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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, It's taken me a long time to finally get around to creating some useful (hopefully) video content for WoWS. My post here is for the first two of a series of videos aimed at new / beginner players, or non-players thinking about trying the game out (the videos are located on my YouTube channel). They are titled "The First 20 Minutes of a New Account", and "The Next 20 Minutes". I've also dropped a random 'inspiring' video on there for a bit of fun too. The YouTube address links are at the bottom of this post. Why have I created these videos? Well, I enjoy the process, but I can't say I'm a great video editor. However, I do know how to teach / instruct reasonably well, and I have some level of marketing experience. But more importantly, I saw a need. There's a LOT of guides out there for everything about this game, particularly in the YouTube market, but I wasn't seeing much aimed at the very beginner level that wasn't a looooong list of what every single item does on the Port Screen / Battle Screen etc. My videos are a walk through of some of the basics for new players - adults or kids - to get started and start sailing a ship around, hopefully avoiding making any of the basic mistakes. They also aims to educate in a general sense, and encourages further exploration of all of the great content both on these forums and the wider internet. There will be more videos coming soon. I'm currently making number 3, and 4, in the 'new account' conversation. I'll also be creating some very specific and interesting general content too, so watch out for that stuff. I'm no crazy streamer or content maker - I have a fairly hefty full time job that absorbs my days, and a couple of young kids who absorb my evenings, so I will gradually progress more in the coming weeks and beyond. Hopefully you enjoy the content. Happy sailing. Noppers. Here are the links to the two training videos so far, and the inspirational piece.
  2. Hey all, I posted a set of videos in the game guide area, but noting that many skip past the "Game Guide and Tutorials" Sub-Forum (it's tucked away at the top of the Newcomers zone) I thought that I would drop the link in this more active area of the forum. The videos are aimed at first time players, new accounts, or folks thinking of trying out WoWS. Enjoy. Noppers.
  3. World of warships is a game that has a very steep learning curve, and since the game is constantly evolving, has anyone ever tried to make proper tutorials for the videos? Because I believe the main reason why this game still isn't that popular is not only due to the amount of RNG it relies on, but also the fact that most people get frustrated at the game and don't even bother continuing it. As such, I am interested in making tutorial videos for newcomers, but I'd like to know if it would gain any traction.
  4. Business6 talks about beginning aspects of the game, he pretty much covered everything, starting from invite links for goodies before starting account, the tutorial phases, game settings, service levels, upgrades, modules, signals, premium shop, gold conversion etc. I think this video will answer most of the questions new players have.
  5. Port Interface User Guide [1] Main screen This might be a bit of an information overload, so I'll try to break it down part-by-part to explain every bit of the interface [1.1] Top interface The first thing you'll notice is these series of buttons at the top of your screen. I'll explain what each button does one by one. Note that you may not see all these buttons when you first log in, as additional buttons are added as your player level increases. 1. Battle: Hitting the battle button queues your selected ship up for battle, allowing you to play the game. 2. Create Division: Divisions are a group of up to three players who will be able to join the same match together. You can either create your own division and invite other players, or be invited to divisions. 3. The button on the right of the battle button tells you what sort of match you are currently queued for. This may read Co-op Battle (player vs bots) or Random Battle (player vs player). Note that random battles are only unlocked at player level 2. Clicking on this button will allow you to switch between the two. Under these three buttons are a bunch of other, smaller buttons. 1. Port switches to port view, your default home screen. 2. Modules brings up the modules and upgrades section on the left side of the screen for your selected ship. 3. Exterior brings up the exterior decoration section on the left side of the screen for your selected ship. This button may only be visible at player level 7. 4. Tech Tree brings up the tech tree and allows you to see the various research paths of every nation in the game. 5. Profile brings up your player profile, where you will be able to see your statistics, awards, as well as what each player level unlocks for you. I'll explain more about these sections later. [1.2] Currency On the top right hand corner of the screen, you'll see this: On the left most is the number of Doubloons you have. Doubloons are premium currency and is bought for with real cash. Doubloons can be exchanged into credits, or used to exchange ship experience into free experience via the "exchange credits" and "convert exp" buttons respectively. In the middle is your Credits count. Credits are earned by fighting in battles, and are used to buy modules, upgrades and new ships, as well as repair and rearm ships after battles. Try not to run out of credits! The rightmost value is the amount of Free experience you have. A small amount of free experience is earned whenever you battle (generally, a small % of the ship experience you