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Found 2 results

  1. Lets say my ship has 5 main turrets, and each turret has 2 guns: Left Gun and Right Gun. And I want to shoot both shell types (AP and HE) in the same time. How to make it so that the Left Gun chambers AP shell and the Right Gun chambers HE shell? or the other way around Left Gun always chambers HE Shell, and Right gun always chambers AP shell. And how to apply this configuration to all turrets?
  2. Here are 2 totally different ideals that I suggest for WoWS : 1. TURRETS OPERATION (This is the most importain subject in this topic). As usual, in WoWS, the turrets point into where you aiming at, even in dead zone' they still turn; especially battleships, which take a lot of time to turn the turrets, in some situations, aiming into dead zone but the turrets still turn and do nothing, then don't have enough time to turn back, and this extremely annoying me -_-+ Well maybe it's quite hard to understand, I give you an example to easier get it : While steering a battleship, you spot an enemy ship in front of you, the front turrets of your ship get to work, the back turrets are in dead zone but they still turn, and do nothing, then suddenly another enemy ship appear behind of your ship, this time, your back turrets take the duty, but those stupic turrets already try to aiming in front of your ship, and now they need lot of time to turn back, while those turrets are able to use, your ship's already eaten many of enemy's shells. So my suggestion is lock some of the turrets, and only allow other turret to turn, especially for battleships. 2. TORPEDOES EFFECTIVE. a) Torpedo vs torpedo. In real life, what happen when a torpedo hit another torpedo ? Yeb you guy all know that !!! BOOM !!! And I suggest Wargaming should add this effect, even it rarely happen but it cool and more realistic. b) Torpedo and sinking ship. I don't how that happen to you guy, but in my game, I see a torpedo can move through a sinking ship (a ship just being destroyed still floating on water), I don't know is that a bug or the game really being programed like that, anyway I'll leave it here and let Wargaming decide for next update. How about you guy, what do you guy think ? Let share your opinion