydro again. Do you know why? Because she was too niche as a ‘sniper’. Do you want to know what the CC’s issues wit here were? Squishiness. You might be looking at this and saying ‘but heal buff’. Yeah nah… Her biggest issue is she has such poor armour and an IJN citadel. Outside fires and floods, other damage is healed at a percentage, citadels being the lowest. The one thing people liked about her was her accuracy and they’ve now taken that away as well. So WG you buffed the not-issue with her squishiness and nerfed her only compensation… Wow… Now I will add that this is still in testing so they could wake up, however I don’t hold high hopes. CV Rework and Haku things Now I am fairly forgiving when it comes to CV rework hotfixes, it’s a big change and will take time. The issue is they completely overnerfed Haku and IJN CVs have pretty much become ‘meh’. The one issue Haku had was TB spam, instead of just addressing F-key abuse and replenish rate, they nerfed the TBs as well. They are now basically useless and I am yet to see a Haku do well (outside enemy CV being useless). The other major CV issue was in and around DDs. Rockets were completely wrecking them and spotting of DDs was making things work. Here’s an idea, eliminate CV spotting of DDs as a temp measure (isn’t going to completely break the class like everything else they’ve done) and then increase dispersion of rockets a tad (baby steps folks). Nope, they overnerfed rockets… AA ratings So you introduce a CV rework, change AA and struggle to understand why the game is broken. The big issue here is that somewhere in the rework/hotfixes, AA became inconsistent across tiers, in tiers and particularly in ‘AA’ ships. Without addressing this inconsistency and the whole of AA first, how do they even hope to get CVs into a good place. At the moment CVs are annoying, inconsistent, frustrating, OP and UP at the same time. A large part of this is AA consistency and a large part of it is ad hock overnerfs/buffs. And yet we now have another CV line about to come into the mix… Stalingrad/Moskva OK not many people may know this but back around the IFHE introduction WG effectively said (I’m paraphrasing here) that 50mm of armour would not be a thing on CAs and it would not be common on BBs. The reason being that CA HE would need IFHE to pen 50mm of armour and 150s wouldn’t be able to –at all–. Stalingrad and Moskva both have it. And this has led the game down a dangerous path of armour/HE penetration creep. There is now a meta based around simply countering these ships. They are useful regardless (thankyou radar, range and gun calibour) but the 50mm of armour has seen Henri IVs with IFHE (even though it has biggest CA guns in the game) and Hindenburgs being a must-have in competitive line-ups. Here's a thought; nerf their armour down to the next bracket but give them more concealment, agility or even gun angles. To be honest the Moskva/Stalingrad issue is less major than others but it represents a willingness to power-creep armour which completely rewrites balance and starts cutting out large swathes of the CL/A and DD populations. IFHE is a skill that obviously needs addressing, particularly when it becomes a ‘must pick’ to do damage, however you can’t address it without addressing armour values either. Moskva and Stalingrad are a sign of worse things to come. Conclusion WG have done some seriously good buffs and changes over the last year or so. The biggest issue is that at some point they stopped making considered changes to issues and clearly have no idea about proper game development. They appear to have no concept of defining the end-state aside from a one-line clause. (Here’s a hint; you need to have a way of measuring changes and measuring success aside from ‘did it work’?) They seem more like a child, randomly pulling out jenga-blocks without any concept of basic structural integrity. If it holds up, yay! Nevermind the fact that they are most likely going to need to do it again in future. I really hope they can get this stuff right, even at some point, even just a little bit… Because I honestly enjoy this game and love the folks I play it with.
  11. bazz1027

