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Found 1 result

  1. PanzerRunner

    Submarines Are Coming

    Yes they are coming for real and fresh. I dont know if this is a good news or bad news for you, share it down below! Remember that guy who wants submarines to be added into the game? His/her wish is about to came true. I will clarify some things or two : First off, they are adding Submarines for the halloween special event, i still dont know if Submarines will stay as a permanent line or not. Second of all, they are still WORK IN PROGRESS so expect some changes, nerfs and buffs. I said theres a chance subs will stay as a permanent line because they always used the Halloween and April fools event to test new mechanics / gameplays. Last but not least, to balance things out, Subs will have a different spotting mechanics underwater compared to spotting mechanics at the surfaces (obviously) Lets hope when it arrive it will be "balanced" as much as possible, im worried And yes, DD will play a role encountering these Submarines. So we can basically sums up that in 2019 there will be two new lines, the Submarines line and the reworked CV line. The reworked CV line is basically just a new class. For more informations, gameplays and opinion you can click the video down below :