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Found 2 results

  1. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Udaloi build?

    Hi fellow captains! As the title says, I am quite close to Udaloi right now (140k exp in my Ognevoi and loving her). I didn't manage to get her before the line split, so I need some advice on her captain and module build. Current capt: 16 pts PM, PT, LS, BFT, AFT, CE with 1pt lying around and enough doubs to reset if needed. I am planning to put reload module on her T9+ slot and concealment module on her T8+ slot. I would prefer a mid-range gun-torp hybrid build but seeing her concealment is not as good as Ognevoi, I also need some playstyle advice. Good luck and fair seas to you all kind souls in advance!
  2. Hey everyone, According to the public test 0.6.2 update, after the public test the new Russian destroyer line will be available! However, has anyone got any intel on what the 'compensation' will be like for existing players with Russian DDs? Specifically, if I already have a Ognevoi, Tashkent, Udaloi and Khaba, will I retain these ships, as they are, on their new lines following the release of 0.6.2? Or will I have to unlock the 'new' Ognevoi, and then grind my way up to tier X on the alternate line again? I'm hoping there will also be some 10-point captains per new ship or something. I didn't own any Japanese DDs when they did the line split last December - was the compensation fair back then?