earn). Free experience can be used on any ship you can currently conduct research on. Ships that have unlocked all their modules and researched all of the next ships in line are considered Elite Ships - any future ship experience earned on these elite ships can be converted to free experience by paying doubloons. [1.3] Missions At profile level 3, you unlock Daily Missions. The Daily Missions button will appear in your Port screen at the top left-hand corner of the port. You can have up to 3 daily missions queued for completion. Look at the mission information to figure out what you need to do to complete them, and what rewards they bring. Currently, there is no way to abandon a mission and reroll a different one. [2] Selecting your ship At bottom of your screen, you'll see pictures of all the ships you own. When logging in for the first time, this is typically the Erie (Tier 1 American cruiser) and the Hashidate (Tier 1 Japanese cruiser). Left click on the picture of the ship to select it. Your port background should update to show you that ship, and it's statistics will be visible on the right side of the screen. Right clicking on the pictures is another way to bring up the modules section of the ship, and to sell the ship. You are only given a limited number of port slots, so in order to advance and buy newer ships, you may have to sell older ones. You'll notice a x1.5 image on some of your ship's portraits at the bottom bar. This means that the respective ship still has not used its 1.5x bonus for the day. The first victory every day on a ship will always reward you with x1.5 credits and experience. [2.1] Ship statistics At the top of the ship statistics section, you'll see the name of your ship, which tier it is at, and how much experience is available on that ship. Ship Experience is earned in battle, and is used to unlock ship modules, and research the next ship(s) in line. Note that ship experience can only be used on the ship it is earned on. Below that, you'll see the name of your captain, what skills he has, and if he has any spare skill-points to use. Below your commander's portrait, you'll see a series of dropdown menus: Survivability, Aircraft, Artillery, Torpedoes, AA Guns, Maneuverability, and Concealment. Not every ship will have every menu - ships without aircraft will have no aircraft menu, and likewise for ships without torpedoes. Clicking any of the dropdown menus will expand it and reveal information about that particular aspect of the ship. Some of this information - like firing ranges, damage, and detectability, is extremely useful, so be sure to take a look! In addition, you can see little camera icons next to the listed weapons. Clicking on that camera icon will allow you to zoom in and look at each individual weapon. Clicking again will cycle you through each weapon point. It's rather useful to know where the guns of your ship are located so you'll know how to turn to bring them to bear on targets. [2.2] Ship modules The ship modules section appears on the left side of the screen when selected. Here, you can research and add modules and upgrades onto your ship. Modules in yellow with a tick are what are currently mounted. Modules must first be researched with experience, and then bought and mounted with credits. Once bought, you can switch back to older modules (if you want) by left clicking and hitting "mount". Arrows denote which modules must first be researched in order to unlock further module research, as well as the next ship in line. Once all modules and all future ships in the modules section are researched, the ship becomes an Elite Ship. Under the modules section is the Ammunition and Consumables section, showing the various ammunition types and abilities your ship has, and Upgrades (which is only unlocked at player level 6), which modify and enhance your ship's performance. [2.3] Ship Exterior The Ship Exterior section appears on the left side of the screen when selected. This button only appears at player levels 7 and 8 and is divided into two sections. Flags allows you to mount flags on your ship that will give your ship a bonus for one match. Flags are earned from achieving specific actions in a match, and you can mount up to 10 different flags on your ship. Each flag gives its own unique bonus, such as improving your ships speed, or the credits earned in battle. Flags are used up after every match and have to be replenished. Camouflage allows you to paint your ships in a camouflage pattern, either reducing its detectability or decreasing attacks conducted on you. Camouflage is bought with credits, and must be refilled after every match
  6. Destroyers! Silent and Deadly... the Escorter than seems not too dangerous actually killer IntroMost people doesnt know What Destroyers role and Cruisers role. that actually Easy to understand that they looking for killing too but never know what must they do. there's no denial that people always Aiming for CV and BB. its true you will always seen them mostly in battle. and always shoot at very long distance. But Destroyers , Cruisers are aren't they have different role's Ill split them from IJN and USN. Destroyers USN Tier 2 - Tier 8USN destroyers are All rounder Light Ship which have Fast turning , Fast reload gun turret , and hard to aim Ships. and Short range Torpedo's Your primary job is to disrupt enemy Targeting at 6km or so so... remember you have smoke to use and speed boost to make enemy retargetting you. Tier 9 - 10 in these tier The short range torpedo's aren't problem anymore they have 10km - 16.5km torpedo range which is very useful against any Battleship- Same tactics with Tier 1 and 8 But more Torpedo targetting since your reload for torpedo at 2 minutes etc you will need basic skill like torpedo armament , Basic , and always pick Warning sign to show you being detected or not. Commanders skill 1. Basic Firing training2. Torpedo Armament Expertise3. Aiming Expert4. basic of Survivalbility5. Situation Awareness6. Incoming Fire Alert7. Vigilance8. Superitendent9. High alert10. Last Stand11. Advanced Firing Training12. Demolition Expert13. Last Chance14. Preventive Maintenance15. Concealment Expert16. Jack of all trades What must you do?Since USN destroyers are underestimated. use it. they wont know what the weakness of USN destroyers if you already master it you can use IJN DD very easily. -ZigZag your destoyers when targeted by 2 - 4 ships. run away if you get all attention of enemy fleet try hide approx 1 - 2 minutes from battle. its simple also its easy to remember. -never use AP Shell. just Spam HE shells make them burn overtime.. the Burning Chance from Destroyers are higher than Other's what if you seen Aircraft? Click P (Disable AA) if you inside smoke. if you dont. open Fire on your Anti Aircraft battery help your fleet from Targetting Enemy Torpedo Bomber. its Easy to remember. USN Tactics need to remember- Smoke screen are not just for you. its for your fleet. if you deploy the smoke screen. remember all your ally ships are camouflaged until they shooting. sometimes they camouflaged and still shooting. - Speed boost its helping you to reach your position to disrupt enemy very easily. when you already in position enemy will targeting you and your allies could shoot em without being damaged. remember USN Destroyer are all rounder. since got fast reload , turning Gun turret also it got Short torpedo range. to make anyone closing to you surprised. DestroyersIJN DD(The torpedo masters) IJN DD has different tactics from USN one... this will show you a bit what make's differences between IJN DD and USN DD The primary job of IJN DD is make surprised anyone with Long range torpedo at tier 2 - 4 it stay same at tier 5 - 10 but the differences is the reload time which longer than USN counterpart. Commander skills 1. Basic Firing training2. Torpedo Armament Expertise3. basic of Survivalbility4. Situation Awareness5. Incoming Fire Alert6. Vigilance7. Superitendent8. High alert9. Last Stand10. Advanced Firing Training11. Last Chance12. Preventive Maintenance13. Concealment Expert14. Jack of all trades What must you do? IJN DD are fast speed Destroyers with long range Torpedo. most of IJN DD are Overestimated in fact they aren't that hard to fight. their speed are better than USN part. use it since Speed of IJN DD can go to 42 knots (Tier 5 Minekaze and tier 10 Shimakaze) -never use AP Shell. just Spam HE shells make them burn overtime.. the Burning Chance from Destroyers are higher than Other's tier 2 - tier 4 Spam torpedo and Hide... IJN are master of surprising anyone in the battle. high damage torpedo can always make player afraid to near them. if you could use the gun turret but literally not recommended Tier 5 - tier 8 Target your torpedo and Hide still same with Tier 2 and 4 but now your torpedo aren't reload below 1 minutes (except tier 5) but has literally longer range and also you can use gun turret now to make enemy confused. Tier 9 - Tier 10 what i heard from Kagerou class is kinda underrated IJN Destroyers since it hard to use. use that as advantages.. it maybe has slow speed but easy to manouver - use it zigzag and try to use gun turret to disrupt anyone. it has same like USN characteristic but still doesnt have fast gun turning. but better torpedo's armament. Shimakaze an contrary its a real torpedo Destroyer in the world. you need target correctly and let 20km torpedo do the rest what if you seen Aircraft? Click P (Disable AA) if you inside smoke. if you dont. open Fire on your Anti Aircraft battery help your fleet from Targetting Enemy Torpedo Bomber. its Easy to remember. Tactics need to remember - Torpedo and hide (IJN has Longer range torpedo to use)- same with USN Smoke and speed boost. it just Smoke are needed to you for Hide and Seek mode. so it will make your enemy hard to toe on toe with you
  7. I've noticed a lot of people just don't know where to find the Arpeggio ships once they've unlocked them. Here's a simple guide on how to access them, how to remove the voices and how to hide all Arpeggio content.
  8. detonate_me_daddy

    We need some better tutorials

    I'm not sure if WG implemented any better tutorial since I started. But I feel like the current tutorial is not working. First of all, game modes, before a player is allowed to enter PVP or even PVE they should be given tutorials on EACH game modes and WIN the battle in order to get into the actual game. Yes, there is, on the game loading screen, a line which tells you what to do in each game mode but 1st hardly anyone READS them, 2nd currently the game only have 4 languages available we are in god damn ASIA server!! And after they get a new type of ship, they should receive a tutorial on HOW to play it. Like Destroyers should try to hide to an extent and use the white line to guide torps, BBs should stay with ur cruiser teammates. YES there is a line on the matchmaking screen telling you what each type should do but again hardly anyone reads them And CVs.....................when i started playing CV there is no tutorial whatsoever, I only got to know it when my friend who plays CV tells me how to launch planes and how to manual aim. With such a poor tutorial system, of course the gameplay experience will be bad Seriously WG do you even try??? Yes you implemented a tutorial page but It need the user to click themselves and watch a video and so no one bother to watch it, WHY? because it is not complimentary! Actually implement some REAL tutorial rather than implementing a in-game online video plugin.....
  9. cyxnide

    Rename your ship!

