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Found 9 results

  1. skc34orkan


    ゲーム内の音声、サウンド変更のMODについてはこちらのトピックへどうぞ ボイスMOD 皆様、大変ご無沙汰しておりました。そうでない方は初めまして。 また懲りずにボイスMODの製作を始めましたので、こちらに投稿させて頂きます。 ダウンロードはこちらになります http://www.mediafire.com/folder/hkmk0791769oh/World_of_Warships_Voice_Mods 導入方法は、DLなされたファイルを解凍し、出てきたフォルダをres_mods内の現バージョンフォルダに配置して下さい。 例 ~\World_of_Warships\bin\最新の数字名フォルダ\res_mods\banks\mods\BISMARCK MODの製作、テストには万全を期しているつもりではありますが、もし何らかの不具合がありましたらお知らせ頂けると大変有難いです。 尚、私の方でもMODを増やしてゆく予定では御座いますが、もしご希望の艦娘がありましたらこちらのトピック、もしくはWoWs内での個人チャット等にて一言頂けますと大変嬉しく思います。優先的に製作させて頂きます。   それでは皆様、良きWoWsライフを~ ご注意! 当ボイスMODですが、以前からご指摘頂いたとおり、音量設定が初期の状態ですと声がかなり小さくなっております。その為、使用される際はお手数ですがサウンド設定の各スライダーを調節して頂く必要が      あると思われます。申し訳ありませんが、宜しくお願い致します。 UP中のMOD 砲雷撃艦 「ビスマルク」「プリンツ・オイゲン」「榛名」「磯風」「鈴谷」「青葉」「電」「秋月」「Z1」「タシュケント」「リシュリュー」「ウォースパイト」「夕張」「武蔵」「長門」「大和」 「ガングート」「愛宕」「時雨」「比叡」「ジャーヴィス」「暁」「響」「雷」「矢矧」「Z3」「コロラド」「吹雪」「アトランタ」「アイオワ」「大淀」 航空母艦 「瑞鶴」「サラトガ」「翔鶴」「アークロイヤル」「加賀」「グラーフ・ツェッペリン」
  2. I recently received the new Swedish commander, Frederik Henrik af Chapman. I switched to his voice but could not switch back to Standard voice. I moved him to a different ship and he keeps speaking Swedish. Nice, if you are Swedish but my understanding of the language is not very good.
  3. 🔔WELCOME🔔 Voice MOD Kamoeda from Danganronpa Download Link : https://mega.nz/#!50gBlAZA!o0G_ZNzLLSs5KSZ1KOLcLMmFOaorzkN0sgtlchmK6WU (0.8.x.x) ✔️ by : 猫フロ(Neko furo) Voice MOD Ace Combat 5 🛩️ Download Link : Download Original link from author :http://www.mediafire.com/file/hjvn1vc2u30tv4a/AC5_voiceMOD_ver0.8.1.1.zip PASS:Thunderhead_wows Alternative link : https://mega.nz/#!woxxDajZ!_dWTWueXoRdaJ4KoIaAkBKZvI-KqvTdJHWFRBYUCGwQ (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Voice MOD Ace Combat Zero 🛩️ Download Link : Download Original link from author :http://www.mediafire.com/file/2mrkie8372dh0v9/ACzero_voiceMOD_ver0.8.1.1.zip PASS: EagleEye_wows Alternative link https://mega.nz/#!R05RVSYB!A0irEWT9I28KUpih7HacusDZ72qPxwMLVQ85r7QsGF0 (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Voice MOD Megumin 🔥 Download Link : Download Original link from author :http://www.mediafire.com/file/ptci5q9rzrt7xxg/Megumin_VoiceMOD_ver0.7.2.0.zip Alternative link https://mega.nz/#!gtwxXCAa!VjZ09M5BOQ20WLCMPuuX0A_IBrZXt-vZHDKoz_ZiTjM (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Please tell me if that's mod have a missing command VO or not working with a new patch
  4. well just share my opinion what do you guys think for indonesian people? just some newbie :)
  5. after the 0.6.8 update. I have noticed that my Commander Thea which i got after buying the Graf spee, i can only hear her at the start of the match and the end. the voice commands like "Need Support!" "Good luck everyone." are voiced by normal german captain more like everything is normal german captain. tried to change at options to voice Thea but didnt work. I need WG to fix this ASAP because the main reason i got Graf spee was because of Thea, tho im really enjoying the Graf spee with its huge 283mm guns.
  6. Nyoouuhh..... Isoroku cat sound is fine..... until anything about plane is involved..... playing Bismarck.... when launch catapult plane or when the plane is landing..... playing CV? only F3~F11 working..... the rest is high pitch school girl sound WHERE IS MY NYO NYO NYO SOUND??? obviously need buff :V or this is intentional by WG? _______________ also, Steven Seagal got buff in BB like traverse speed and switching reload time. Isoroku should have buff too! like 25% dogfighting expert and 30% bonus AFT range :V it will buff Kaga fighter and making its secondary more better.
  7. Seems like almost all of the ARP Commanders now have their original voices, but why doesn't Kirishima have one? Are they planning on adding the original voice some time in the future? ...still waiting for ARP Nachi WITH her Original Voice...
  8. Victoriana

    Kirishima voice...

    So as recently announced, we get to have two commanders for free as the celebration of anniversary (That's good, now we have 3 Ionas in our port ) The Kirishima voice is also available during voice selection. But what frustrate me is why is Kirishima's voice replaced by Iona's? And then it is shown as "Kirishima's" voice? What is the purpose of this? I know it is not a bug because at the bottom of the announcement it clearly stated "Commander Kirishima (Humanoid Form) will play Iona's voice clip while active." But why !? Feel free to share your opinion.
  9. It is only a small bug. Comander Kirishima (Which got from ARP Kirishima challenge ) is replaced by Iona. However, in recent patch, this bug is still here though It has been reported for month! I hopre it will be fixed soon along with ARP Myoko glow effect bug! P/s : ARP Kirishima new voice is very cool, can't wait to hear ARP Myoko 's voice update