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Found 1 result

  1. I can win games in Baltimore in 2, or 4 CV random battles. My winning strategy is simply to babysit the BBs on my flank. Wait with them for the strike planes to come, click sector AA, click DFAA, turn to keep active sector on squadrons, shoot down planes. Repeat. Repeat again. And again. At the end of the game, either push in to clean up on a win, or kite off and die on a loss. Typically I don't fire a round from my main guns until after the game is half over, since the BBs are engaging targets well beyond my gun range. It's as boring as it sounds, but it works. Anything else that I've tried has been ineffective. Trying to play as a radar cruiser, pushing up to a forward island to support my DDs, has left me overexposed as the rest of the cruisers and heavy ships are all back in spawn. This leads to me inevitably getting outflanked and killed off early. Any kind of open water shooting gets me focused and killed, since there is no way to disengage while plane spotted, and Balti is not tanky enough to bounce angled battleship AP. On a very lucky day I might find a bit of space behing an island to open up undetected, but the number of planes in the sky means you can't sit still for long. And anyway, if I move away from my BBs they'll get mobbed by enemy bombers, leading inevitably to a loss. Typical game result: (65k plane damage, 20~30 plane kills, then some killsteals late game as I erased the enemy DD and CV during the clean up phase.) Note pathetic damage output. Well, I literally had nothing to shoot at besides aircraft for 90% of the game.