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Found 2 results

  1. This is addressed to Wargaming Developers and Staff. Why have Wargaming Decided to put HMAS Vampire II in the Research Bureau? Before you answer consider these two points; Regardless of whether you think it’s a good or bad idea to have ships in the Research Bureau, the Research Bureau is one for the harder and more intensive ways in the game to unlock ships. Requiring 5 lines up to T10 to access, it has a high starting gate, and from there it requires a significant amount of time and/or money to unlock a ship. Equal to at least two tech tree grinds from T1 to T10. It is far more intensive than earning Coal or Free XP, and is such that only veteran players, those with a lot of time and/or money will be able to access those ships. That in itself, may not necessarily be a bad thing, but let’s look at HMAS Vampire II, soon to be offered for 55,000 Research Points. This is a real ship, a ship that was built and served in the Royal Australian Navy. A Ship which is now a museum ship at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney. There are many players who have a connection to this ship. This is the first T10 ship for the Commonwealth. There are only 4 other Commonwealth ships in the game, all premiums (Vampire-T3, Perth-T6, Mysore-T6, Haida-T7). There is no Tech Tree for the Commonwealth, no other high tier Commonwealth ships available, this is it. Bearing these two points in mind, I ask again; Why have Wargaming Decided to put HMAS Vampire II in the Research Bureau? Why have Wargaming decided to snub Australia this way? All other nations with ships in the Research Bureau have their own tech trees, their own high tier FXP and Coal ships. Even if Colbert was also a real ship, the French at least still have other T10 tech tree and coal ships. So, Why? @mademoisail and any other WG devs or staff in the know.
  2. So rumours are that Vampire II will be RP. My basic thoughts on the matter... In summary... If you do this, screw you to the max WG. IMO it would be your lowest blow yet. DON'T DO THIS!!!!