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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, It's taken me a long time to finally get around to creating some useful (hopefully) video content for WoWS. My post here is for the first two of a series of videos aimed at new / beginner players, or non-players thinking about trying the game out (the videos are located on my YouTube channel). They are titled "The First 20 Minutes of a New Account", and "The Next 20 Minutes". I've also dropped a random 'inspiring' video on there for a bit of fun too. The YouTube address links are at the bottom of this post. Why have I created these videos? Well, I enjoy the process, but I can't say I'm a great video editor. However, I do know how to teach / instruct reasonably well, and I have some level of marketing experience. But more importantly, I saw a need. There's a LOT of guides out there for everything about this game, particularly in the YouTube market, but I wasn't seeing much aimed at the very beginner level that wasn't a looooong list of what every single item does on the Port Screen / Battle Screen etc. My videos are a walk through of some of the basics for new players - adults or kids - to get started and start sailing a ship around, hopefully avoiding making any of the basic mistakes. They also aims to educate in a general sense, and encourages further exploration of all of the great content both on these forums and the wider internet. There will be more videos coming soon. I'm currently making number 3, and 4, in the 'new account' conversation. I'll also be creating some very specific and interesting general content too, so watch out for that stuff. I'm no crazy streamer or content maker - I have a fairly hefty full time job that absorbs my days, and a couple of young kids who absorb my evenings, so I will gradually progress more in the coming weeks and beyond. Hopefully you enjoy the content. Happy sailing. Noppers. Here are the links to the two training videos so far, and the inspirational piece.
  2. Hey all, I posted a set of videos in the game guide area, but noting that many skip past the "Game Guide and Tutorials" Sub-Forum (it's tucked away at the top of the Newcomers zone) I thought that I would drop the link in this more active area of the forum. The videos are aimed at first time players, new accounts, or folks thinking of trying out WoWS. Enjoy. Noppers.
  3. There's definite reasons why players get reported and plays badly. This game doesn't have any Guidelines. Naval Training? It only tells you about basic things (shooting, torping, etc). For example, if you're on T6 dd. On this tier, you should begin to concern about Radar ships which can spot you even in the smoke. Most new-players doesn't even know radar ships exists! and its not their fault, because the game never told them. I mean if player reach T5 in a DD, there should have to be additional tutorials. There's just so much more to learn such as Commander Skill Recommendation Using Concealment (out spotting tactic, stealth torp, etc) Smoke mechanism Concealment of various destroyers Radar duration and Sonar / Radar ranges of Certain cruisers All those things are critical for riding DD So the game tells player about that? No. It applies same with BBs and CA,CL,CVs too. Even the game was many years old, the Guideline system is probably the worst I've ever seen. Adding tons of Noob-friendly features has to be priority on WOWS.
  4. Pseudoscope

    Training Room & Stats

    Hi Devs, I realize this game is still in beta, but seeing some stats, formula's, citadel locations would be awesome. Along with the implementation of a Training room, I've read that there is one, but only available to certain people, why not release it? It would be great to see how positioning and range affects shells, See where the citidels are, see how the guns fire, all in a easy to manipulate arena. This would lessen the frustration and learning curve of the game