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    My suggestion, game has secondary cannons and Main cannons, secondary cannons run auto, Main cannons player, why the game does not allow the use by player to control secondary cannon also, what I mean is when secondary cannon get selected by player then the main cannons can become auto and while in same match when main cannon get selected by player it can be just like it is now in game. There is no ship so far in match that player uses secondary cannons on it. All game need is one extra secondary slot(skill) just like the game added some other slots with updates. Another suggestion some faster small ships will help a lot that can dodge by maneuverability some attacks and are loaded with small cannons(fire power), give faster smaller ships unlimited smoke(fog) cover slot(skill).
  2. I'm not a very experienced player, but I know when to push, when to retreat; I need an honest opinion on what you think of subs. Most battleships are sluggish enough that there isn't much to do when a sub launces a torp attack at less than 3 km, there's only so much you can do with the damage consumable; you'll be mitigating the torpedo impact and less than a minute later, bang, another set of torpedos coming straight at you. Ships like the Bismarck, Tirpitz and NC, have low torpedo protection and will instantly lose over 35k health, (have happened to me, unfortunately. tried to angle, no good; torps are stubborn to hit my sides) and you'll lose the rest with flooding and fire, because the sub is giving away your protection constantly. Also, killing a sub doesn't have half the satisfaction of blowing up a, say, a CV or a cruiser who had been long pestering you. I play the mighty (to me) Tirpitz, and I'd like to have a feedback of much experienced, much skilled commanders out there regarding subs. Good luck and fair seas!
  3. Which nation tech tree destroyers have torpedoes with least range? I usually get close to enemies before releasing torpedoes, and the missed ones seem to always hit my allies and get me a pink name. So any suggestions?
  4. In the future.......... will we be able to designate what ship we want to track in order to launch torpedo's at them. To many times I have multiple ships to shoot at but the game decides which to track. I'd love to see the ability to designate my own ships for tracking.
  5. So I see enemies' torpedo coming at me right, so i aimed my guns to it & fired it with HE shells. My shell explodes exactly on the torpedoes, but the torps survive! and hit my ship. Why cant i destroy any incoming torpedo although my shells hit it directly? Fine, it's not directly enough, probably it miss by 1 or 2 meters away, but the splash damage should be able to turn those torps in to duds right? (disabled torps to say the least).
  6. It's appear there are 2 type of Torpedo in this game, surface torpedo that dive close to water surface and deep-water torpedo that dive a little bit deeper. I know about it, but never pay much attention to it. But now I need to know the detail for it. So here's the question ... How/where to see the stat of surface torpedo or deep-water torpedo in in-game port ? ... or it must be from outsource such as wiki or similar ? Are deep-water torpedo give more damage than surface torpedo ? ... or what is the good of deep-water torpedo, compare to surface torpedo ? What ship that use deep-water torpedo ? What ship (Destroyer/DD) that won't be hurt by deep-water torpedo (pass through) ?
  7. IndominusWrath

    Change the torpedo effect pls

    I really hate when torpedoes really make Looooooooonnnngggggggg foam on its step, where torpedo should be totally stealth. and idk its a bug or not, but when you take eyes off it and look at it again, you see a gap on that torpedo trace. Wouldnt it be better if theres no trace for torpedo, and torpedo icon change from that triangle top of torp, into little circle around the torp? . Also, i saw in movies when a ship gets hit by torp, a huge boom happens ON the ship (in game it only little boom side of the ship) and a black smoke for a long time. I wish to see it in game too
  8. 1. Description Friendly bots in co-op launch torpedos at my ship and not in direction of enemy ships. Friendly bot torpedos are often launched over 90+ degrees away from path needed to hit any enemy ships. 2. Reproduction steps Playing co-op and friendly bots launch torpedos directly at my ship when there are no enemies anywhere near my direction. 3. Result I get hit and die from torpedos launched from friendly bots. 4. Expected result Friendly bots should not torp team mates. They should launch torpedos in the direction of the enemy and not in the direction team mates.
  9. Rwasknum

