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Found 6 results

  1. Manacetamol


    Neo Ten-Ichi-Go
  2. coldsteelfury

    Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    I just played a game with my T8 T7 Myoko and encountered the premium Soviet T9 cruiser Kronshtadt. I can't believe what just happened. I shot this ship multiple times broadside with 203mm AP shells. Distances varied from 14km right down to 10km. My shells either shattered or ricocheted. A small percentage of shells did normal penetration damage. No citadels. The enemy Kronshtadt made zero attempt to angle itself and happily shredded my full health highly angled Myoko with impunity, it's AP shells ripping right through my Myoko (even when angled at less than 30 degrees). IJN CA's are meant to have the biggest guns in the game in so far as cruisers are concerned. It is utterly ridiculous that a Myoko can rain AP hell upon a lazy broadside cruiser several times (and that's the keyword I'd like to emphasise: cruiser) and do absolutely bugger all damage. Most shells couldn't even do normal pen damage, the armor on a perfect broadside was so thick that the 203mm AP mostly shattered or bounced. Crazy! If WG want the Kronshtadt to be impervious to AP fire from other cruisers, then WG should classify Kronshtadt as a battleship (just like other battlecruisers like in the IJN BB tech tree). What an absolute cheat ship. Being outplayed is one thing, but false representations is another. Having a so-called cruiser show perfect broadside at close/medium range and multiple times shrug off virtually all damage from heavy 203mm AP cruiser guns is beyond belief. Now I have to memorise that Kronshtadt is not a cruiser but a battleship in disguise that cannot be citadelled when broadside. It's ridiculous. We're not talking T10 Yamato here, we're talking about an alleged cruiser in the same tier bracket as my Myoko. The German Graf Spee is a "pocket battleship" cruiser which has a half cruiser and half battleship personality, but it will take citadel damage if the captain presents a broadside. But I guess because the Graf Spee is German that's the difference. WG loves to create these Soviet vessels with magical powers. We get it guys. You're patriotic. But calling the Kronshtadt a cruiser is a sick joke. Honestly I'd love to have a cruiser which can rip through heavily angled targets with its guns and cannot be penetrated broadside by other cruisers no matter how stupid I am. It must take a "tremendous" amount of skill to pilot a cruiser with magical powers like that. Talk about a troll ship. /rant
  3. HMS_Swiftsure_08

    Time for another episode of...

    Heated (salted) discussion of a classic problem IS RADIO LOCATION OP? Why? Time to troll the devs
  4. everyone is really mad because i got RDF....... yess i am potato is that wrong to get RDF on Algerie? i hope i have a replay.... we are losing, but the Amagi [LooklikeD] defense the base AGAINTS 5 warship (not include DD) and WAOW, its destroyed most of the ship. also the Leander and DD [forget its loong name] also helping by rushing the enemy base forcing the half of fleet get back or capped. the leander got 3 kills and the Amagi got 4 kill...... and what i am doing? well, i did nothing :V except for spamming chat i got RDF thanks for the team WE WON after that, *Beep beep word come from DD. also the other said that IFHE and CE is more usefull..... its look like they cannt believe that RDF on Algerie is exist..... well, its the Amagi and Leander fault that they are losing.... ABSOLUTELY NOT MY FAULT. the torpedo missed to amagi is not because my RDF, its just missed.... well, i think i am going to switch with CE...... note : - playing on 2GB netbook, what are u expecting for? 2 weeks its too long for not playing WoWs..... after that my Shokaku will be fixed in the port. - using 1% mod to be able for playing. - i am absolutely potato, dont look at my damage :V - very thanks for my team to carry me :V _______________
  5. Kanna_The_Goldammo_Eater


    Hello guys. You'll not known me in this game. But I'm well known in World of Tanks As the "Chatban Legend" Before I making this thread, 1 hour ago, I just got 13th chatban in World of Tanks by typing the word HENTAI to explain that what "H" it is I'm ready to get chatbanned in this game. Normally, I'm chatter and funny person, But I'm dead serious when playing a game. The first time I got chatbanned in WoWs is when I swear about autopilot that drives my RJ to the island. So, Yeah, Feel free to chatban me. Thanks for reading. Disputing moderator/GM/Wargaming decisions. Thread Locked. User Warned. ~ADM_dude
  6. BlackHawk83

    Troll Platoon

    NOT Troll Platoon anymore Red Text/Hard-to-read post. Warning issued. ~Chappo