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Found 7 results

  1. VodkaMolotov

    Donskoi upgrades

    I'm currently running: Main Armaments Mod 1 Damage Con. Sys. Mod 1 Aiming Sys. Mod 1 Steering Gears Mod 2 Concealment Sys. Mod 1 Gun Fire Ctrl. Sys. Mod 2 PT,AR,DE,IFHE,CE (16 pt cptn., 2 pts. unused & waiting for 1 more for Superintendent) I played it twice and got a ~quote-and-quote~ good (50k+ and 100k+ game) only with kiting + long range HE spamming. Is it viable to run Donskoi with Steering Gears Mod 3 instead of Concealment mod for maximum kiting-dodging. (I always timed my shot, look who's aiming at me, and when I see "1" on PT I vanish.) Also should I drop DE and get Superintendent instead? and use the unused 2 pts. for Expert Marksman?
  2. fighter9374

    Iowa upgrade

    So I finally got my Iowa after god knows how much credits I saved up. I noticed a new upgrade slot, and basically I'm trying to decide between Main Mod 3 or Artillery Mod 2 (Reload and traverse boost vs Tighter dispersion) I'm open to suggestions on which one to get while I get the 3 mill needed to get the upgrade, and also any builds for Iowa
  3. legionary2099

    Confusing upgrades

    I just bought the Edinburgh last night and when i researched it from Fiji to my suprise Fiji didnt get the elited status even though stock torpedo moddule on Edin is the same as upgraded Fiji ones. I have to continue grind the Fiji abit to get that last 12k bits. My question is : is this normal ? i thought that upgrades from the same ship line will carry over, different lines wont ( atleast thats what happen when i last grind cv ) Another question : How WG name the upgrades seem lame and confusing , why did they bother add * to the upgraded version and more ** to the next , it seems ridiculous ? They could just add a thing like variant 1 or 2 to the name for clarification but that * mark really bug me and i have to count them if i want to know the exact equipped
  4. Target acquisition Modification 1 can increase detection range and torp spotting range by 20%.Does it affect the spotting range of Hydroacoustic Search and CV's plane?
  5. legionary2099

    Upgrades reduce concealments ?

    Hi everyone i have just bought an Essex and godbless i have installed a Concealment module but : - Every flight and airgroup modification reduce concealment by 10 points (wth) lol. Guys is this a bug/ mistake or is it intentional ? I mean US cv are so hard to hide and this makes it worst
  6. Hi all, Just wanting to get some in-put from the Alpha/Beta testers as to what upgrades to put on your Captain/Commander for each class of ship or if there is already a guide out there can you post a link please. Thanks in advance for any tips.