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Found 1 result

  1. This is the start no doubt of a long list of oh so many numerous and broken one sided match making examples. ITS NOT FUN AND ENGAGING getting one sided battles 80% the time in the enemy favor! I have no clue how the match making inner working function. but I AM WAY TO FAMILIAR to the point of exasperation with the match making service its corrupt or broken or a mixture of the two. So here on this Low Tier match I start my long long list of one sided matches, that arent fun, that arent engaging that you know are over as soon as you see the player in the enemy team and their ships. Unsurprisingly the only surprising thing is the extremely rare occurrence where your team is outclassed on paper but actually pulls through. So here I will start this no doubt long hall of shame of decidely one sided match making screen shots as undeniable evidence of one sided match making that really makes the game so less desirable AND will only encourage the oh F it out gunned, more radar w/e the enemy has more of run out and die. I can count the number of close battles in the past week on one finger... and it would be the middle one! WG you should be ashamed of this sort of match making, repeatedly, its no error or one off! Please explain WG how this match making works! in the first image!! and EVEN AT TII Do not, for one iota, dare to consider replying that this is an anomaly or a rare occurrence. I and the rest of the player base endures this sort of thing all to consistently battle after battle! Its TROLL, its a perfect example of why to recommend someone to avoid playing one if not all your titles. Im not anti WG or anti the game, however I ahve a great issue with constant one sided match making where im forced to be in teams that have a lower skill base than the others. Doing well to improve your own score and Git Gud becomes a near impossibility. Why when you find yourself out flanked out gunned and in youre in the lower T ships, again consistently. These are not one off events, being mentioned by a single player - who incorrectly is thought of as anti WG, rather than pointing out an issues that is widespread a very well known issue by the regular players and something that harms the game from growing... as players get put in multiple loss streaks commonly of 5 to 7 in a row.. if not more... and when you look after match at the team line up, the issue becomes glaringly obvious it was a one sided match up to start with. This happens over and over and over and over again! Day after day this happens to me, others and content creators who experience multiple loss streaks - those guys play your games for a living!! and are near in not already unicum level! Even they get troll game and loss after loss scenarios.. Thanks for making that obvious it wasnt just me, or isolated incidences, in the first place twitch! Public, potential new players, sees unicum level players going through multiple loss streaks oin twitch and think errrm.. why do i want to even download that game play that game. and so it begins...