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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I'm ITP_Justindhra from ASIA server. I wanna ask about the input of my own music in WOWs. I've put my music folder as usual in the last numbered folder (ex:408937) after the recent update 0.10.5 in the res folder then UserMusic as usual (i've done this much before the trouble). But, what happens is I Can't Hear My Own Music. That's annoying. Anyone knows about this bugs/ have same experience like me? How is the solution? Thankyou
  2. The Japanese community has announced the discontinuation of this feature.(seezer said) https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/51072-usermusicが流せない/ It's a shame because it was a feature i use a lot. I thought i would appeal to the Japanese community, but the population is small. I want to ask Wargaming to reimplement.
  3. hi guys! you know that we have User music now in World of warship. i want to tell you some of music that fitted with the game. if you have some cool or epic music feel free to share it here. this one is perfect when you're using aircraft carrier or cruiser. While this one is perfect when you on the port.