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Found 1 result

  1. capt_cannonballs

    torpedo range

    Hi all. just some help for noobs here as i am getting tired of torpedo spaming noobs and lack of knowing the way to use torpedos. sorry to seem like a know it all. just trying to help a few people if they want it. so here goes: 1) know your torps range. japanese between 7km to 20kms 2) dont shoot infront of your teams ships. 3) even if your torps have a 10km range remeber that your target is also moving so if he is at for example 6.5kms and you have 7km range all he needs to do is move away .5kms and its going to be out of range. so to be effective you need to know a few things, your range, enemy speed and heading, and lead time. the first 2 you do for yourself the lead is the white spike from your ship. 4) torpedo detection range. this is how far away your target will see the incoming torps. and evade them. the closer you launch the less time they have to evade them. and the greater the chance of a hit and sinking. thanks to OP for the chart of range and detection and speeds.