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Found 10 results

  1. 目前的逞罰方式不痛不癢, 如果惡意TK者(被回報者,非故意TK者不會回報就不會逞罰),直接扣他的達布隆或銀幣,到被TK者身上 看有誰還敢來搞亂TK
  2. I'm still kinda in shock. [SIF]NZ_Flying_Shark, if you are reading this : I am so, so sorry Dude. What happened: In the early stages of the game I had approached the cap and was parked behind an island trading fire with a Neptune and a couple of other enemy ships. The Missouri came up from behind me and passed in front towards the gap I was firing into. I knew he was there but figured he was far enough in front and to one side, and I really wanted to score some hits on the cruiser heading into cover. Unfortunately Missouris are really tall ships, Myoko guns have very flat arcs, and I managed to ping his superstructure with 2 HE shells of my outbound volley. That's all, as far as knew. My bad, but not the end of the world. A couple of minutes I exploded with a warning that I had been given team killer status. Since I was taking fire at the time, I thought I had been one-shotted by the enemy battleship ... but I couldn't figure out for the life of me who it was of my team I'd managed to kill. No torps. I was definitely shooting at the reds, no greens in my sights. Missouri still fine. Turns out I had killed myself. The way it happened, as far as I can tell, is like this: Unfortunately my earlier HE shell on the Missouri mast started a fire. He didn't use Damage Repair Party. He continued to burn. The burn damage was treated as additional "attacks" from me on my team with additional warnings. At some point, the damage reflection kicked in, and I died from the reflected hit. So a managed to do over 27k of team damage and sunk one team ship (me), all from accidentally clipping a battleship with two 203mm HE shells! <<sigh>> pink for the next 10 games **** P.S. Treating the shot and the fire damage as separate attacks is unfair "double jeopardy" in my view. P.P.S. In my defense, the top-down viewpoint in game gives the illusion that your guns have more height clearance than they really do, unless you zoom all the way down to the turret view.
  3. 這是我發在巴哈姆特的文章。 20180108_145032_PZSD508-LoYang_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  4. 看圖說話,把隊友頂去前面槍斃的 ID:DreamBeEmpty
  5. Linerange


  6. kisaragi_hiyori


    這個傢伙已經經常再隨機戰鬥裡面出現打我方戰艦了 近距離幾輪AP打在我方戰艦上,想賺個錢都有困難 官方不處理,我就只好見一次打一次 我就要看看官方怎麼處理這些惡意TK的人,還有我這個喜歡殺TKer的玩家
  7. Not only get noobed, this Team Killer is good at tking ,he/she wont end your life ,just a little HP left to avoid go pink. "[redacted]" was playing mahan , he/she launch torps under my fuso belly. I ate 6 of those TK torps. When the battle is entering climax, it is reasonable for people getting nervous to forget checking there are any teammates in torps range. At first, I was thinking "[redacted]" is making mistake, it seems i thought in the wrong way as "[redacted]" keep silence, so i confront him/her. Maybe apologize is too greedy, '[redacted]" even not gonna explain anything. WG should you do something to these kind of deliberate team killing? Naming and shaming. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  8. Hi all I just found that I got pink named after accidentally killing a BOT teammate DD when playing coop battle. I don't think this is fair because honestly the AI SHIPS are usually stupid and, do not play like human players do. Many times I got torpedoed which were fired from my AI teammates when I am in between with its target. AI will fire torpedos and guns NEGLECTING YOUR PRESENCE. And we all know that it is impossible to punish AI for the dumb. I don't think it is correct to include the team damage to the AI ships or at least, killing AI teammate ships in COOP mode should be given a much lighter weight in considering punishment.
  9. detonate_me_daddy

    TK in ranked battles

    Happened to me a short time ago, but thought i would put this issue up. Anyway long story short stuff happened and 2 mins into the game the Fuso fired a salvo at me (nagato) at close range, 20k off my health and off he goes(sank) Yes maybe he TKed me but in a ranked losing a teammate means a huge disadvantage Can't there be a special TK system for ranked where 1: no damage to Teammate(me in this case) 2: The TKer doesn't receive damage penalty for the duration of the match but is penalized at the end? EDIT Please Read!: NO I dont what him penalized again, i just want to know if the Tk system is working as intended in ranked and suggestion on whether we can changed the way tk works for ranked battes!
  10. This ID: [Content Redacted], Came in yelling in public chat on how bb are worthless due to his last match. While all the other players are struggling since we don't have a cv and the other team does, this Player just started firing torps at our own bb including me. What's more, he felt good and was satisfied doing so. I agree there are lots of hard matches for everyone, anyone can get frustrated... but letting it out on your own teammate and insulting other players is not something you do. I hope I got some people's attention, and if you're playing as a battleship while on [Content Redacted]'s team...beware of his torpedo if he's right next to you. Naming and shaming. Post title edited, post edited, attachments edited, user warned. ~Syanda