    Rant, from a BB player

    Rant : i am usually camp from 20km++ with yamato, the addition of deepwater torpedo to pan asia DD is not a big problem since i am 20km+ away from the cap. the problem is midway with 2x TB and 2x AP bomb can oneshot me. since my AA is weak and i am always go division with midway AS. but WG delete it, now my division mate need to get Hakuryu AS. but when i ask him to use AS Hakuryu, he simply refuse.... "why play AS? no midway, we can just bombing everything and increase our stat"...... so no one will give AA cover. and everyone is busy save their own ship from 2x TB from midway...... hey buddy! I AM a Montana BB DRIVER! NICE TO MEET Ya! the buff midway got 2x TB is not a problem! i got AA! but this pan asia DD really need to get some nerf. i am on division with Des Moines, he usually use hydro instead of AADF. but after the midway buff, there is more plane and it need to use AADF. This Pan Asia DD have high concealment and pretty long deep water torpedo that basically undetected without hydro. so me and Des Moines always got detonated by this yellow torpedo. its true Des Moines have radar, but this DD is smart enough to lure Des Moines into using radar earlier or make it late.....the deepwater torpedo is already unleashed, even if we manage to kill this DD, the torpedo is so misterious...... everyone is talking about how OP is conqueror. the truth is i am glass canon, so i am using smoke deployed by my Minotaur division mate. but this little DD ruined my day! there is 3x Pan Asia DD division, 2 with radar and 1 with smoke. 1 smoke of DD is soo smokey, fast cooldown and basically 1 DD can smoke the entire time! m Minotaur mate try to use radar as well, but it danger for us because we got no smoke! someone advised me to get Des Moines/Minotaur Radar+Conqueror+Pan Asia DD, so we can get both smoke and Radar. but the problem is, our ship is too big to only get 1 smoke..... also the deep water torpedo can also hit Minotaur.... ALL HAIL BRITANNIA! ALL HAIL LULOUCH! eh wrong, anyway Lulouch is Fascist too..... ALL HAIL GERMAN SCIENCE!!! thanks to German number #1 science, while the other BB user is rant how the meta change, we adapt and conquer the obstacle! i am on division with Pan Asia DD and its amazing. true the smoke nerf for BB make it appear after firing the main gun, but the secondary just work so well..... inside the smoke, the secondary gun can shredd any enemies coming, including enemy DD. with infinite smoke from Pan Asia DD, we can almost got smoked in the cap or when pushing or retreating.... its simply amazing! the deepwater is huge threat to any DD, but when enemy DD appear (spotted by my Pan Asia DD divison) i am just need to activate the hydro. also my secondary is work well. what a good sinergy! and thanks to our decent AA, i can atleast shred 3/4 TB from Midway. yeah its hurt, but i got biggest HP and somewhat can mitigate it. thanks to Pan Asia DD smoke, when enemy AP bomb approach, i am just need to get inside the smoke. its somewhat hit, but usually missed when i am inside the smoke. BB Rant is INCOOOMING! anyway, meta always change. adapt and survive! note : i 'm never play any T10
  10. just peek about Gadjah Mada stat, it got - 7km concealment - 8km lelwater torpedo.... 61knot spood beest..... 0.8km DETECTION RANGE in SEA! plane cannt spot it! - cons : 2 min reload.... man, its need buff! a perfect anti BB weapon ?? well, a single pan asia DD wont be much of problem..... BUT 6 Pan Asia DD will become GREAT TROUBLE! at the first 2 week, everyone will try Pan Asia DD and SERVER WILL BE FLOODED WITH Pan Asia DD! remember when German DD got in the line? DD is EVERYWHERE! so, if you command sluggish slow turn like French line or BB isnt it better to get RDF? or JUST GET THE GERMAN BB! u get hydro! wohohohoo German Science is number #1 ____--------_______________________________________________________________ RDF on action? the RDF is saving him from DD try to torp it! RDF with Hydro? ohohohohoo that is even MOAR GUT! __________________ what are you waiting for? GET RDF NOW!
  11. PGM991

    shimakaze long lance

    it's been a week now that I revert my shimakaze to use her original long lance ; type 93 with 20 km range... well, I been play shimakaze with all type of torpedo, either F3, type 93 mod 3 hell I even try go frenzy mode F3 + TA however... a match with result of 0 hit on torpedo is still normal. there's a few thing that I observed... 1. many BB at high-tier stay more than 12 - 15 km away from front line (camp) so... out of range... 2. any aggressive BB that push up, often have friendly DD, CA help screen out incoming torpedo for them, and these BB much more vigilance ; even 12km one is hardly hit anything then I decide to try for the old, heavily nerf torpedo 20km one bypass the front line and go straight to back line I don't expect anything form them, with 2.5 km detection range. it's like having hydro with it all the time it's not suppose to hit anything... it only good at deterred enemy movement. stall them so my team can get into position faster yet ... why i score a hit in these torp much more than those F3 or type 93 mod.3 one ???? all result below are from long lance 20km, obviously, there's a match that I couldn't score a single hit too, but it the same as before so I over it. when I'm risking get into either 12 or 8 km range and can't score a hit is frustrated. when I'm using 20 km one and not score a hit ... it's feel 'normal' since that's how it should be. if there's CV slip through? I'll smile.... let just enjoy the view... I won't be score a thing in match with CV anyway... la la la la~~~~
  12. Admiral_224

