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Found 19 results

  1. I'm not a very experienced player, but I know when to push, when to retreat; I need an honest opinion on what you think of subs. Most battleships are sluggish enough that there isn't much to do when a sub launces a torp attack at less than 3 km, there's only so much you can do with the damage consumable; you'll be mitigating the torpedo impact and less than a minute later, bang, another set of torpedos coming straight at you. Ships like the Bismarck, Tirpitz and NC, have low torpedo protection and will instantly lose over 35k health, (have happened to me, unfortunately. tried to angle, no good; torps are stubborn to hit my sides) and you'll lose the rest with flooding and fire, because the sub is giving away your protection constantly. Also, killing a sub doesn't have half the satisfaction of blowing up a, say, a CV or a cruiser who had been long pestering you. I play the mighty (to me) Tirpitz, and I'd like to have a feedback of much experienced, much skilled commanders out there regarding subs. Good luck and fair seas!
  2. I'm doing 1v1 ranked exclusively in Lightning. That's equivalent of "difficulty: hard" setting. It took a while to actually figure out how to make it work, and that's the point: 1v1 is an excellent training ground for close-quarters-combat (CQC). Lightning can be easily beaten by Tripitz/Bismark/Mass as well as cruisers like Hipper/Eugen/Atago and even Mogami if you aren't careful. The upside is that outside of Fantasque/LeTerrible you hold a reasonable advantage against all other T9 DDs. The trick to winning against the big ships is to take the initiative and put them on the back foot. You go directly to the intersection of the two caps, in such a way as you aren't spotted. You'll get there first, they know you are there, and they know they have to go to find you or they'll lose on points. You have RPF (don't even think about trying ranked without RPF) so you know which direction and can guess, from the speed of the ship and when they entered the cap (the point counter stops), their position accurately without having to pop hydro. Don't use hydro to find the enemy ship if you can avoid it, it tells them you are close. Now, the longer you stay hidden in that interection area, the better idea your enemy has of where you are since they've already got vision on greater and greater area. If you get boxed in like this, chances are you are gonna die. Instead, you need to rush them and while they are still moving into position to sweep out the area. For Tirpitz and anything else with torps you pop hydro the moment you get spotted, and smoke as well just cause you can and its a possible distraction. Anything to buy a couple of seconds of extra time before they react. Assuming you can catch them with their bow towards you, you'll have enough time to quickly slip to their side and line up a point blank guranteed torp drop, firing all 8 torps individually in a line so they all hit. Momentum on BBs and CAs is such that at close range like this they have zero ability to turn out in time. For ships with hydro, it's more of a toss up but even more important to rush them early before they are quite ready to start looking for you. Their hydro is longer range, but shorter duration so most people will be reluctant to use right away. That's your only chance really, if you get hydroed and are not in position to kill them already, you are probably going to die or lose on points. Don't even bother with concealment build, run Steering Gears Mod 3 in slot 5. Although its rare to see CVs, you want to build for minimum smoke cooldown as you'll need it if you happen to run into one. Be sure to choose Preventative Maintanence and Main Armaments 1 installed to keep your torpedo launchers functioning. Go out there and have fun! You can thank me later.
  3. I'm a solid 48% pleb, and watched Flamu's vid on Tirpitz so decided to give it a go using his build. Ranked out in 43 games (36 wins and 7 losses). Some of the deaths were me being too casual (charging Asashio in smoke lol) and 2 against Graf Zeppelin were impossible to do anything about. If a 48% scrub like me can do it, then it really is very easy, however this has also been the most fun I've had in WOWs in the three years I've been playing. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it (except vs GZ...) I hope WOWs keeps up the 1v1 concept with keeping each rank as well - great idea. Thanks WG 🙂
  4. I don't know how to play the Tirpitz and keep dying while in a duel with other t8 bb.
  5. ArtickWarspite