    wargaming invite

    Hi I just received an email with an invite to redeem the Alpha Test code!!!!! I'm not sure what this means so could someone be kind enough to explain what this means... Thanks in advance Bazz
  12. This is a guide for those who wants to get back their old game Launcher which they lose after installing WGC (Wargaming Game Center) Old Launcher Step 1: Go to control Panel find WGC and uninstall it do not tick where it says delete game files [Don't delete game files ] Step 2: Go to the game directory (the folder where you installed the game) by default its C:\Games\World_of_Warships Step 3: Get old launcher files from your friend or someone who's not using WGC and copy/replace inside your game folder. files are: WoWSLauncher.exe WoWSLauncher.cfg WargamingGameUpdater.exe 7z.dll (only if its missing) (P.S. I'll be uploading these files for ver. ASIA SERVER ULTRA Client) updating currently will post shortly) WoWs OLD Launcher Files Step 4: Run WoWSLauncher.exe That's it.
  13. keskparane

    WG Karma Profile

    I thought I would create WG's karma profile for them because our feedback is important to them This is in light of the response to Could this attract a red crayon? I should hope not considering it is approved of (to the point of addition in game) by WG.
  14. Lynman_Alpha


    Hi guys! I need your urgent help... I've been playing World of Warships for about 5 months and this problem just happen for the first time. I launch the game smoothly but when I start "Battle", the problem starts. Whenever I am the one who will be loading, the game crashes. I don't know why. Here is some of my laptop's specs: OS: Windows 10 Home System Model: Aspire E1-470 Processor: Intel Core i3 Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 Memory: 4096 MB RAM DirectX Version: 11.2 Please help me....
  15. Patton160

    Time Sensitive?

    100% Respec Discount! [UPDATED: 18 Oct] Looking to recalibrate your Commanders? Get a whopping 100% Discount to respec your Commanders and demount modifications from 18/10/2017 19:00 (UTC +8) through 23/10/2017 19:00 (UTC +8) Why the Discount? We understand that many Commanders are used to a particular meta, and it quite likely will shift in Clan battles due to a different set of rules. That is why we decided to make the following adjustments: You'll be able to redistribute Commanders’ Skills and dismount all of the ship modifications for free. This is time sensitive however: Wednesday through Monday (18 Oct. - 23 Oct.) after Update 0.6.12 lands. Update 0.6.12 Maintenance Start: 19/10/2017 @ 05:00 UTC+8 Maintenance End: 19/10/2017 @ 07:00 UTC+8 wtf? While this is nice and fine and dandy and all, but there is one mistake. As of today it is the 18th October and the 0.6.12 update is due to hit on the 19th of October, one day after the start of this Respec event. Im not gonna be too picky because Respec is easy and can be done in one day. I'll gloss over this one. But when i logged in today, I was hoping to get started with Stage 3 of the Otk. Revolutsiya as it is a public holiday and I am free. But I could only find the 1 week damage challenge under my combat missions and not REVOLUTION IS MY NAME Stage 3. WHAT GIVES, Are you trying to cheat me out of a day of grinding where normally i would be working?! I hope to at least see compensation for this. Time sensitive my arse.
  16. Happy Anniversary WG! thanks for listening to us there is some quote that i get from someone : "when developer did wrong player will rage and complain, when developer did right no one remember......and obviously still complain" Thanks for the new radial command chat i remember there is huge complain about the useless command chat before. with the new radial its HELP A LOT. rather than typing "Get BACK [sheep]","CV need fighter" or the most annoying one "enemy Torpedo bomber is cooming!". well, the new radial command actually work better than i expected. the command have multiple purpose, its even can target enemy aircraft as subject LEL. Thanks for CV economy change seriously i got a lot of trouble because the Shokaku minus credit, until now i cannt get my Taiho because my credit reduced into 0 :V but with the change cooming, i feel getting break even is easier. i am usually afraid of only doing 50K damage but spotting enemy. now, i am prioritizing to spot enemy instead. also there is no rage moment when i did 80K damage and win but getting minus credit. also thanks for Taiho discount too!!! But dont forget to keep improving! well, there is still unsolvable issue like CV balancing between potato and unicum or sound HSF and ARP that got error. i hope WG find a way how to fix this soon. also how about adding submarine after the CV rework success? it will look interesting and the hype is REAL. anyway, world change faster and faster...... who left behind will suffer..... Steve Job said, keep foolish, stay hungry.... ~ from obviously Potato player who sometimes using main gun to scuttling low HP allies ship,
  17. patri3x