    Torpedo spreads

    While most destroyers and torpedo equipped cruisers have the option of selecting between a narrow spread and a wide spread of torpedoes, the British cruisers and destroyers instead have to choose between firing a narrow spread and firing them one by one. I think this should be applied to all the ships in the game, as the wide spread doesn't offer much functionality and can be a little hard to use. What do you all think? (Note: This is my personal opinion and you all are free to disagree with me.)
  13. I'm mostly confident that this is not intentional (and therefore, more strictly a bug report rather than a suggestion) but correct me if I'm wrong (and please quote a source). Currently, if you are launching torpedoes from any ship that has more than one launcher, you will need to wait for all the torpedoes of the first launcher to leave before you can aim or launch the second launcher. The delay's duration depends on how many torpedoes your ship has on a single launcher, so this is especially annoying for high tier destroyers that often have quadruple or quintuple launchers, for which the delay can be up to 3 seconds. From a logical standpoint there is no reason why the two launchers should not be able to be independently targeted and launched. From a balance standpoint, with the addition of so much radar and hydro, alongside the ridiculous effectiveness of high caliber AP shells against DDs, I really don't see why DDs need this one extra handicap. So yeah, I would love to see a rework on the torpedo launch mechanics, specifically being able to aim and launch the second launcher while the first launcher is unloading. I think this is a reasonable thing to do after the recent rework on CV UI that made it much more responsive and enjoyable to use. Maybe give DD captains a little bit of sweetness as well?
  14. Preface: I know there are threads like this every so often, this one was just unbelievable. Just jumped in a lowbie match yesterday, just me and a friend in Furu/Koenigsberg and a friendly DD rushing to top cap. Obviously we are going to protect him. Friendly DD is in cap, not spotted, not shot at. There's an enemy Aoba heading around the outside of some islands on the north side of cap. So I pop of some torps just outside the island so that he won't want to turn into cap. A bit of time ticks away... "Don't fire at your allies" You're kidding me, the DD ran a full one and a half grids straight into a torp of mine, without even slowing down or turning... It's ok it's only like 1/2 to 1/3rd of his HP and he can't have used his repair yet, not having been involved in any fighting at all. Time passes... DD randomly dies, "S4pp3R killed ..." Are you kidding me!?!? The DD didn't use repair and died from flooding and now surely I'm pink. First TK for me since just after I started playing (~1 month after release). So here I come bot matches until I can get rid of it. Anyone know how to find out how many matches to go? (I'm assuming I'll be pink, I'll be honest I rage-quitted straight after I died)
  15. kazutokirito

    Zao can change torpedo type

    Hi, Devs! I like the Zao that has an option to change the torpedo (like in Shimakaze) to Type 93 mod.2 (10 km range at 67 knots) from Ibuki or Type 93 mod.3 (12 km range at 67 knots) from Shimakaze.
  16. Just got my cruiser smashed by a CV using every torpedo speed increase and distance decrease skill buff. I dont know how anything but a very fast DD is going to be able to avoid this OP (ridiculous) buff Hey DEVs There is NO distance penalty for torpedo planes having to drop closer to the ship - Just means unavoidable deaths which is not good game play Yu fools already messed up cruisers now you have overbalanced CV's remove the shorter distance torpedo debuff from PLANES - [content removed] Insults towards Mod/GM/Admin ~Twisted0ne
  17. RainCaller_EQ

    Can we name the torpedo guy ?

    Have some elevator music while you think of a name
  18. Basically a consumable which gives you a chance to destroy one or more torps with secondaries(indirect buff to horrible torpedo belt of high tier german BBs). Only for BBs. Available for all nations. Tier 8-10. Can be interchanged with hydro on German BBs What do you guys think of this?