    Don't know what to make of this

    Had a game last night (which we lost) where we had an allied Tirpitz on our team (Tier 6-8 game) He lasted about 6 minutes. He ended up getting focused fired and that was that. With about 1000hp left his final desperate act was to torpedo me who was about 1.5km away from him. Please keep in mind he was facing the reds and had absolutely no reason to dump his torps behind him.. My Warspite ate 2 fish and was on the back foot for the rest of the game. He was the lowest scorer and his name was just a whole lot of random numbers. Curious, I looked him up and after joining a couple of weeks ago had played about 60 games -mostly T1 & 3 and had clearly just got a brand new Tirpitz. Whilst mildly annoyed at his attempt to team kill me, I kind of want to offer to div up and help him out, but am I wasting my time? Is this bot behavior or just someone who has more money than sense?
  6. As the title says, I'm currently looking for a good premium ship to grind credits and train commanders. What I'm looking for is an affordable premium ship, so no tier8s for me. For now, I like the looks of the Scharnhorst. I could use a trainer for my KM BB commander as he's still sailing the Kaiser, and I intend to get to the Bismark at least. I've already had experience fighting in high tiers since I've been using the North Carolina for a while now, but my main reason for wanting to buy a prem ship is because I can't play tier8 ships without investing in using camo and flags to reduce the maintenance cost per battle. I am also interested if whether the Graff Spee is also a good ship. Although I do have problems about it having only 2 turrets.
  7. so according to this video of notser, WG are planning to change bow armor of battleship at high tier VIII, IX and X. i wonder if this changes affect tirptiz too, be cause i heard that wg don't like making changes to premium ship unless its necessary.
  8. FenrirApalis

