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Found 4 results

  1. Aerroon

    Aerroon's Highlights in WOWS!

    Most videos will be in spoiler tags, and there's more on my Youtube. I'll continuously update the thread with new videos. The Power of Battleships 2 (and yes a first one exists too!): Zuihou - Seal Clubbing Extraordinaire [Commentary]:
  2. Arrow1997

    World of Warships | Replays

    World of Warships | Marceau | 1 KILL | 198K Damage - Replay Gameplay https://youtu.be/sfTjC2PIzDU
  3. Hey everybody, During the month of September - October I'll be pretty much revamping every Captain's Academy episode I've ever made along with as much new information that applies to the game we love today. I will be updating this thread with all the latest videos as I'm done with them. So without much hesitating, here we go! Episode 36 - How to Carrier Episode 35 - How to Battleship Episode 34 - How to Cruiser Episode 33 - How to Torpedo Episode 32 - Captains and Captain Skills Episode 31 - How to Destroyer Episode 30 - AP or HE? Episode 29 - Damage Saturation or Why Did I Do 0 Damage Episode 28 - Overpenetration Mechanics & Penetration Mechanics II [Corrected] Episode 27 - Citadels, Armour and Penetration Mechanics Episode 26 - The Armour Viewer Episode 25 - Aiming & The Reticule Episode 23 - Fighter Strafing/Barrage Episode 21 - Manual Torpedo/Dive Bombing Episode 20 - Invisi-Fire/Stealth Fire Episode 19 - How to Aim??? Episode 18 - Training Rooms Episode 17 - Which Consumables? Episode 10 - Essential Controls
  4. anonym_u8Kt9r5hcGd6

    Hearts of Oak(e) World of Warships videos

    Hi everyone! I've been making World of Tanks videos for a while now, and seeing as World of Warships is shaping up to be a really good game (I've been fortunate enough to get into the beta testing as an EU community co-ordinator for World of Tanks) I'll also be making some videos of that! Perhaps some guides, perhaps some ship reviews, and hopefully if they implement a replays system some viewer replays too. But for now, lets just take a look at the game and some aircraft carrier gameplay. Feel free to get in touch or keep an eye on what I'm up to! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AgingJedi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AgingJedi Twitter: https://twitter.com/AgingJedi Duxter: http://duxter.com/oake