    Goodbye IJN Torpedo DDs

    This is my first time starting a topic at the forums, so at least be easy on me. I don't want this to turn into a rant, but I juts gotta have my say on this. So, news on the new IJN DD tech tree is out. And with the new sub-branch coming, the IJN DDs get a major overhaul on the main branch ships as well. Okay, so everyone is aware of that it seems. And so I was reading through the article (hopefully expecting something good) and then this comes up: "Along with these adjustments, Japanese destroyers of the main tech tree have lost their far-range torpedoes..." And I was like: They're basically nerfing the torpedoes (again) of IJN DD's for better guns. The new update seems to imply that they are planning to "kill" the torp-heavy IJN DD's and make them "universal DDs", basically a copy of the USN DDs. Do I approve of this change? Well, sorry, but I don't. It kills off the national flavor of the IJN DDs which was the sole reason of why I picked it over the other DD tech tree: to punish people who lack situational awareness with a good torp to the side. Although you ca still do that after the patch, but not as good. Okay, I understand that torpedoes are inherently "unreliable", and that the IJN DDs aren't competitive when compared to the USN and the newer VMF DDs in their current state. It took me a while to get the hang of it (even now I'm still learning), but I must say, I like the ninja-torping gameplay. I like it a lot. And these changes worry me. I admit, the IJN DDs of high tiers need to be tweaked, but I'm feeling that these radical changes would force the IJN dds to demote torpedoes as a mere secondary weapon, and stick to guns like everyone else. But (speaking from the PoV of one who actually likes IJN DD gameplay) I feel that WG has entirely given up, or just didn't bother to, balance IJN torpedo DDs. It's like instead of having your broken motorbike turn into a sedan because the repairman said "we could not be bothered with fixing your bike's engines, so we turned it into a car instead because that's the new meta". I specifically came down this line because of the torps. And WG removing that one thing that makes the IJN DDs special makes me feel a little betrayed... I'm no programmer, but my logic dictates that when something isn't performing as good as everyone else, you "buff" it in the areas that it lacks, not turn it into something different. I think they could've just gave them better guns, and while they're at it, some torpedoes that are actually harder to spot, even if their range stays at 10km (hey, maybe they'll do that *fingers crossed). I'm still pessimistic with all these changes. But hey, nothing's final yet. I'm not too confident of WG's approach to balancing, but maybe they'll pull it off and prove me wrong. IDK but It would be great if that happens. But whatever happens, whether I drop the line or not (made it to the Fubuki), I will wait for them to make their move, and leave theirfate to the STers. I could've explained it a lot better, but I'm already tired from work and I just wanna get this out of my chest before I sleep.
  20. You may have occasionally wondered why your 14" AP shells that have a listed damage of 10k are only doing a mere thousand or so damage. Or why is it that other people can take out huge chunks of Hit Points out of your ship while you struggle to do the same to them. To some players, dealing damage may seem to be completely random. So how can the varying amount of damage you see being dealt in battle be explained? Well, prepare yourself for an absurdly huge wall-of-text! The Means to an End Quite simply, there are four methods of inflicting damage to a ship. They are: Gunfire - by far, the most common means of inflicting damage to a ship. The guns in the game fire two types of shells; AP and HE shells. It doesn't matter whether it is fired from the main guns or the secondaries, the mechanics are the same. It should be noted that secondary guns of 155 mm caliber and above fire AP shells, while lower caliber secondary guns fire HE shells. HE shells also have a chance to cause Damage over Time (DoT) by starting fires. Torpedoes - highly destructive when it hits, though hits are relatively uncommon compared to shells, unless the victim has terrible situational awareness. Additionally, torpedoes can cause DoT via flooding. Ship and air launched torpedoes work using the same mechanics. Bombs - dropped by dive bombers, they inflict damage and start fires in a similar manner to HE shells. Ramming - usually done in desperation, though sometimes for the "lulz" factor. Unsurprisingly, it is extremely devastating, considering tens of thousands of tonnes of steel are colliding with one another. It can cause flooding as well, assuming the ship survived the ram in the first place. Additionally, modules may be damaged or destroyed; impairing the ship's combat effectiveness, or in some cases, resulting in the complete destruction of the ship. So far so good. But how exactly is damage inflicted? For this, we will examine the Damage Model of ships. Damage Model First, lets see how a ship's Hit Points (HP) work in a ship. It should already be obvious to every player that a ship is considered destroyed once its HP is completely depleted. However, one does not simply deplete a ship's HP by hitting it repeatedly with shells! Warships are undoubtedly huge complex constructions with multiple redundancies for critical machinery, auxiliary systems as well as various non-essential components. A hit to the laundry room for example would not be as devastating as a hit to the boilers or magazine. Unlike World of Tanks, where you can shoot at a cupola repeatedly to destroy a tank, where you hit a ship is plays an important role. To make the gameplay more realistic, while at the same time keeping it simple enough, a ship's damage model is divided into multiple parts. The diagram below illustrates how a ship's damage model might be constructed in game. The Universal Hit Points pool serves as the ship's base HP. It is the maximum amount of HP the ship can lose before it is considered destroyed and is indicated by the bar players see in their ship panel as well as above other ships on their screen. There are six "sections" which represent the ship's ability to withstand damage, with each section representing a certain amount of Hit Points. In other words, each section has a threshold to the amount of damage that it can receive: Bow, Stern, Midships and Superstructure - while they are each physically separate, collectively these sections represent a small portion of the ship's base HP (around 20%-30%), which is distributed proportionately among them according to their relative volume. These sections contain compartments and equipment that are mostly not critical to a ship's survival or effectiveness and is usually less armored. Thus, it makes sense that they each hold a relatively small amount of HP compared to the the ship's base HP. Citadel - it is usually the most protected section of the ship, commonly situated near or below the waterline and behind the ship's thickest armor. This is where the ship's magazine and critical machinery is located. It represents the same amount of HP as the ship's base HP. Body - this is not a "section" per se as it actually encompasses the entire ship. All the other sections are located inside it. In other words, regardless of which section a shell hits it also hits the Body. By itself, it represents a large bulk of the ship's base HP (around 75%-85%). One thing