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Found 11 results

  1. S0und_Theif

    US Tech Tree Suggestions

    Hi All, I am new to WOWs, and I have a suggestion for US the tech tree line. If anyone can help me reach the dev team and have a look at my suggestion, that would be of great help. Here is my suggestion for a possible tech treee for the US warship line. Both standard and premium with details after the tech tree. I also have some tech tree lineup for UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia, running in my head, but that will be another topic for another time. Also have ideas for Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina, Commonwealth Nations as well. but it will be like Poland style tech tree. Please let me know what you think about this tech tree and if the dev team will approve this line up. And if the dev team approves, I will continue my research for the rest of the nation line up. Thanks in advance if you find this good and reached the dev team. I will try to fill up as much info as needed for this tech tree line up. Feel free to ask and i will try to get back on you as soon as i can.
  2. KatzeWolf

    Link account and forum

    Because there is not much English interaction on the Sea forums (well not as much as the US forums), I have created a US account spercificly to interact on the forums. My suggestion is, allow users to link their preferred profile to their forum account. So for example, I could link my SEA world of warships account to my US forum account. This way on the I could post on the US forums with my SEA acocunt (with games played etc). Could just put, "SEA Player" under the profile pic. I'm fairly sure the forum is capable of doing this. And it would be a really nice addition.
  3. for example, midway's Detectability Range by Sea is 18.4 but hakuryu is 15.4 both are the same cv why they too much different even japan cv are much fast to ready us cv's fighter squadron is too little only 1 until 9tier we need 202 in ranger and 212 or 203 in Lexington 1 fighter squadron isn't fair against Japan, Saipan, enterprise
  4. :^) WG is doing great with the Historical Commanders, and yet there is no Historical U.S Commanders (Except Seagal, who's also a Ruskie) in the game yet. *slow clap*
  5. Was comtemplating on getting the IFHE + DE combo on US DD. The low fire chance is very concerning and i just dont know if the combo is worth it or should i just go for AFT and grab DE to stealth fire and annoy BB to death. Say NO to RDF because that wallhack just got me killed so many times while trying to be sneaky - yep WG screws this up and remove every "skill ceiling" available in the game along with the +50% FT ammo crap
  6. Got this idea long ago, but never really considered it until now. TLDR version: make shooting down planes grant exp, and shooting down planes give your team a +2 in score during games. Lately, there have been a lot of complaining about how US ships are ‘underpowered’, well, maybe they are not really underpowered, maybe it’s just the current game rules doesn’t show their full effectiveness. Besides, I think we can all agree that before the nerf, Cheatland is unstoppable. Anyways, get back to the topic, people have always complained about how US battleships and cruisers have bad shell dispersion, bad shell arc etc. Well let’s face it, the reason behind it is that have trouble hitting your enemies = low damage dealt = low experience per match. That is where the problem is, people are complaining because they have lower experience than their Japanese counterparts. Here’s the thing, US ships have superior AA, functions best in groups, and except in a few instances, their ships armor is generally heavier than their Japanese counter parts (again, even in a Nagato I cannot see any ways to get citadel on a Cheatland. However, AA is more of a, you know, ‘passive skill’. What’s more, shooting down planes does not grant experience, and this is where the problem lies. For example, most of you would probably agree that Bogue got a much better advantage over Zuiho. It can overwhelm the Zuiho with ease. However, the average experience Bogue gets is actually lower than that of Zuiho’s. Why? Well cause shooting down planes doesn’t grant experience! While the Zuiho, though its planes will get shoot down very frequently, have two torpedo squadrons and can deal damage a 201 Bogue can never achieve. Another example, People complain about Zao because it can invisible fire, and Des Moines, having a bad shell arc and hard to invisible fire, a lot of US cruiser just end up defending CVs and subsequently low experience. You know, the only thing Zao good at is invisible fire. If this is nerfed (the developers are talking about ‘reworking’ the Zao). It is even more useless than Des Moines because Japanese AA is a joke. Well, here is the thing, I think, if shooting down planes can grant experience, then US ships will have a huge increase in experience, therefore it compensates for their inability to deal decent damage. And Japanese ships will not have to go through all the nerfs (R.I.P Mogami with AFT you will be missed dearly). And the best thing is, everyone benefits from this, cause it’s not like Japanese ships can’t shoot down planes. Another idea I would like to suggest is that shooting down planes should grant +2 in score during domination mode (and any mode which includes points). Right now high tier US CVs have a much lower win rate, not because inability to deal damage, but because less squadron=hard to catch DD=less effective at late part of game in which detection of enemy ships and movement is sometimes key to winning the battle. However, I think this can be fixed to a degree, by having points gained from shooting down planes, US CVs can contribute to the team more as their fighter is superior to the Japanese Ones. And let’s face it man, even in real life Air superiority is a thing, and the survival of planes are just important as ships. Think about Letye Gulf, the IJN lost air superiority in the great turkey shoot, and they don’t have a lot of planes either, the Japanese tried hard to keep up with the plane shortage, they even transported all the planes on Formosa to help the battle. Still, the Northern Decoy squadron have little planes left. Alright, I think this is all I have to say, let me know what you think. P.S: If you like this post please +1 me cuz no one ever bothered to +1 my post
  7. Hello once again, Greeting to all in this Holiday season.........hope you all are enjoying a Merry Christmas. And over this weekend I bought my new tier 9 US CA Baltimore after 3 months of grinding my New Orleans. And after the grind I was like Baltimore.....piece of cake!!.....but after a few games I was basically forced to do some soul searching thanks to the following reasons: 1.This ship has a huge citadel!!..........A Yamato managed to wipe me out in 1 shell just minutes into the game. 2.THis ship eats CREDITS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!..............Too expensive to manage in a non-Premium Account. Now, after many more games and as you guessed they all went as defeats and draws........I have no choice but to come to the forum for desperate answers. So, to all the Beta,Apha, and Super testers, how do you play this ship???........Cuz I tried playing it like a New Orleans and it ended up in a disaster of a game! Anybody? Please? Any help is appreciated. And Once again Merry Christmas to all!
  8. swap1997

