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Found 3 results

  1. I've noticed that when I am capturing an area, there is a timer that starts counting. As the timer counts down, sometimes it inexplicably goes backwards. Sometimes I understand why this is so: maybe there was an allied vessel helping me to capture the area and they were destroyed or left the area. Or alternatively an enemy vessel has entered the area and stalled my capture. But I just played a game where right at the beginning of the match, I made a bee-line to an area. I was the only one in the area and proceeded with a roughly 1 minute count down to capture. There were no allied or enemy vessels near the zone. Then when some enemy vessels come out from behind an island (but still 8 km away from the actual area, so I'm still the only one in the area), the count down clock starts going backwards?! What gives? Can someone explain the count down mechanic to me? Sometimes the game pushes the countdown backwards and there is no obvious answer as to why: no one got sunk, no one entered the area, no one left the area, nothing happened other than my fat ass simply is inexplicably taking longer to capture the area than when the countdown originally started! (Clarification: At no time during the capture process did my ship leave the area, even for a second) Call me simple but I kinda figure that if I enter an area at the beginning at the match and am the only ship in said area, then the counter should inexorably count down in a regular fashion from 60 down to 1 provided I am the only ship in the aforementioned area for the duration of the 60 seconds. If the rest of my team gets sunk or if enemies pop into visual range (& remain steadfastly outside the area I occupy), my count down should be unaffected unless there is a change to the number of ships occupying the aforementioned area. But this is not what happens and it's really weird.
  2. Whether you're zoomed out or in binocular mode I humbly suggest we include a reload timer and penetration indicator similar to the one implemented in WoT's reticule: RELOAD TIMER Details: Located somewhere on the right hand side, below the horizon line of the crosshair (so as not to interfere w the sight lines); Font has different colors depending on status. Example: Red while guns are reloading; Green when fully loaded When fully loaded, number indicates total reload time; Since warships usually have several guns, the timers have up to three or more "layers" Once a gun is fired, a faded red countdown timer will be found below main timer, indicating the no. of seconds left before it can be fired; More guns fired would mean more timers below main timer, but only up to the three most recent countdown timers will be shown and faded so as not to clutter the UI; Main timer indicates reload time of guns not yet fired; however, when all guns have been fired, main timer reveals countdown of soonest possible gun that can be fired (especially useful for cruisers and battleships); OPTIONAL: Timers indicate reload time of only the guns that can be fired in a certain angle/arc, especially useful for implementation of detail 4.3. Feature can be implemented solely for guns, but may also be implemented for torpedoes; e.g. have 2 timers; one located beside the other; timer of weapon type is highlighted when in use Benefits: It's more convenient for players since the number is located near to the crosshair and provides real-time information; Especially useful for captains trained with Adrenaline Rush, since timers will also change real-time in accordance to the reload time reduction as per the skill. Disadvantages: May clutter UI; but with font size and color adjustments this issue maybe mitigated; May cause an issue with redundancy, since existing UI have reload timers located at the bottom of the screen. However, existing reload timers don't reveal total reload time unless you hover your mouse over it. Besides, the same feature has long since been implemented in WoT and works quite well. Just make some minor adjustments due to having multiple guns/torp tubes and the issue should be resolved. -o- PENETRATION INDICATOR Details: The center arrow/crosshair ^ changes color in accordance to penetration chance of shells when aimed at certain areas of warships at certain distances; White (default color): when not locked onto enemy ships or aimed at allied ships Red: Shells cannot penetrate Yellow: Shells have 50% chance of penetration Green: Shells can penetrate (if it hits, better pray to RNGesus lel) Color MAY change when aiming at various distances, since distance affects shell penetration value. Only affects guns, since torps don't need the system Benefits: Provides more information to captains when decision making on when and where to fire their guns. Captains may aim directly at the ship first, look for soft spots to pen w their shells, and then find the appropriate lead time to hit said areas. Aids in teaching newer players in improving their gunnery skills; that is, to determine which shell type is most effective against which ship types, areas to aim for, and in which distances to they have to engage for maximizing their damage potential. Disadvantages: Redundancy in part of experienced players; It will be challenging to determine penetration chances against deck armor, except when using long-range ships, guns w high trajectory, or using spotter planes. Chances of being largely unused since experienced players usually start calculating lead time the moment they lock onto enemy ships
  3. Description: Upon being set on fire, the on-fire icon appears grey. No timer is shown for extinguishing. The fire continues to burn until the Damage Control Party is selected. Reproduction: This problem occurs uncommonly. It appears random between ships, classes and tiers. Always occurs from fires from enemy ships Result: Fire burns permanently until Damage Control Party is used. Time for extinguishing fire is not shown. On-Fire Icon is grey. In this particular match it happened twice. Expected Result: Fire should go out by itself eventually without needing DCP to put it out. Timer should always be shown on how long fire has left to burn. Examples: Python.log was too large (4MB) to upload in this report. File is being hosted here: http://www.filedropper.com/python_7