that is immediately evident is that the sum of Hit Points from all sections exceed that of the ship's Universal pool. This is to help avoid situations where the last remaining points are tucked away in some place the player could not determine, making it difficult to sink the ship when it is already on its last legs. The actual amount of damage inflicted depends on the method of application and several other factors. However, unlike World of Tanks, there is no RNG involved in its calculation. The resulting amount is not randomized. When a shell, torpedo or bomb hits a ship, one of the following will occur: Non-penetrations will deal zero damage to the ship's HP. This does not apply to torpedoes as they will always penetrate. However, a HE shell or bomb may still damage modules and/or start fires even if it does not penetrate the armor. An over-penetration (the shell goes through the ship from one side and exits the other) will inflict 1/10th of the AP shell's maximum damage to the ship's Universal HP. It will not deduct HP from the sections that were hit. This does not apply to torpedoes, bombs and HE shells as they can never over-penetrate. A penetration will inflict 1/6th of the munition's maximum damage to the section it penetrated. Bear in mind that when a shell, torpedo or bomb penetrates, regardless of which section it detonates in, it also damages the Body. Thus 1/6th of its maximum damage is also deducted from the Body's HP pool. The damage inflicted on both sections add up to 1/3rd of the munition's maximum damage. A shell hit to the Citadel will always inflict the shell's full maximum damage. HP is deducted from the Citadel without affecting other sections. It should be noted that since version 0.2.4/0.3.0 destroyers no longer have a Citadel, so it is impossible to inflict a Citadel hit on them. Almost all damage inflicted from torpedoes hitting the Midships go to the Citadel, while only a tiny, almost unnoticeable, fraction of the damage is inflicted on the Midships and Body. However, the damage is reduced by a certain factor by the ship's Torpedo Defense. More on Torpedo Defense will be explained later. A penetrating/over-penetrating shell hit will always leave a penetration decal (glowing pseudo-3D holes) on the ship's visual model. Non-penetrations do not leave any markings. Once a section's Hit Points have been depleted, it will no longer receive any further damage from penetrations. The Bow, Stern, Midships and Superstructure have relatively small pools and therefore would quickly run out. This is visually indicated by the respective sections getting darker as it takes damage until it is almost completely blackened. Further penetrating hits to the depleted section will then only inflict damage to the Body. In very rare situations, especially if almost all damage was concentrated on a single section, the Body's HP pool would also be depleted before the universal pool is depleted; and any further hits to the section will not deal any damage. However, over-penetrations and fires on the section will still deduct HP from the ship's Universal pool. It becomes apparent that shooting at the same part of a ship repeatedly is not the most effective way to sink it, since each section has a limit to how much damage it can soak, with diminishing returns once a certain threshold is reached. It may seem that a better way to sink a ship quickly is to ensure that damage is spread evenly around the ship. However, this only applies if your shells can penetrate and detonate in most if not all sections of the ship; AP shells tend to over-penetrate anything that isn't the Midships, and even that has to be sufficiently armored to prevent over-penetration, while HE is mostly reliable against the Superstructure and will only penetrate other sections if the armor is thin enough. A better way to sink a ship is to inflict as many Citadel hits as possible, though this can be more difficult to achieve without enough experience and knowledge on armor, angles and shell penetration capabilities. At long ranges, a player does not have much control over where the shells land on a ship, hitting the ship at all becomes the primary concern as well as paying attention to the target's heading and orientation. It is only at short ranges where choosing precisely where to hit becomes important. More on AP and HE shells will be explained later. The damage model also includes the ship's modules. These are located in and around the ship, some hidden behind armor while others are exposed on the deck. Each module has a certain amount of durability, and directly influences the ship's performance. However, the durability or state of a module has no effect on a ship's Hit Points (this may change in the future). The modules are: Engine Room Rudder/Steering Gear Main Armament Secondary and Anti-air Armament Torpedo Armament Magazine As the module takes a hit, there is a chance that it would be a critical damage. In general, the less durability remains in the module, the higher the chance for a critical damage to occur. The Engine Room and Rudder/Steering Gear are an exception; the less durability it has the lower the chance for a critical damage to occur (apparently to make gameplay more comfortable). A module that is critically damaged will be impaired, it either stops functioning or operates at a reduced performance until it is repaired (either automatically after a period of time or instantly with the use of the Damage Control Party consumable). Once the module loses all its durability, it is destroyed and cannot be repaired. For gameplay reasons again, the Engine Room and Rudder/Steering Gear can never be destroyed. A destroyed Magazine will obviously result in its detonation and complete destruction of the ship. Damage to a module is calculated separately from damage to a ship's Hit Points; they are not mutually inclusive. It is possible for a module to take damage without the ship losing any Hit Points, especially if the module is outside the ship or was struck by splash damage from HE shells or bombs. Gunfire To inflict damage and reduce a ship's Hit Points a shell must penetrate the ship's armor. AP and HE shells differ in penetration capability, damage output, and suitability against different targets. AP shells: Whether or not an AP shell penetrates armor is dependent on the shell's parameters, distance traveled, the armor's thickness and the impact angle. In general, the further the shell has to travel, the more velocity it bleeds thus the less armor it can penetrate. Heavier shells retain velocity better than lighter ones. The more oblique the angle of impact, the thicker the effective armor that the shell has to go through. Seasoned players from World of Tanks will already be familiar with the concept. An important difference is, there is no ±25% RNG to the penetration parameters. RNG affects the salvo's dispersion, influencing where the shells will land, as well as ricochet probability to a certain extent. When an AP shell hits armor, it performs the following checks: Overmatch - if the shell's caliber is 14.3 times bigger than the normal thickness of the armor, the shell will automatically penetrate regardless of the impact angle; Ricochet - if the shell fails the overmatch test, impacts at an angle of 60-90ø (77.5-90ø for US cruisers) from normal will automatically result in a ricochet. At 45-60ø (60-77.5ø for US cruisers) there is a chance that the shell may ricochet. No ricochet will occur at 0-45ø (0-60ø for US cruisers) from normal; Penetration - if the shell