    US BB Tech Tree Error

    Hello guys My eagle eyed curiosity for detail caught my attention to probably a subtle but important mistake in the US BB line from tier 8 onwards. First of all was the Installed power in NC which was 100000hp to give 24.4 kts in stock config which is untrue as historically the NC had a stock configured steam turbine output of 115000hp and a rated speed of 27kts. Then through refits it was boosted to 121000hp and 28kts but however by the end of the WW2 as the engines wore down due to excessive use and the added weight of Radars, extra AAA, and many other minor refits meant that the speed eventually fell to 26.8kts. Secondly what was really apalling was that the stock Iowa with the same installed power as the Montana was slower. 26.6kts for the Iowa vs 28 kts for Montana was what really riled me up especially because Montana was beamier and heavier of the two and Iowa being slower was beyond logic, also the upgraded Iowa with their new 212000hp turbines could do 32.5-33kts and upto 35kts at light loads. So, I think Wargaming should in the coming patches rectify the errors made and get them the historically true Speed and Installed power figures. If anyone has the gall to doubt me then here are some references: 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Carolina-class_battleship 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iowa-class_battleship 3. http://web.mst.edu/~rogersda/american&military_history/World's%20Fastest%20Battleships.pdf 4. http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-029.htm 5. "US Battleships : An Illustrated design history", by Norman Friedman 6. "US Battleships 1935-1992", by William.H.Garzke and Robert Dulin
  10. Hi all, I've been playing WoW for about 2-3 months. I have played IJN BB's, USN BB's, USN Cruisers and have enjoyed some success in these. Though I do prefer Cruisers more than BB's, generally. I have just started UN DD's (just prior to wipe and now restarting the DD tree) and would like some ideas as to how to get the best from them. To me, they just seem to be weaker than their IJN counterparts. Sure, perhaps some US guns maybe more accurate and harder hitting and perhaps their AA is better but the key DD weapon that makes the most impact in WoW in my opinion, is the torpedo. In this regard the short range of the US torpedo really defines, or limits, your options. To get the most out of the torps, you need to close with the enemy and use them almost as a "in your face" weapon rather than a truly "tactical" option which the IJN DD's can use them for (area denial). So - how can a player use USN DD's best? Tee
  11. swap1997

    iowa armor scheme

    Hello guys, I hd discussed dis previously in d developers section in d suggestion page abt d error in iowa class battleships armor scheme where it says d armor ranges frm 1-287 mm whereas it shud hv been atleast 1-310 mm according to real time data frm two authors books (Garzke nd Dulin , Norman Friedman). Also d wikipedia has also d same info abt armor as 310mm max. So cn anyone help whethervits going to b rectified or it will stay as it is. Plz note dat i dint gt any adequate response so am reposting it.