    Hi I want to submit a client which is used for hacking in wows and i tried generate a ticket for same. But wargaming dont allow submitting exe files and files more than 3 mb of size. Then what i am supposed to do? I will not definitely submit this client at forum as more people will fall for it. So please guide or super moderators contact me. I dont cae if i get banned forever from wargaming.
  18. Commander_GALEN

    Dragon Flag reservation!

    This Dragon flag thing, I don't want to use it, I just want to reserve it as a remembrance... My question is, if the Dragon flag is only a limited time? or is it there forever? Sorry for bad English........
  19. For anyone interested, Wargaming has opened their EU store for merchandise. Link: https://wargamingstore.eu/ I'm tempted to get this shirt from them
  20. This year's PAX have come and gone, and as per usual, I managed to spend far too much time at the Wargaming booth and neglected the rest of the show, at least on the first day. This year, the quality of the wargaming booth at PAX have taken a noticeable decline compared to the awesomeness that was on display on 2013 and 2014, and I would like to provide some feedback about this year's booth, and hope that you guys come back stronger than ever next year. I will quickly separate the wargaming booth into separate areas, and comment on what can be improved on each. The Wargaming booth has a few distinct areas: the stage area, the play area, and the queue / open area. I will start from the stage, and work my way around. Stage: The stage, with the giant wall screen and the most visible action to the rest of the convention, was noticeably less well designed this year compared to others. There was no clear, accessible schedule for events on the stage. More accurately, there were almost no notable events happening whatsoever there. In the past two years, there were ten computers set up on the stage, with clear scheduled times when competitions were going to happen, but there was an almost complete lack of communication between the organizers and the crowd, leading to people occasionally grouping up when a presenter was on stage, but nothing more exciting than that. Compared to the high octane, professionally shoutcasted impromptu matches of the previous two years, 2015 was a gigantic let down, with a lack of prizes and skilled competitions. To improve: 1 - Bring back the ten stage PCs. The 5v5 stage matches are the reason why many people get really, REALLY excited for PAX. 2 - Have a publicly accessible schedule. We want to know when the prize draws, competitions, and other things are happening. The schedule this time was an A4 sheet of paper hidden in the redemption booth that you have to go through 3 staff members to find one that know it exists. 3 - Get the shoutcaster back! The dude did an amazing job of interacting with the crowd and hyping up the event. His absence was very noticeable. 4 - Actual competitions with real prizes. You guys got outdone by your neighbouring Gigabyte booth tenfold, as they not only had a world of tanks tournament, they also gave away awesome prizes and the match was professionally shoutcasted and hyped. It is pretty bad when a third party is giving away 10,000 gold, a gaming mouse and a laptop bag hosting a tournament of YOUR game. 5 - Let people sign up to play in said tournament, and let them know when it is their turn, like the Gigabyte guys. Queue, open area, and general interaction The Queue area is, as the name suggests, is where the public line up to play the games or submit their tickets to the draw. In PAX 2013, when you lined up, volunteers came up and down the line to chat with customers, staff were giving out quizzes and handing out tickets to the draw, and the queue was also in full view of any events happening on the stage. This year, the queue areas for the games are poorly located, down towards the back of the two storey structure, isolated from where the activity of the open area is. People are generally left to fend for themselves when waiting, without much to do in the dark. Frankly, it was so incredibly poorly located and marked people were leaving mid wait because they were getting bored with nothing to do. To improve: 1 - Put the queue somewhere that is visible to the stage. Don't split your crowd, and give them something to look at / do. 2 - Have more staff / volunteers to interact with people in general. Quizzes, loot throwing, all that stuff! 3 - Have staff at the reception desk that are actually knowledgeable and interested about the game and events happening. 