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Found 1 result

  1. Okamitsu

    Varriant ships of their class

    Hi, I have been think about this suggestion to put some variant ship at their class to the branch tech tree so i think we need some of this variant ship name but not at premium purchases for the same armament but if they different okay u can put it on premium ship like mutsu on nagato class, but don't make it premium purchases if their have same armament like ARP series(i hope WG make the normal variant of this kongo class) why i want this variant to the branch tech tree?? the answer is simple we want make the battle is more colorful with almost of the player use the different name ship at the battle and can be easly to notice them at the battle and hey of course some name of the ship on their class maybe is the favorite warships for the player so this is very helpful because some name of the ship maybe looks like cool or so i hope WG notice this and wanna make variant warhsips at their class to the tech tree