    Tirpitz AP damage too low

    So as everyone knows, Tirpitz has the crappiest AP damage at T8, even the T7 BB beats it on damage. I know that it has lower caliber and that means less damage, but how come all other German ships have better AP damage? Say the Hindernberg at T10 has 5900 damage max per AP while the Des Moines only have 5000. They are both 203mm so it would make sense if the Tirpitz AP has more damage despite its low caliber. I propose that the Tirpitz AP damage get buffed to 12000 instead of 11600, otherwise increase the main battery dispersion and secondary range to increase it's combat efficiency
  9. Hello everyone, just wanting to show that Eurobeat has done it again. so with out further adieu, How to Tirpitz!!! Keep up the dank vids Eurobeat you savvy dog you!
  10. guys you know how the Tirpitz has really shit AA (despite buff in 0.5.3) if your catapult fighter go and shoot planes IT WILL KICK ASS mine killed an enemy fighter squad on it own (IJN squad) with like like littlest help from my AA because I went out of range very soon. It survived perfectly fine and continued to protect me XD
  11. FOR MOST UP TO DATE THREAD GO TO: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/56530-mod-kriegsmarine-mods-skins-admiral-hipper-1942-has-been-added/ Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz September 1942 - July 1943: Bogen at Narvik, Fættenfjord at Trondheim, and Kåfjord at Alta, Norway Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz July 1944 - November 1944: Kåfjord at Alta, and off Håkøy at Tromsø, Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Nürnberg Baltic Stripe Camouflage, Autumn 1941 Deutscher Kreuzer Köln April 1941: Gotenhafen Deutscher Kreuzer Köln Summer 1942: Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Niobe November 1943: Mediterranean No Tracer Smoke Mod Removes the tracer smoke trails from all guns. The tracers themselves have not been modified. German Sound Mod Announcer and ship's crew now speak German. Credit for the sounds goes to Eidos Hungary. The dialogue is from the Battle Stations Pacific German localization files. Please take into consideration that this mod is not intended to provide a comprehensive translation for German Users. Unfortunately some lines may seem out of place and context. Note: Due to limitations, only a portion of the dialogue has been modified. Mod will be updated as soon as possible. Installation Extract the 0.5.x.x folder inside the .7z archive into your World of Warships res_mods folder, overwriting the folder. In the case of game updates, move the contents of the 0.5.x.x. into the latest version's folder. Sound mod note: In addition to placing the audio folder into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder, you must also copy the audio folder (found in the res folder) into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder. You will then have several folders including the Mod folder in your audio folder.