does not ricochet on impact, the shell will normalize i.e. "turn in" so that the incident angle becomes closer to 0ø, making it easier to penetrate the armor. The amount of normalization depends on the shell's caliber. The effective thickness of the armor after normalization is tested against the penetration potential the shell has at the moment of impact. At close ranges the shell trajectory is relatively flat; so shots to the belt will impact closer to normal angles, but hits on the deck will most likely ricochet. The opposite is true for long range shots when it becomes plunging fire (provided that the gun elevation allows it); hits to the belt will be ricochets while hits on the deck are closer to normal angles. . But wait, the damage is not applied yet! There is still another checks it needs to perform after passing the penetration test. AP shells do not detonate immediately after penetration and will continue its flight inside the ship. Shells have a detonator that will arm upon impact with sufficiently thick armor. Once it is armed, the shell will explode after a certain delay. This is to ensure that the shell explodes inside the ship where it can inflict as much damage as possible. The detonator's arming threshold for AP shells is about 1/6th of the shell's caliber. If the armor is not thick enough, it will fail to arm and the shell may pass through the ship entirely (over-penetration), dealing minimal damage. Similarly, if the shell had armed but did not detonate before it exited the ship it will also count as an over-penetration. A shell that has over-penetrated can not hit another ship, but it may hit other parts of the same ship it initially hit and penetrate it again. Due to a ship's nature of having multiple layers of armor, a shell may perform multiple penetration checks before detonating or exiting the ship, the shell's penetration potential reduced by each layer of armor it penetrates. The arming check is also performed each time the shell impacts an object in the game (including in the event of a ricochet) until the detonator is armed or the shell flight terminates. AP shells are best used against targets that are armored enough to prevent over-penetrations, but not too thickly armored to result in non-penetrations. In general, it is more likely to score Citadel hits as AP shells are more capable at penetrating the armor protecting the Citadel. Note that AP shells can penetrate armor below the waterline, but the more water it has to go through the slower it travels and the more penetration it loses. Furthermore, the detonator will also arm upon impacting the surface of the water, so there is a possibility that it will detonate before even hitting the ship and inflict no damage. An AP hit below the waterline against lightly armored targets such as destroyers might be able to penetrate the armor without over-penetrating the ship. HE shells Unlike AP shells, HE shells are less capable of penetrating thick armor but are not handicapped by distance or angle of impact. The following will occur when it hits a ship: First, it checks whether or not it starts a fire on the section it hit. Next, penetration is tested. In general, HE shells will penetrate armor up to 1/6th of its caliber size, and this appears to be the only parameter used to the test against the armor. Distance and angle of impact is ignored. Also, HE shells will never ricochet. German battleships benefit from better penetration despite having weaker damage, it will penetrate up to 1/4th of its caliber size. HE shells have an extremely short fuze and very low detonator threshold, so it will detonate almost immediately upon impact even against very thin armor. The shell will detonate regardless of penetration. Citadel hits, while possible, are rare. Theoretically, HE shells will never over-penetrate and below waterline penetration is practically impossible. At the point of detonation, a blast radius is constructed in which an amount of splash damage (different than the damage inflicted on HP) is assigned to it. The splash damage affects any modules that are within the blast radius. Damage to a module can be mitigated if it is protected by armor, and may even be negated completely if the armor is thick enough. Additionally, the damage also depends on the volume of the intersection of the blast radius with the module itself. The ship's HP is not affected at all by splash damage, a non-penetration or near miss from a HE shell may cause module damage without even taking a single Hit Point off the ship. Therefore, HE is best used against poorly armored targets such as destroyers which AP shells would otherwise over-penetrate. It is also suitable against parts of a ship that have thin armor (e.g. superstructure, bow and stern) when AP shells can not penetrate other areas that are too thickly armored. Finally, as it can start fires and damage modules without penetrating, it is useful for softening up a heavily armored target by burning away its HP and destroying its secondary and AA guns. Torpedoes and Torpedo Defense To optimize gameplay, torpedoes will always detonate on contact with the target, regardless of impact angle. From the game mechanics point of view, it works like HE shells, with a few differences: Torpedo hits will always penetrate armor. Their highly destructive force ensures that even the thickest armor would be defeated. Like HE shells, a blast radius is constructed at the point of impact. However, it is a lot more powerful, able to damage even well protected modules and inflict HP damage directly to the Citadel when hitting the Midships. This is an important aspect to consider with regards to how Repair Party consumable works, which will be explained later. Instead of starting fires, it can cause flooding instead. The ship's Torpedo Defense (torpedo bulges, torpedo bulkheads, etc) affects the amount of damage is inflicted and the reduces the chance of flooding. The chance of flooding depends on the torpedo; the larger and more powerful it is, the higher the chance of flooding (as of 0.5.0, it varies between 46% to 361%). As the tiers get higher, the ships have better Torpedo Defense, reflecting advancements and modernization in the ship's protection against torpedoes. The better the Torpedo Defense, the more the reduction to damage inflicted (up to half on a Tier X ship) as well as chance of flooding (up to 1/6th of the torpedo's chance). Although torpedo bulges, bulkheads, etc are modeled as extra or additional layers of armor against gunfire, its thickness and actual layout in the game does not directly affect the amount of damage inflicted to the ship. In other words, it does not matter where the torpedo hits it. Rather, Torpedo Defense is a single hidden value (calculated based off the ship's armor layout) that is assigned along the whole length of the Midships, and any torpedo hits to the section will be reduced by this attribute. This also means that the Bow and Stern of the ship does not benefit from the ship's torpedo defense. Because of this, and depending on the ship and situation, when forced to take a torpedo hit it may be more "beneficial" to take it in the Midships rather than on the Bow or Stern. Interestingly, the torpedo damage listed in the game are not their "true" maximum values. Their two hidden values, alphaDamage (which is nearly 3 times higher than the value listed in the game) and Damage, are used to determine the listed torpedo damage in port (alphaDamage is the value normally listed in the game for shells, but not for torpedoes for