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Found 4 results

  1. I was looking through some data and I saw that the Iowa and Montana don't have special angles of 67.5+7 degrees despite using Mark 8 Super heavy AP. This seems a bit odd as the US BBs have more floaty shells compared to its BB counterparts but unlike their US heavy cruisers siblings, they do not have special angles to balance it out. So I was thinking giving super AP angles would bring new life and help the powercrept high tier US BB (Mainly Iowa). I left out the T8 US BBs using SAP shells as I feel they are quite balanced atm but giving them the special angles would not drastically affect the T8 meta. Where I found the data:https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB018&modules=1111&upgrades=000000&commander=PCW001&consumables=111&lang=en
  2. DFaultPlayR69

    How to Ranger

    Coming from the Independence, I recently bought the Ranger and I must say It feels a lot different than the Independence. For one, the huge hangar size surprised me a lot. At first, I was excited to have a larger hangar size, but it makes me think if I should play more aggressively since I have a lot of reserve planes. Then came to having to manage an additional squadron, makes it a little more challenging to control 2 Dive Bombers, and this brings me to another question. Should I attack with 2 Dive Bombers altogether, or is it better to distribute the strike and use the other bomber to attack another ship. One thing I noticed is the inaccuracy of the bombs. Even a manual drop only assured 1-2 hits. I swear, when I use the Independence Dive Bombers, i get more than 2 hits when I attack BBs. Some advise on handling high tier CVs would be appreciated a lot. Also how does the Ranger fare against the Hiryu, and maybe Kaga and Saipan. I'd like to know as much information on strategies and playstyles one should do in their Ranger and high tier CV play in general.
  3. DeepDarkfantasy_KR

    Need burf for US carriers

    please buff this ship: Langley: fighters are too weak i cant deal with Hosho's fighter hosho have 4 fighters but langley cant win with that Independence: need more payload its hard to kill enemy ship and Divebomber have poor accuarcy when i divebomb to enemy ship only one hits total it was not a destroyer and nerf japanese fighter's offence power or buff US fighter's offence power
  4. Dangerfish

    LF Excel of Tech Trees

    does anyone know of a fan designed document with all the tech trees within ? thinking of something I can print off as A3 or maybe A2, would consider designing one or improving one .... whatevers needed, cheers