  12. Wargaming於今日(9/8)在禮品店上架了遊戲中第一艘登場的德國艦:Tirpitz。 官方公告:http://worldofwarships.asia/zh-tw/news/specials-and-events/premium-shop-20150908/ 禮品店連結:Premium Shop 藉由這個機會與各位分享這艘船在遊戲內的性能與表現。 圖/文:Paladin0503 本篇文章基於版本0.4.1的數據所撰寫。 預告片: 官方介紹: 為德國海軍中最強而有力的兩艘主力艦之一。 類似於她的艦級之首艦,Tirpitz擁有重型的艦艇裝甲、強大的火炮以及高航速。 脆弱的水平裝甲防護力是她設計上的主要缺點,而這透過了強化其防空火力而有很大程度上的抵銷。 史實簡介: 圖片來源:維基百科 Tirpitz於1936年11月2日開工,1939年4月1日下水。 不像姊妹船Bismarck,Tirpitz下水之後一直處於一種「限制行動」的狀態,實際上她從未單獨對抗過敵艦。 德軍的「西西里」行動計劃在1943年8月襲擊斯匹次卑爾根群島,德國的軍隊在Tirpitz、沙恩霍斯特號戰鬥巡洋艦和其他艦艇的火炮支援下登陸該島,這也是Tirpitz唯一一次向敵方目標開火。 而在整個戰爭期間,她卻不停的轉戰於挪威的各個港口,以威懾盟軍並牽制盟軍大量的海空力量以確保能對她進行絕對的控制,防止其突出重圍為該海域的盟軍帶來更多的麻煩。 儘管她一直是「限制行動」,但英國皇家海軍仍相當懼怕Tirpitz對於同盟國艦隊的潛在破壞力,隨後即決定將其打沉於港內。 後來英軍進行了多次行動(包括利用迷你潛艇裝設炸藥)想擊沉Tirpitz,卻一直未能成功。 雖然迷你潛艇的攻擊並沒有完全成功,但還是將Tirpitz炸成無法自由行動的狀態且難以修復; 不過德軍把Tirpitz重傷的消息隱藏的很好,英軍仍認為她已經修復完成又再次對同盟國造成威脅。 直至1944年11月12日,Tirpitz遭到29架英國蘭卡斯特式轟炸機使用高腳櫃炸彈的攻擊而受到重創並翻覆,「北方孤獨女王」正式謝幕。 部分文章與圖片來源:維基百科 外觀與裝備: Tirpitz自帶特有的黑灰迷彩塗裝,與史實Tirpitz相同,筆者認為十分好看。 船頭與船尾的白色塗裝是為了要讓敵軍誤判航行中的浪花而對判斷Tirpitz大小產生影響。 整艘船上的模組與裝飾非常多,想必製作人員在這上面花了不少工夫。 德國高級迷彩則是類似蘇聯高級迷彩,但較為低調;不過Tirpitz裝上後也是相當搭的。 與他國戰列艦相同,都是開砲即被發現的類型,隱蔽值不佳。 裝備欄位有5格;消耗品僅能選用偵察機,算是比較可惜的一點。 裝甲: Tirpitz在遊戲內的存活性係數為85,血量則為69300,是全8階最高; 裝甲分布尚未公開。 實際遊玩起來,Tirpitz的側面裝甲對於敵方砲火的抗打擊能力較弱,很容易被敵方戰列艦造成嚴重傷害。 主砲: Tirpitz握有4座雙連裝主砲,以兩座在前、兩座在後的方式安裝; 使用的主砲組為380mm L/52 SK C/34。 在8階場裡,380mm的火炮較難對遠距離重裝甲船隻造成傷害,但面對巡洋艦或低階戰艦,高射速的主砲還是可以將他們打的遍體麟傷。 Tirpitz的主砲倍徑較長,使得砲彈出膛速度非常快,對於近距離船隻的破壞力可是相當驚人。 主砲的迴轉速度跟的上船隻的轉向,比較少出現轉彎時主砲無法擊發的情況。 因砲彈擴散度較高與主砲的特性,盡量利用地形接近對方,增加射擊有效度。 副砲: Tirpitz裝了全遊戲第三大的150mm副砲,也有看起來很先進的105mm副砲; 兩者裝設的數量都不少,射程皆為4.5km。 輕裝甲船艦們可不要太接近她,小心被打成蜂窩。 防空炮: Tirpitz的防空火力在8階裡並不強,船上的艦載機也沒辦法選用具長時間防衛功能的戰鬥機, 遇上整群來襲的飛機可說是「手無縛機」之力。 盡量與隊伍內的巡洋艦一起行動,請求防空支援。 魚雷: Tirpitz的魚雷射程非常短,只有6km。 單邊只有1組四連裝的魚雷命中率極低,大部分都是用來限制敵人的走位, 但作為目前唯一一艘有魚雷的戰列艦還是挺有看頭的。 若遇上了刺刀戰,這船側魚雷可是有辦法一輪逆轉情勢。 (值得一提的是Tirpitz的魚雷射界) 機動性: 以帳面上的數據來看Tirpitz的性能普通,與Amagi和North Carolina差不多, 但實際使用起來,我認為比其他兩艘來的容易上手與好操控。 超過30節的船速可以讓Tirpitz在戰場上快速移動,也跟的上隊友巡洋艦的動向。 使用心得: 作為第一艘在遊戲中登場的德國船,Tirpitz宣示了德國海軍是個不容小覷的對手。 因防空火力不強與稀有性,使其很容易受到航空母艦們的親睞,盡量避免單打獨鬥。 若遇上了近距離戰鬥,船側的大射界魚雷發射器可以讓Tirpitz站在優勢的地位。 雖然主砲的口徑較小,但高速的裝填有非常多的彈性空間,使用上以盡量接近對方為優。 盡量尋找巡洋艦作為下手目標,避免打不穿重型戰列艦的情況產生; 良好的機動性與砲塔迴轉速度使Tirpitz跟的上對方巡洋艦的腳步。 Tirpitz是台兼具娛樂性與紀念性價值的船,值得擁有。 特價販賣時間只有一週(9/8-9/15),想要的玩家可要把握機會喔! 期待與各位在海上相見。
  13. Hexlin