4 - Bring back the tank! It was the best photo opportunity / publicity you can probably get. Gaming area Jesus, where do I even begin with the massive disappointment that is the gaming area. I am going to go back to my example of previous wargaming booths at PAX. In 2013, players from the queue were asked about their experience beforehand, and split into the new and experienced players group. The new players were sat down, and coached in how to play the game by volunteers, while the experienced players were let loose with a challenge: get in a Tier 6, get 3 kills in a round, and win 800 gold. THIS WAS AWESOME. Both new and old players got a nice challenge, and earned some awesome prizes if you were really skilled or lucky. You even saw experienced fans helping their neighbours at times, and were allowed to play other vehicles that they have not unlocked yet, or are just generally unavailable such as the press account / supertester vehicles, and is a major draw for the hardcore fans. This year, it was just... completely mediocre. There was a total of 3 staff members in the PC booth area, which is far less than enough. There was absolutely nothing worthwhile for an experienced player to be had: You were told to sit down, play one round of a bot match (wtf), and then moved off. What happened? The main draw for experienced fans at the gaming area was to show off their skills, or to try vehicles they normally do not have access to. This was, to put it lightly, disappointing as hell. To improve: 1 - More staff. There was not enough to attend to the new players. 2 - Challenges with prizes: something simple like the 800 gold for 3 kills challenge was perfect, and helps advertise your booth at basically no cost. 3 - Don't put the PC cases between players. There is no interaction between the players this year, compared to people chatting and playing previously. 4 - DON'T JUST LIMIT PEOPLE TO PVE BATTLES. Seriously. whose idea was this? Dumb beyond reason. EDIT: Some further discussion about this point has taken place below, and good points were made. Prizes and stuff And the final part: the prizes. You might notice a pattern by now, and it is: everything was done better in 2013. They had stamp cards that you can collect prizes you want depending on how many stamps you earned around the booth, whereas this year it was completely random. There was no notable competition for prizes, such as the razer challenge and so forth from last year. Your neighbour gave away awesome prizes for a world of tanks tournament, whereas there is not even a tournament at the wargaming booth. In conclusion? Pull out whatever handbook you guys played by in 2013, and add more awesome stuff to it. Make it look like this AWESOME booth by esl, or it might just look like the hardline booth in the middle of the day, all deserted and alone. I have played Wargaming games on and off since tanks beta, and have probably sunk well over a thousand hours in over the past half decade, but this event was so disappointing that I was inspired to put down my first forum post. I want to see you guys succeed, and bring back the awesomeness to PAX that you had in 2013. Have a good year, and I hope to see you at PAX in 2016!
  21. Before we start, I would like to remind WG that the game we are playing, "world of warships", has a beta version called PT. With that been said, why couldn't WG simply dump the staff that they want to change in it!? None of the trillions of bugs that currently takes place in the game happened In the PT, and a lot of things was tested in the PT didn't even show up in the real game. The later is easier to understand as some changes might not be positive, but it really doesn't make sense as WG simply give players tons of bugs with a in-ur-face style that wasn't in the PT, that made the entire 051 like a car crash. Look at all these weird things that is going on in the game, no smoke on top of ships, the notaries and fixed no-citadel for battleships, the strange 100% addition on planes with lower speed and the inconsistent torpedo lines. NONE OF THESE BREAKING BADS WERE SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN!!! WG should have tested the changes that it updated to these attributes in the PT long ago If WG doesn't plan to test the things that it want to change in game with a testing environment, why having a testing version of the game in the first place? BTW, why is wargaming spending so much time on simple bug fixes? It took them an entire week just to fix citadel hits for battleships, while other important glitches are still left hanging Excuse for my language but I couldn't think of a better way to describe this: WG is dumping bugs on us like it is having trouble with diarrhea, while its speed in fixing bugs is as if that it suffers from constipation
  22. Picture from World of Warships Booth at Tokyo Game Show 2014 *I think i saw this clothes somewhere before......*