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Found 1 result

  1. Mevkins

    Improvements NEEDED to be made

    Matchmaking Matchmaking has been improved once but as new ships are added there are more variables that come into play; You need to include more information to the Matchmaking algorithm to balance the teams for a good un-wasteful battle The feel before I start the battle I have to always check at enemy and ally emblems and clans while checking their ships. Most of the time we can get a feel for whether the battle can be won or not. for the past 4 months at least we have had a lot of one sided battle where it ended with one side obliterated completely with the opposing side losing only 2-3 ships. so far the experience is that if a strong clan is flagged to be focus fired earlier in the game then that team will lose the more skillful players hence losing tends to happen more. Though this wouldn't probably happen if all the clan on one side are all Bronze while the other side is a Hurricane division and a purple clan division at the same time which greatly reduce the probability of the bronze team to even have a chance to win. Unfortunately this has happened plenty and we would say this often happens as the skilled players will also form divisions that greatly boost their ship combination; match fixing issue also sometimes happen with these clans to "Farm" winning percentage - i.e to increase winning percentage If you include the clan rating and the ranked battle ranks for each players you can build an algorithm that balances out the teams for a worthwhile battle; probably including more information such as Experience per battle will also make the balancing more accurate. there's also the problem where strong clans cannot do much if for example all the destroyers does not know what to do even if the strong clan is in perfect positions. If there is the excuse that Matchmaking will take longer to be matched if all these values are included in the battle then heres an example: you wait 10 seconds with the current matchmaking ; and you analyse the teams. it takes 1 min to realize the battle is unwinnable with the current team(including communicative ability, skill, ship types, different languages etc) and the battle ended miserably with complete obliteration in 15 minutes while the enemy loses only 2 ships. and a total of 15 minutes 10 seconds are wasted, plus all the consumables, exteriors, and losing player morale - being salty If you include more values then: matchmaking takes 2 mins; but you have 18 minutes of good balanced teams where the battles are decided by skills and luck (RNG) you earned plenty of experience albeit in the middle rank of your team but feels satisfied with the exp that you earned even when losing and is still more than the total exp you earned on previous matchmaking system. and the total time wasted is 2 minutes This event has happened many times and sometimes consecutively during certain hours such as late night or early mornings due to declining playerbase. Playerbase Many of my friends left the game due to the game being un-enjoyable anymore. This also leads to more new players in even Tier 8 battles where when you see them move, you will know instantly that they are not familiar with their ship playstyle; i.e; exposing the weaknesses of the ships most of the time during the battle. The skilled players/veterans noticed this influx of new players and are having a hard time telling the team to coordinate and support. most of the time stressing out even though a game is meant to be enjoyed. we noticed many players have lost motivations to continue playing the game and you better do something about it though there are promotions to invite new players there are insufficient training courses you give them to enable them understand how the ship is played; how to communicate to the team; how to make the best and worst decisions; how to experience the fun of battle; and how to support the team; This leads to them being unable to support the team and everyone are having bitter times blaming each other for each others mistakes resulting in toxic players. Toxic Community We pay in Asia server and since the first year there are mulltiple cultures from all over asia and oceania where people are too selfish due to their real life living conditions. an example would be: an emerald went out in front next to a destroyer and was obliterated in 1 salvo and blames the battleships for being useless; while not considering T5 battleships speed which is prob around 20-25 knots and he did not realise his mistake. then the battleship players also returned the insult on them and the toxic community is born. this happened often and in multiple languages; where people cannot understand each other and the younger players cannot understand courtesy and part of the team mindset; often having "I am always correct" selfishness attitude as they are teens (Especially millenials and social justice warriors while ignoring the facts that lead to their situations) People are easily offended nowadays which often brings downfall of great games where gigantic efforts have been put in but all these socially proud creatures form a toxic community thinking their views are the correct one - medical name: Cluster syndrome - and often complains to the developers regarding things that doesn't go to what they want. These feature need to be controlled more strictly such as bad languages (and their variants of typos); sarcasm, friendly fire, Bots, uncooperative play; etc These petty incidents will probably take a number of tickets to the admins and reducing these greatly will give the admins more time to better the game. Examples have to be made; being nice; being able to teach other how to enjoy the game; being able to help others even though his experience will be lower; being able to give good advice on decisions; building a mutual trust to cooperate; etc needs to be promoted. developing countries tend to have worse manners such as mainland china, taiwan, indonesia, malaysia etc as the individuals are also brought up using their parents' hardship for them to survive in real life; understand their culture and reach out to promote positive attitude flaming and being sarcastic, ignorant etc as a comments following this post actually confirms that the community is toxic so why don't you use that "flaming" time just try to say something nice instead hm? Toxic community in a game just makes the game un-enjoyable; just like public servers in space engineers where everyone just want to humiliate each other Instant Language Translation perhaps its just me or that people here tend not to talk to each other to coordinate positioning and movements. or language barriers; people from mainland china and taiwan thinks the international language is mandarin (and refused to speak english), people from philliphines and malaysia thinks the international language is english (and cant help but doesnt understand other mother tongue languages), so perhaps language is an issue. Maybe you can work together with a language translating company for instant machine translation? perfect translations are probably expensive and people type slangs too much so as long as the meaning is conveyed it should be enough. People just like to ping on the map here and there without saying anything and then saying languages that probably insults someone in boxes or unrecognisable characters because they didnt convey what they wanted them to do by pinging on the map boxes. again, toxic approach to teamwork; perhaps a ban on clicking map if its a spam for 7 days for that player and use words instead Promote people to communicate and if there's instant translation; it should help; but again promote good community a lobby with humanoid or avatar for each player to join in the shape of a ship that can be explored perhaps? enter a channel; then youre spawned in your avatar maybe in a Fully rendered Des Moines with interiors where there are people in rooms that you can talk with perhaps with audio or chat bubbles and explore together and have a positive conversations? recruit into clans too maybe? just saying Training Scenarios we notice people have been moving quite bad during battles and they die easily; as they expose broadsides much more and so we have been thinking to have like a campaign layout but when clicked theres a selection of tasks to do; for example Task 1 > teaches about decision making; then there will be Task 2 > mastering the responsibilities of destroyers (maybe); and Task 3 > Tanking training (In battleships, cruisers, speed tanking) then there are sub tasks that we can select (can be selected by captain of division for division play) then the division will be brought into a private map with bots where the bots will always move to a preprogrammed waypoints Decision Scenario 1: scenario example: what to do when the enemy is 5km away, an island in between; the enemy moves around the island while we are spawned heading into the island and that becomes a practice on what is the best action to take in that situation Decision Scenario 2: scenario example of when we (As a single ship ) is outnumbered; spawned in a distance of 12 kilometres with our selected ships(lets say Henri IV) and preset enemy (3 T8 cruisers) the task will require the player to survive and deal many damages while there will be allied battleships 20km away on the flank; this will teach new players to learn to kite away and flanking There can be many scenarios situations for training; and decisions made but the point is to make the new players learn to utilise what is the best course of action to solve the problem or to win these training scenarios would help the progress of the new players and the scenarios will include many rewards promoting them to do the training first before heading into Tier 8 battles and above thus reducing the frustration levels of veterans and also the new players themselves; enabling them to enjoy the game Just get the game to be better please, these are issues that are considered fatal by us since we can see players leaving the game due to these; though income-wise into the wargaming account were not sure. but we know you also need money to develop; its a business after all at least better as in we can not have 7 consecutive defeats yes? Thank you