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Found 8 results

  1. All the discussion about the Torpedo Lookout System upgrade vs Concealment on BBs has led me to look at what other alternatives there are for BBs in that slot, and I noticed this new upgrade. Ship Consumables Modification 1: Increase the action time of all ship consumables by 10% So that got me thinking, does this affect Repair Party? And the answer is yes it does. Republique without and with Ship Consmuables Modification 1 So the question is, is it worth taking this upgrade in BBs for the extra healing? Healing amount varies from ship to ship, but in all the T10 BBs that I have this upgrade increases the Repair Party time by 2s. That ranges from ~1,100 extra HP per Repair Party charge (Republique) to ~1,500 HP (Montana) to almost a whopping 4,000 HP for the Conqueror (all with healing flags). Conqueror without and with Ship Consumables Modification 1 Factor in Premium Repair Party and Superintendent for extra charges, if you use all healing charges in a battle, you can get up to an extra 5,500k HP for the Republique or 16,000 HP for the Conqueror. Now I know in reality those numbers may not be as high because some portion of shell penetrations and torpedo hits are irreparable, but against fire and flooding damage that is 100% repairable, that extra healing may go a long way. So what do you all think? Is it worth it to drop the Concealment upgrade or TLS in BBs for some extra healing?
  2. VodkaMolotov

    Donskoi upgrades

    I'm currently running: Main Armaments Mod 1 Damage Con. Sys. Mod 1 Aiming Sys. Mod 1 Steering Gears Mod 2 Concealment Sys. Mod 1 Gun Fire Ctrl. Sys. Mod 2 PT,AR,DE,IFHE,CE (16 pt cptn., 2 pts. unused & waiting for 1 more for Superintendent) I played it twice and got a ~quote-and-quote~ good (50k+ and 100k+ game) only with kiting + long range HE spamming. Is it viable to run Donskoi with Steering Gears Mod 3 instead of Concealment mod for maximum kiting-dodging. (I always timed my shot, look who's aiming at me, and when I see "1" on PT I vanish.) Also should I drop DE and get Superintendent instead? and use the unused 2 pts. for Expert Marksman?
  3. fighter9374

    Iowa upgrade

    So I finally got my Iowa after god knows how much credits I saved up. I noticed a new upgrade slot, and basically I'm trying to decide between Main Mod 3 or Artillery Mod 2 (Reload and traverse boost vs Tighter dispersion) I'm open to suggestions on which one to get while I get the 3 mill needed to get the upgrade, and also any builds for Iowa
  4. legionary2099

    Confusing upgrades

    I just bought the Edinburgh last night and when i researched it from Fiji to my suprise Fiji didnt get the elited status even though stock torpedo moddule on Edin is the same as upgraded Fiji ones. I have to continue grind the Fiji abit to get that last 12k bits. My question is : is this normal ? i thought that upgrades from the same ship line will carry over, different lines wont ( atleast thats what happen when i last grind cv ) Another question : How WG name the upgrades seem lame and confusing , why did they bother add * to the upgraded version and more ** to the next , it seems ridiculous ? They could just add a thing like variant 1 or 2 to the name for clarification but that * mark really bug me and i have to count them if i want to know the exact equipped
  5. Target acquisition Modification 1 can increase detection range and torp spotting range by 20%.Does it affect the spotting range of Hydroacoustic Search and CV's plane?
  6. legionary2099

    Upgrades reduce concealments ?

    Hi everyone i have just bought an Essex and godbless i have installed a Concealment module but : - Every flight and airgroup modification reduce concealment by 10 points (wth) lol. Guys is this a bug/ mistake or is it intentional ? I mean US cv are so hard to hide and this makes it worst
  7. Hi all, Just wanting to get some in-put from the Alpha/Beta testers as to what upgrades to put on your Captain/Commander for each class of ship or if there is already a guide out there can you post a link please. Thanks in advance for any tips.