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Found 3 results

  1. Introduction So maybe you saw this poster. You saw Mighty Mo kicking rear, taking names, dropping lead on some mother-FIRE! and you want to do the same. You endured Erie/Hashidate, and charged through Chikuma/Chester, and toughed out Tenryuu/St Louis and finally, FINALLY unlock the superdreadnoughts, the capital ships, the big guns. South Carolina and Kawachi. Then you take it out for your first battle, and then die in a storm of shells and torpedoes and wonder what went wrong. This is a new player's guide to battleships. Battleships play similar to cruisers, relying on their main batteries to dish out the damage. But unlike cruisers, battleships have a much, much steeper learning curve, and if you don't get the hang of it quickly, you're going to be a glorified target barge in battle. What I'll do here is outline the pros and cons of battleships, as well as discuss the early battleship tiers from 3-5. I'll outline some tips and tactics, and throw in a few useful video guides near the end of excellent battleship players you should be learning from. But I'll warn you now, the best way to learn how to play a battleship is to go out there and suffer. Suffer until you learn to dish out the hurt before the hurt dishes out to you. If you can't handle being shot at, I highly suggest going back to cruisers right now. Still with me? Then read on. Pros and Cons Like all ships in the game, battleships come with their own pros and cons. Learning and internalizing this is required for performing well in a battleship. Pros: 1. Ludicrous hitpoints. Battleships have the highest survivability values in the game, and this translates to the highest amount of combat capability (hp). Battleships are capable of taking an incredible beating that will sink any lesser ship, and keep functioning. 2. Health regeneration. In addition to the above, all battleships get access to the skill "Repair Party". This can be used 3 times in a match (4 with the commander skill), which has a 2 minute cooldown and regenerates a % of light and medium damage over time. It is quite possible for a battleship to take hits by smaller shells, suffer light damage, then regenerate a third or more of their hitpoints 4. Heavy armour. Battleships, being the largest, heaviest ships in the game, also carry the heaviest armour - their sides are virtually impervious to AP shells fired by anything other than other battleships. Battleships also frequently mount torpedo bulges, which are capable of slightly reducing the amount of damage done by torpedo attacks. 5. Big guns. Battleships carry the largest guns ever put on a vessel out to sea - their AP shells are capable of oneshotting lesser ships, and they can fire from a distance smaller ships are hard-pressed to respond. And battleships mount 6-10 of these monster guns. Throw in the spotter plane that most battleships get, and you can fire these babies at targets up to around 17km away. 6. All-range attacker. In addition to their long-range main batteries, battleships also possess a large number of short-range secondary guns for close-in defense: any vessel approaching you will have to contend with a hail of gunfire from you. Now, all this sounds great and all, but as usual, there's a catch. A massive, massive, massive catch. Cons: 1. Huge detectability. Battleships can be detected from over 15km out. And that value increases the moment you fire your main guns. There's no hiding in a battleship, and no sneaking around. The moment you open fire, everyone on the map will know where you are. 2. Massive, massive inaccuracy. In order to stop battleships from literally oneshotting everything, there's a high amount of random dispersion built into all of a battleship weapons. Yes, that includes your secondary battery too. In a salvo of 10 shots, expect 3-4 to hit. And that's on a good day. And secondary batteries have an average hitrate somewhere between 10-20%. It's not uncommon to fire at a target and see all your shells straddle it. 3. Big superstructures that are perfect for bonfires. Expect every player to fire HE shells at your big superstructures. Expect to be wreathed in smoke and flame from stem to stern. Expect to lose a lot of hp to the flames. 4. Poor maneuverability. Battleships generally have a low top speed and worse, take a lot of time to accelerate up to their top speed. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to shift a battleship rudder, so battleships turn like a tub. 5. Torpedo bait. Big, slow, highly visible target? Expect destroyers and carriers to direct torpedo attacks on you all day, everyday. 6. Poor turret traversion and long reloads. It takes forever for a battleship's main battery to turn 180 degrees. Once you aim a guns at one side, it tends to stay aimed at that side throughout the battle. Furthermore, battleships can usually only fire their guns twice a minute, which means if you miss, expect a punishingly long reload time. What kills you the most: 1. Torpedoes: Torpedo spreads deal massive amount of damage when they strike you due to the high damage per torpedo. In addition, they inflict the flooding status on you, cutting your speed and producing a horrendous damage over time effect. Primary source of torpedoes - destroyers, or torpedo squadrons from aircraft carriers. 2. Fire: As most smaller ships are not capable of breaching your armour, they will be firing large amounts of HE shells at you, hopefully setting multiple fires on your ship in order to cause your hitpoints to steadily tick away. Failing to deal with HE spam and get fires under control will result in your ship burning to the waterline. 3. Citadel strikes from other battleships: Superdreadnought guns on other battleships are capable of breaching your armour and striking deep into your critical zones, resulting in heavy damage on hits. Take enough of them and it will kill you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, in addition these pros and cons, the individual nations' ships have their own pros and cons as well. These are mainly dealing with the lower tier battleships - I expect players going on to higher tier ships to not need a guide in order to play well. IJN Ships Pros: Heavy secondary battery armament (IJN ships, especially at the higher tiers, mount 14cm guns in their secondary batteries - the same guns that their cruisers have as their primary guns), good range and top speed when upgraded. Cons: Poorer AA, making them perfect carrier targets. USN Ships Pros: Good AA when upgraded, making them capable of mounting a token defence against incoming planes. Good turn rate too, which helps in evading torpedoes. Cons: Lower top speed, poorer range at low tiers (its around the same as most cruisers, and much lower than IJN BBs). This means it may take a while for USN ships to get in firing range of an enemy fleet. Neither are objectively better than the other - its a question of which you prefer.