some reason). The formula is alphaDamage/3 + Damage = listed damage. However, neither values are readily accessible without datamining. A torpedo penetrating the bow or stern, and unmodified by Torpedo Defense, would inflict 1/6th of its alphaDamage to both the section and the Body. The same calculation is applied to hits at the midships but the result is modified by the ship's Torpedo Defense. The reason for displaying the compressed values instead of their true values was not explained, but it may have been done to make the damage output in battle look normal when compared to the compressed listed values, otherwise players might get confused at why their torpedoes are dealing a lot less damage than their "true" maximum value. Bombs Bombs dropped by Dive Bombers operate on the exact same principle as HE shells, with some minor differences. They are relatively larger, comparable to low tier battleship caliber shells, thus carry more explosive filler; having larger blast radius and inflicting more damage. Their detonator threshold varies between bomb types, but most if not all have almost instantaneous fuzes. AP bombs are planned for future updates, which will be able to penetrate deeper and through thicker armor. Ramming The mechanics for ramming are quite simple, and can be described as the following: Two parameters are used when calculating ramming damage; the mass (base Hit Points) of the colliding ships, and their relative speed to each other. The location of the impact and the armor thickness of the ships play no role in determining the damage inflicted. The remaining amount of HP of the colliding ships do not matter, only their base (maximum) HP is used in the ramming calculation. Damage inflicted in ramming is applied to the ship's Universal HP pool. The maximum damage from a collision in each pair of colliding ships can not exceed the lowest base HP between the two ships. E.g. if the Erie collides with the Yamato, the maximum amount of damage Erie and Yamato will each inflict on one another is worth the base HP of Erie. If the ramming damage received exceeds 10% of the ship's base HP, the ship will also take flooding damage, provided it survived the ram. Collision between allied ships will not cause flooding, and ramming damage is reduced by a considerably large factor. If two ships collide but neither are destroyed, and physical contact continues, the ramming calculation is repeated in fairly rapid intervals until contact is broken or one ship is destroyed. Ramming damage is devastating even at low speeds. It should be avoided if the player's ship is still in good condition; the longer it stays in the fight the more it can contribute to the team and the more damage it can inflict upon the enemy. It should only be attempted when it is absolutely critical that the enemy ship must sink immediately, or as a last Hail Mary when the player's ship is already battered with no hope of survival. Ramming just for the "lulz" factor may or may not earn the team's appreciation; some might see it a waste of a perfectly good ship, others may think of it as going down in style. Fire and Flooding Although causing fire or flooding is up to RNG, the Damage over Time (DoT) is based on a percentage off the ship's base HP. A ship can be set on fire on the Bow, Stern, Midships and Superstructure; for a maximum of 4 simultaneous fires. Each fire will inflict damage at 0.6% of the ship's base HP per tick (set at 2 second intervals). Carriers receive more damage per tick, at 0.8% of its base HP in damage per tick. A ship can only suffer one flooding at a time, even though multiple flooding ribbons could be earned per salvo. The DoT for each ship varies correspondingly to how good its damage control would have been in real life and how well its internal compartments were designed. Therefore, higher tier ships that are more modern tend to have lower DoT, around 0.25%* of ship's base HP per tick, while low tier ships may take over 1.0% of ship's base HP per tick. Damage inflicted by fire and flooding takes away Hit Points from the ship's Universal pool. The cooldown for fire or flooding can not be restarted, so if a ship is already flooding you can't extend the timer by hitting it with another torpedo until the flooding is repaired. The same applies for sections already on fire, however the cooldown will display the time for the latest fire that was started. * Most likely outdated, as flooding DoT for higher tier ships was raised in 0.5.1. Repair Party The Repair Party consumable available on all battleships as well as some cruisers. For most ships, it recovers the ship's Hit Points at a rate of 0.5% base HP/sec for up to 28 seconds when activated. E.g. the Ibuki with 39,000 base HP would be able to recover 195 HP per second for a maximum total of 5,460 HP per charge. However, the actual amount recoverable per charge is dependent on which part of the ship the HP was lost. Damage to the Universal HP pool is 100% recoverable. These are damage inflicted from over-penetration, fires, flooding and ramming. Damage to ship's sections; Bow, Stern, Midships and Superstructure is 50% recoverable*. These are damage from penetrations by various types of munitions. Damage to ship's Citadel is only 10% recoverable (33% for cruisers that have Repair Party**). These are damage inflicted from citadel hits, including torpedo hits to the midships. *The Warspite (UK Tier VI BB) is a special case, it can recover 60% of the HP lost in its sections (except the Citadel, which is still only 10% recoverable). **Change implemented in version 0.5.2. Therefore it is important to keep track of the damage the ship has suffered and only activate the Repair Party when it is fairly certain that the maximum amount of HP per charge is available to be recovered. Otherwise, activating the consumable when the amount of HP available to be recovered is less than the maximum amount the consumable can recover, the remainder of charge's duration would be wasted after all available HP has been recovered. An easy way to keep track is to take note the maximum amount of HP the Repair Party consumable can recover (the consumable's tooltip will show how many Hit Points it can recover per second) and only activate it after the ship has taken at least double the amount of damage (unless the damage was suspected to have been inflicted to the Citadel), or to counter fire/flooding damage if the ship's Damage Control Party is on cooldown or reserved for more dire situations. The India Delta signal flag increases the amount of Hit Points that can be recovered per second by 20%. It does not increase the amount of Hit Points that can be recovered. E.g. if a ship's Repair Party can recover 100 HP/sec, and received 3000 HP worth of fire damage, activating the consumable will recover 2800 HP after 28 seconds, with 200 HP left unrecovered. If the ship had flown the India Delta signal flag, it will be able to recover at a rate of 120 HP/sec and will recover all 3000 HP worth of fire damage after 25 seconds, the remaining 3 seconds of Repair Party duration will be wasted unless the ship takes on more recoverable damage before or during activation. tl;dr Shoot HE at soft bits, AP at boilers/magazine behind enough armor. Always keep in mind of range and angle of impact. Don't bother too much about where your bombs and torpedoes hits, just as long as they hit the enemy. Ram at your own risk. Damage is not random. Source/Reference: http://forum.worldofwarships.ru/index.php?/topic/34211-о-модели-повреждений/
  21. FenrirApalis

