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Found 3 results

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  2. I guess it's the "achieve 628 hits" requirement for the latest mission, anyway it seems you can't enter a random battle this week but trip over Atlantas. Most captained by sealclubbing unicums, red tracers, all the toppings. After getting my IJN cruiser blown out from under me multiple times yesterday, I am open to ideas for how to best deal with these pests. A noob Atlanta is an easy mark, but the ones that know what they're doing (and with teammates who also know what they are doing) ... that's a tricky problem. Once they get wedged in behind an island, protected by a couple of BBs behind and screened by a DD spotting for them... Rushing them is pretty much futile. Running away doesn't solve much. Staying in place is even worse. I'm thinking that short of another Atlanta, Sharnhorst is probably the best ship to be in for nuking them, but in terms of tactics the only thing I can think of is to draw off and sink their supporting ships first and then rush around with two ships in opposite directions to outflank and overrun their hideout...
  3. Hi, i'm starting this thread to share my ranked experience. i'm currently in rank 10 and finding it hard to uprank to rank 9 because of either being killed by a loyang sonar'ed me or being unassisted when capping. list of best performing ships in ranked (by n00b1e) BB 1st: North Carolina/Alabama : three triple 16in guns with good armor make the best BB for holding cap/sniping, rarely see a NCAR or Alabama losing a 1v1 on another BB like amagi or bismarck 2nd:Amagi : better mobility than US BB's but with rather unreliable gun dispersion, bad choice for holding cap and get sunk easily with focus fire by BB's 3rd:Monarch : for those HE spammers who like to make people salty, the AP is unreliable for use againts BB and she will lose 1v1 with a NCAR/Alabama or Amagi used by a decent player at close range 4th:Tirpitz : torpedoes makes up for the german gun dispersion, she is still a bad choice with the NCAR's and Amagi's around 5th:Bismarck : bad gun accuracy and is not as agile like Amagi makes her the worst choice in my opinion, with the sniping fest worsening the situation for Bismarck and Tirpitz having torps making her rather outclassed DD 1st:Loyang : the primary cap denier for capping DD's, seen Loyang players just stop and use smoke&hydro and spot you up, the hydro is the most dangerous part of this ship 2nd:Kagero : long ranged torps make surviving easier in Kagero, unless you're the capping DD and the guns won't help at all in that case 3rd:Kidd : the heal makes this DD a DD killer, but the single turret torps will make you useless againts a radar cruiser 4th:Benson : decent torps and good guns, but outclassed by a dedicated DD like Loyang or Kagero 5th:Ognevoi?/Kiev : in this case this DD's are useless because of having the worst concealment CA/CL's 1st:Chapayev : 4 triple 6in turrets, 11,7km radar, good HE to burn BB's, what more can you ask for ? 2nd:New Orleans : a cruiser killer with good concealment to support DD's capping, hard using her to fight BB's 3rd:Atago/ARP Takao : good torps and good guns, but fragile (seen many Atago/Takao in ranked) 4th:Hipper : good armor, good guns, but no radar 5th:Edinburgh : have radar, hydro, and good torps, good as a DD cap assist but with the BB's swamping ranked she's rather underpowered 6th:Charles Martel: damage farming boat, rarely seen one contribute beyond surviving the battle 7th:Mogami : need me to say anything ? bad reload, fragile, and bad torp placement since i'd avoid CV's i can't comment on them share your ranked experience and review mine. thanks and have a lot of citadels ;P