    With NA not getting access to the Tirpitz for at least a few more weeks due to back to school and marketing decisions (Nyx post) and EU rumors that the Tirpitz will be in the shop by the end of the month even with the 0.4.1 delay. Is there any news on when SEA may see the Tirpitz released if the regions are responsible for setting their own time lines? All Tirpitz threads have been merged into the one. ~dead_man_walking
  14. Guten tag Kapitäne zur See! It has come to the Oberführer's attention that the performance in the SMS DKM Tirpitz has been lacking, leading to some complaints of under performance. Command finds this excuse unacceptable. Command has issued the following directive to help you defeat the enemies of the Reich! Stock Statistics Suvivablity and Armour Compared to the HP of the IJN Amagi (66200HP) or USS North Carolina (66000 HP), the German engineering is superior in every way with your Tirpitz having 69300HP. Your ship is heavily armoured with stronk German Krupt steel armour protecting your ship. Stronk vertical armour means at close and medium range Tirpitz will reign supreme. As we expect close fights, Kommandeure are advised to vary their speed and direction to decrease the change of being penetrated at long range, as your horizontal deck armour is not as strong as the enemy battleships you will face. Turrets are also stonk, made of the same Krupt steel and will rarely be incapacitated by enemy fire (Not the HE kind) however your deck mounted torpedoes and AA guns can be easily be taken out of action due to their position amid ship. Armament Your main battery composes of 4x2 380mm (15") guns. Light shells fired by your guns means higher shell velocity, shorter travel time and flatter trajectory. Kapitäne may need to adjust their aim if they've served on other vessels. Superior German engineering means your shells will reload in 26 seconds, meaning you can put the hurt on the enemy at any range up to 21km. Penetration for AP is good against all known threats, so long as threats such as Yamatos and Montanas remain in the Pacific theatre, where HE is recommended at long range, although AP citadel hits are possible but not guaranteed. Your turret traverse speed in combination with fast speed means that you will be able to quickly switch between threats, Experience of close quarters fighting from the kinship Bismark means we have mounted a set of 4x1 533mm torpedo tubes on port and starboard sides to combat close threats. Use your stronk vertical armour at close range to to get in close and make your enemies as surprised as Poland when Anschluss'd if they dare to stay in range. Your secondary guns are a mix of 8x2 105mm DP guns and 6x2 155mm guns, to help finish off any close range foes. While the Tiriptz does have less secondaries than other US and IJN battleships, you still have your torpedoes that more than make up for it. AA has also been improved over kinship Bismark, but again lacks the firepower of the North Carolina or even the Amagi. However with proper training this can be addressed (Refer to Kapitäne zur See skills) Manoeuvrability With a maximum speed of 30.9knts, the Tirpitz is the fasted ship on the seas, being 3 knots faster than the North Carolina, and slightly faster than the Amagi, meaning it is very easy to turn to avoid incoming torpedoes and turn away from enemy fighter attacks. (As long as your Kapitän is vigilant) however this comes at a cost of a slower rudder shift time, although with improvements (See upgrades) it is possible to increase the ship speed. Concealment Unfortunately German engineering has not found a way to mount artificial fog generators to Tirpitz and these must remain in the in the Fjords of Norway. Ergo; If you're relying on concealment for protection and you're not hiding in a fjord, then you're doing it wrong. Summary Use your heavy vertical armour as an advantage at close range, in combination with your torpedoes to make a fool out of any close range combatant. Stock AA is not terrible, but don't expect to liberate the skies above German minorities any time soon. This can be fixed with Fregattenkapitän (Commander) skills, otherwise a friendly cruiser escort is a must. Dat reload and turret traverse! 25s reload means you should have the advantage in a fight amongst tier 8s and below with AP, and a pain with HE rounds for higher tier ships. Quickly turning turrets means that you can turn and have your guns ready to fight quicker than any battleship in the game. TORPEDOES! Yes, the rudder shift time is slow, and is possibly a balancing factor by WG. The ocean would be much saltier if a Tirpitz could unleash its full complement of torpedoes otherwise. Speed! Catch enemy carriers and be able to chase down cruisers, while not having to slow your speed for friendly cruisers to catch up. Movement is you're advantage; vary speed and direction like you would with any cruiser but don't stay stationary for long: CV players like to re-enact the actual sinking of the Tirpitz often as the weak AA makes it an ideal target. Kapitän Skills Skill walkthrough 1 Point Skills Situational Awareness aka 6th Sense: A Mandatory skill, there's simply no reason to not use it. If you keep getting torpedoed by stealth DDs, then this is partly why. Basic of survivability: Reduces the duration of DoT (Damage over time) effects such as fire and flooding by letting you repair and put out fire quicker. Basic fire training: If you're worried about aircraft, then this is the skill to get. Efficiency of AA is increased by 10% 2 Point skills While I have firefighting selected (this was before I knew better) my preference is for expert markman to help maximise your turret rotation but torpedo armament expertise is also a valid choice, especially if you end up in close quarters fights often. 3 Point Skills. Superintendent: Again a no brainer; the extra charge on repair party and on your scout plane is always welcome and you know you be missing them if they weren't there. 4 Point Skills Advanced Fire training: Increases your AA range by 20%. With this skill alone, my Tirpitz AA rating gets increased to 51 making it on par with an elite Amagi (Minus this skill of course) Demolition Expert: For the close pyromaniac, or for when your faced with taking down a Yamato at long range. 5 Point Skills Jack of all Trades: There really aren't a lot of 5 point skills that are exceptional stand outs, but if I had a choice it would be JOAT. Otherwise consider distributing the points on lower cost skills. (If you want an overall guide to skills then check out Deathskyz' repost of a brilliant wotlabs guide here) Upgrades No upgrades available for torpedoes. Again most likely a balance decision from WG. Slot 1: Main Battery Mod 1: Buffs your guns so when they'll be back in the fight quicker, while also reducing the change of a magazine detonation or being completely knocked out (A rare event, make it ever rarer) Slot 2: Gun FCS (Fire control system) Mod 1: While the dispersion may or may not effect you (The opinion was pretty split during discussions with other super testers) this should help make things easier for you by reducing your dispersion by 20m. Alternatives: AA Gun mod 1: For those with a fear of enemy torpedo bombers. Slot 3: An empty slot really, your steering doesn't get taken out often and if your engine is knocked out, it's generally from multiple torpedo hits (You are not long from this world anyway by this point) I've used Damage control system mod 1 but I'm unsure of the mechanics on this. Slot 4: Steering Gears mod 2: Buff that rudder shift time and make a fool out of enemy destroyers. Also makes bringing both torpedo launcher to bear a little bit easier. Slot 5: Another empty slot, although Concealment System mod 1 would allow you to get the first shot off by not being able to be spotted first. Consumables Given that this is a money making ship, with my credit take varying from 180k for a bad game to 600-800k for a great game, it's generally premium consumables for me except for scout plane. Again it's at the player's discretion whether they use premium consumables or the free ones. I use type 2 camouflage to give my a squeeze all the advantage out of my ship My Tirpitz's current form (Compare to stock stats to observe buffs) My Current Stats IRL Tirpitz's Final Form Hopefully with my run down of the Tirptiz, you will now be able to bring in the mad dosh and XP and avoid similar circumstances. This has been my first gameplay guide ever (WoT or WoWS), constructive criticism and questions are welcome, bad poasts are not. Amendments 10/9/15: Added historically accurate ship prefix.
  15. Captain_YoloPants

    Tirpitz - The ultimate credit making machine

    So many delicious credits... will be a great asset in my harbor!
  16. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    Thought MM Is fixed?

    So to my surprise just now went to play with my New Mexico and guess what I met 3 tier 8 Battleships that include the Tirpitz but in the end make the game to a draw..
  17. Because you can never have too many Tirpitz threads. The nearly complete WWII Battleship Tirpitz 1:48.
  18. Paladin0503

    Battleship Spotlight: Tirpitz

    Do watch the video in 720p60 to get the full effect. Enjoy it​!
  19. Counterflak

    So I hear you liek Tirpitz?

    Just don't make a mess ok guys? To clarify, the NDA on screenshots have been lifted on posting screenshots and videos on the Tirpitz. EDIT: NDA has been completely lifted.