    So I was looking for ways to rename my ships in game,but can't seem to find any answer until I saw this post on the NA forums, thought I'll share it with you guys. Credits to original poster for discovering and sharing this method. Link to original post will be given by the end of this post. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO BACKUP ANY FILE YOU'RE ABOUT TO MAKE CHANGES TO. I DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU somehow MESSED UP YOUR GAME DURING THE PROCESS. 1) Locate the file that needs to be edited in order to change a ship name, this will be in your WoWs main directory "res\texts\ru\LC_MESSAGES\" the file you want is "global.mo" 2) Now you will need to convert the "mo" file to a "po" file Visit this website http://tools.konstruktors.com/ - use the top panel, browse to global.mo and then press the "convert" tab 3) Now that you have the "po" file, you need a program to edit it.... I use poedit due to its simple interface, you can find it here http://poedit.net/ Open "global.po" with poedit... find what you want to change in the VERY long list and edit the name\value in the bottom table. Upon saving, It will save both a "po" and "mo" file. You only need the "mo" file. In this case we're editing turning Kongo into Haruna. 4) Now,go to your "res_mods" folder,in the 0.5.x.x folder,create another folder named "texts". And in that texts folder,create another folder named "ru",after that put the ".mo" file you made just now into the "ru" folder you just created in the "res_mods" folder. 5) Enjoy. Link to original post : http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/52295-how-to-rename-ships-in-4-steps/ All credits to "TASK_FORCE_16" from the NA server. And as always, #HAIL VADIM
  10. 這視頻可以教您怎樣使用魚雷轟炸機。好好學習哦!
  11. Part 1 - IntroductionWith the release of World of Warships, Wargaming.net has introduced a feature not seen previously in World of Tanks or World of Warplanes - Account Levels.These levels allow players to unlock extra in-game features and receive bonus rewards as they play either Co-op (PvE) or Random (PvP) Battles. Some of the account features that can be unlocked via the progression system include the ability to mount Flags (which give you various bonuses) on your ship, earn and use Free XP and even train up Captains for your ships - just to name a few. I'll go into further detail about exactly what can be unlocked as your level increases a bit later. The quickest and easiest way it to find your current level is to check the top right hand side of the screen while you are logged into the game As you can see from this image, the top account is at Level 8 and the bottom one is a Level 4 account. Also note the icon next to the Level - each level has it's own unique icon If you want to see your current progress towards the next Account Level, you can click on the arrow next to your In-game Name To level up, simply play either Co-op or Random Battles. As you play and earn experience (XP) to upgrade and unlock new ships this XP is also put towards increasing your account level. When you have gained enough experience, your account's level will automatically increase and unlock new features Now that I've covered the basics, in next part of this guide I'll be going through each of the available Levels, covering what features get unlocked and any rewards that are given edit: 14/07/2015 - added Part 2
  12. Hello players!! Welcome to Achievements & Signal Flags!! This guide covers the achievements & signal flags feature of World of Warships. This feature maybe familiar to you in gaming world and might thinking that it's just simple decoration & fancy stuff on your game account like Steel Wall, High Caliber, Confederate, etc. back in World of Tanks. NOPE! That will mostly not happen in World of Warships, so let's discuss this with Questions & Answers then List of Achievements & Signal Flags! What do Achievements & Signal Flags do? - They are not decoration for sure. But they reward you with experience boost, credit boost, etc. in battle. Yes, they are worth to get!! How do we get the achievement/s? - You can get achievement/s in random battles only and meet the requirements for that certain achievement. You can read each achievements' requirements in your Profile Tab (Top) > Achievements. I’ll explain each how you get them. And the signal flag/s? - First you have to be Account Level 7 and you will start get them as reward for getting achievements like “First Blood”, “Confederate”, "It’s just a flesh wound!", etc. How do we know our Account Level? - You can see immediately right next to your In-Game Name (IGN) on top left corner of your screen. For more detail of your current account level go to…. Profile > Service Record How do we know if we did get achievement/s? Three ways to know if you got the achievement/s: How do we know if we got signal flag/s? There will be some sort of box-like this in screenshoot, these are the flags you earned in battle. Where is the experience & credit boost reward you’re talking about? - When you got Account Level 7, you can equip the maximum of 8 or less signal flags on your ship~! Each signal flag has their own effects like +50% experience earned, +20% credit earned, etc. Are signal flag/s unlimited? - Unfortunately, no. Once used in battle, the signal flags you equipped on your ship are vanished like consumable items. Learn how to save them. Can we buy signal flag/s via credits or doubloons? - No, only by getting the achievements. UPDATE (7/14/2015): Just found out from RU server that at this moment, they are selling flags via premium store & paid via real money. How can we equip these signal flag/s? - Select a ship > click Exterior tab > Signals > click the flags > Mount
  13. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3! Now you too can be a useful carrier to your team, instead of messing around like I see a lot of carriers do.