  2. note that I had just made this out of pure, unadulterated boredom during hanging out at the NA forums at pre-alpha (didnt get in sadly) and is no way to be treated as being written in stone. durr another concept again huehuehueheuhe. well, this is one of the most boring things that I had ever done when I waited for alpha but kinda refused to put it for fun on NA during the pre-alpha forum herpaderp because I'm a lazy terribad and I don't think I'm CW caliber as a player but since OBT is kicking off smoothly(?) and stuff, why not just put it in here to be mocked for counting chicks before they hatch or some stuff like that? it is, and may very well be, just a random babble of concepts for clam warz but enjoy the randomness of this. I'll just grab the stuff I concepted for our region APAC, revise some of them and feel free to mock the idealism. this was also made under the assumption some guys who are competitive might ask for this eventually. this is already under the assumption of clans are getting a rather large amount of pop cap that reaches 200+ in a clan. (note that this was way back so I have no idea what the RUdevs are thinking nor do I have any faintest idea what the NA guys had any word since I quietly left there) WORLD INDIVIDUALITY BASE MISC if you have something to add to this chain of thought or reactions, feel free to add or argue. this was made during the pre-alpha and I had apparently forgotten all about it until I dug it back from old papers. as this was made with derp in mind, I don't think its that feasible. well, I can ease my stuff knowing the RUdevs don't have confirmed eyes and mouths here like in RU or NA(?) else if they eyeballed this, it would have a more stranger turn of events. EDIT 1: inclusion of MISC and BASE that is all.
  3. Well since ranked bottles will likely kick off at 17 same day when the game is to remove its OBT tag (and I think will also kick off TGS?), had a lulzy discussion with some friends in regards to those that want to set off their competitive spirits hard although I think they'd be demolished by the more seasoned and skilled players early in the rung despite the whole unpolished bits in the game that is still being hailed in a flurry of discussions, derp or can picks up intrigue, not to mention said battles is probably a solo run and not the whole "pick ya people" kind of thing. If you were to be the one to select the ship lineup assuming the players in the vessels are solid players, how would you maximize the pop cap into a solid battlegroup if we exclude point allocation? This is already assuming that the ship cap is in effect of being hardlined to a single carrier and battleship for your capital ships but it may still be subject to change like increasing the pop cap to 8 people and the tier to VIII as well. From what is seen by this terribad's eyes, there are plenty of ships that are stalwart enough for gritty playing although I can assume that some builds may have stuff: DESTROYER - to be honest, I have no idea what will be brought with destroyers as Ninjakaze Destroyer of Verisimilitude the Devil Minekaze was probably a solid choice for some because of her... absurd ability but nerf she may have had, she is still stable. I think I remembered someone back then complained about the handling of Mahan as well as the restrictive limits of Mutsuki in successful torpedo runs although I am not sure if this applies after some messing around with params by the RUdevs. CRUISER - the Cleveland is going to be in almost every battlegroup, I'm sure of it. and why not? her absurd way of unloading rounds is equivalent to the Des Moines at tier X albeit 'slightly' slower and she's literally outmatched in terms of that by the Atlanta if one can stand her 11 km range in order to slug cruisers and destroyers. but what she has however is an impressive AA suite which is quite good in escort screens and chugging in the hydroacoustics to make her into a DD killer or a cruiser bruiser is probably inadvisable but that however depends on the player on the helm of the damn ship (I never installed barrage on the Aoba. EVER). a faint glimmer but I kinda hope flotilla leaders such as Tenryu and Kuma as well as the recon cruisers Phoenix and Omaha are fielded to be the dedicated DD killers provided the battlegroup can still afford to field them. its likely at tier 7 the Myoko and the Pensacola will both be used (a question: doesn't the Pensacola whack hard as well? sure she can be whacked but still.... those guns probably unload faster than her Japanese counterpart) depending on the battlegroup or if the enemy carrier is very dangerous. if this was tier 8 we'd probably see a Mogami or two. BATTLESHIP - well you can only pick one but its a bit anguishing that nobody may want to use slow-ass dreads unless the battlegroup is a defensive type they will use dreads to grind the brawl. CARRIER - I don't know if people would even field light carriers/escort carriers but one thing I am sure of is that those that wish to run in em may field fleet carriers rather than the light carriers unless proven otherwise or if the points dedicate on the gun warships instead of promoting the carrier Well this is just a strange discussion on my end however and I honestly am interested in what people may field their suitable battlegroups. Random babbling is over. That is all.