    Torpedo aim reticle in sunlight

    I will attach the screenshot later. So basically what happens is: I aim my torpedoes but the reflection of the sun makes it COMPLETELY impossible to aim unless I zoom in a lot hereShip: Fletcher (100% sure it's the same with all other torpedo equipped ships) Map: estuary How often: everytime you aim from the south side to the north Yes I can reproduce the problem Severity: medium high. Makes aiming hard as hell There isn't really much more detail to be said... Sun reflection makes aiming near impossible. Done
  22. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Torpedo Hit estimation for Allies.

    Well. This might unpopular opinion but I might ask something. Will it be helpful to have in game or not ? I mean, If you really want to torp but not sure if it gonna hit an ally or not which result a TK status when you accidently hit an ally. Just saying there sometimes random movement of team mates that sometime also doing WASD hacks to avoid shells and stuff and you never knew if one of your torp gonna hit an enemy or an ally from far that you not want to hit. You know when you play shimakaze with 20km range torp. Well. Just a suggestion. So what you guys think about it ?
  23. SPD0202

    ijn torpedo house

    Soo, what are these funny looking thing exactly? It seems the us dd and ru dd don't use them. Any reasons why only ijn dd use them?. PS sorry for any wrong grammar if there's any.
  24. Kleiss

    more kagero stuff

    I ain't gonna sell it, sorry for being salty in the other threads. so, what are yall rolling with, shorter lead or lesser reaction time for the enemy? don't take reload time into consideration.
  25. MEOW

    graphical bug glitch ati

    issue:graphical glitch(torpedo,smoke,fire) screenshot : ship:any map:any occurrence: every time tested:i don't know how did it happen but here is DxDiag.txt 21.94K severity: visual error. details: it really annoying to see rainbow pixelated smoke or fire or pixelated torpedo DxDiag.txt