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Found 2 results

  1. I posted in the questions and answers section but got only like 3 replies, probably because ppl barely look in that thread so Imma do it here Hey, I created my account about 2 years ago but only started playing around last December, so I can say that I missed a ton of stuff and I wanted to ask those who have been playing for around 2-4 years now: What do you think of the current state of WoWs as opposed to the state it was 2+ years ago? Is it any better? or is it getting worse as time goes by? What do you miss from the old WoWs? If the game's state is getting worse, do you think that WG is doing their best to better it?
  2. Say, a 12 v 12 match, and all the players are almost top at their skills. They know how to hit and how to dodge shells. They know how to torp and how to avoid torps. They know how to cap and how to defend. They know all about the rock paper scissor cycle. They use ships and captains with most possible upgrades. They play using optimal strategy. Will the game be boring? or super fast? Will the victory depend on match maker? People are getting good everyday. So, say you are super unicum and you somehow got in a match with other 23 super unicums. How would you feel? How would you approach? I was just thinking about it. Cant really picture the scenario in my head yet.....