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Found 7 results

  1. In the Armoury the description of the Smoke Generator Mod 1 says; "Smoke Screen Dispersion Time : -5%, Action Time of the Consumable:+30%" There is no mention in the Armoury that the upgrade does not work with the Italian Exhaust Smoke consumable - you only get to discover that AFTER you have paid 14,000 coal and purchased the upgrade! I of course read the description in the Armoury and purchased one for my Amalfi and then wondered why I could not mount it on the ship. I will raise a ticket requesting a refund but the description in the Armoury needs to updated to include the exception that the upgrade is incompatible with Italian ships.
  2. I while back I finally got the T10 Conqueror which comes with as personal assignment to unlock the 'Enhanced Engineering System' unique upgrade. I basically stopped playing the game for a while because of my anger at what WG have recently done to Conqueror, anyhow I logged back in to see what was going on in the game and I noticed the personal assignment for the 'Enhanced Engineering System' unique upgrade has an end date of "31.12". Now I have a vague memory of years past of people talking about this happening with these unique upgrade assignments at the end of those years and that expiry date is just for WG systems and that they don't actually expire. Now I'm not sure if this is correct, and also I don't trust WG in the slightest as there are personal assignment I have now that show no expiry dates (so why don't these have the same) and in the past I have seen WG remove personal assignments without expiry dates with no notice (ie. the one from the Black Friday ships). Can someone with firsthand experience with these unique upgrade personal assignments going over their dates, please confirm it won't expire on the 31/12 as otherwise that is a hell of a grind to finish that whole assignment in 1.5 months (if you are not playing 24/7).
  3. Farlesquew

    Brit DD upgrades

    I've so far got the Acasta and Icarus (tiers V and VI) and equipped the rudder upgrade on both, but every one I face appears to have chosen the gun rotation upgrade instead. I figured that being able to turn faster was going to be useful indodging incoming shells, but I do note the moments where I'm turning faster than my guns can manage, which sometimes makes knife fights difficult. (That, plus the poor concealment which means we're constantly outspotted, and can only stealth torp against on-coming ships). DDs are definitely my weakest ship type, but I'm frustrated with my performance and wondering if this upgrade choice is partially to blame. Guys: DEFINITELY a wrong upgrade choice, or do I simply need to keep working on my overall DD skills (I feel I'm improving, but then I had a ahocker run of losses yesterday, argh)?
  4. Updates 15 Aug 2016 - Added icon 28 Jun 2016 - Reduced the effect from +50% time to recover from fires/flooding and -35% damage per tick from fires/flooding to +33% time to recover from fires/flooding and -25% damage per tick from fires/flooding. I have been thinking about how to deal with fires/flooding so I came up with this idea. Compartmentalization modifications 1 - 4th slot upgrade (the same as DCP/Propulsion/Steering mod 1) - 250k credit price Effects: +33% time to recover from fires/flooding -25% damage per tick from fires/flooding This upgrade is basically reduces flooding/fires damage per tick, but increases the duration. With this upgrade installed, fires now burn for 80 seconds and floodings will last for 160 seconds for about the same amount of total damage. This might help you stop fires/flooding that occurs when DCP is on cooldown.
  5. Rocking the Bucky and still can't decide between these two. Propulsion Modification 2, or Steering Gears Modification 2? The reason is because I see that the Bucky is very slow, but she has decent rudder shift BUT poor turning radius. So I am confused. Suggestions anyone? Please back up your answers with justification.
  6. If you research a ship that has a stock torpedo module, that same torpedo module automatically becomes researched for free on other ships as well. This means you can slice off anywhere between 500 to 9,500 XP from your grind. This only applies to torpedo modules of the same name: This WILL NOT APPLY for guns and fire control modules of the same name (e.g. researching the fire control upgrade for Kongo will not also give you the fire control upgrade for Minekaze, even though they both bear the same name). Researching Phoenix (tier 4 USN CL) will grant you the Mark 11 torpedoes for free on the Clemson (tier 4 USN DD), which will save you 1,700 XP. Hence, it is recommended to research the Phoenix before the Clemson, if you can. Researching Tenryu (tier 3 IJN CL) before the Umikaze (tier 2 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 44 mod.2 torpedoes for free, which will save you 500 XP. Researching Kuma (tier 4 IJN CL) before the Wakatake (tier 3 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 6 torpedoes for free, which will save you 1,600 XP. Researching Aoba (tier 6 IJN CA) before the Mutsuki (tier 6 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 8 mod. 2 torpedoes for free, which will save you 9,500 XP. On the Myoko (tier 7 IJN CA) you can research the Type 90 mod. 1 torpedoes for 11,000 XP, which is 5,400 XP cheaper than doing so on the Hatsuharu (tier 7 IJN DD) where it costs 16,400 XP.
  7. Since I do not really bother myself with the use of fighters, I've never gotten myself the Type6 mod. 3 and Mitsubishi A5M2 on my T6 Ryujo. So I was just wondering if I were to unlock/upgrade the T7 Hiryu (after getting the Hull Ryujo (B) and Ryujo © that is), will I get the Mitsubishi A5M2 for 'free' on my T6 Ryujo since Mitsubishi A5M2 is the stock fighters and having learned the T7 Hiryu, wouldn't it make sense?