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Found 4 results

  1. 空母刷新後、プレイヤーの数が減ってきているように思います。従前の空母でプレイスキルを身に着けた人たちが去ったのでしょう。またゲーム自体が陳腐なものになりつつあります。 そこで、このさいランダム戦という日常のプレイ仕様の大改革を提案します。それは、日常のランダム戦をTier別のプレイとし、毎日その結果によりランク付けをするというものです。いわば、ランク戦の日常化です。Tier別なので、ランクはTierごとに存在することになります。だから例えば、あるプレイヤーはTier6ではランク15だが、Tier8ではランク10ということもありえます。 このようなプレイ仕様は、いわゆるマッチング問題のうちのTier格差(ボトム少数問題)を解消し、また毎日ランクが変わるので、励みにもなります。 いきなりの移行は難しいでしょうから、従前のランダム戦を存置しつつ、1度テストでしてみませんか。もちろん12対12です。
  2. Kleiss

    Division tier notice

    did this in paint. pretty self-explanatory.
  3. So this happen to me and my mate today... WG has taking steps to prevent this on WoT, so why hasn't WoWs? Talk about a great way to lower your teams chances of winning. WG, please, this should have been a no brainier, don't take 3+ years like WoT to implement a system to prevent this.
  4. After ~50 battles in an Atlanta Cruiser, in my opinion, she suits better as a tier 6. The reason are: - Very Low HP for a tier 7 cruiser, I feel bad very time that I take up a tier 7 cruiser slot in matchmaking and having such Low HP (consider average tier 7 CAs have 35000HP, even tier 6 Cleveland have 35000HP too) and I can't stop playing her because I paid a good 9000 Doubloons. - Extremely Low Shell velocity, High arch trajectory and Short range. These three factors make her kind of less helpful, and out range by most of the opponents in Tier 8 and Tier 9 battle. only 2 roles she can perform are mobile AA and escort BBs / CVs. however, shooting down planes have low XP and credits reward at current patch. most BB will stay at their max range, make her 11km range guns (13km with commander skill) have limit surface targets to engage with. unless I dare to YOLO in close enough to kill their destroyers, which in term I have to braving opponent‘s cruisers, make myself become a vulnerable common target with her poor 27500HP, then I have some reasonable XP and credits rewards for surface targets damage output. I currently have average 27900 damage output per battle on Atlanta. (30000 average on the Asia server) perhaps this is a rough idea for what she can do at this moment. even my Omaha is doing 46500 average damage and don't forget that is a tier 5. So Wargaming please consider drop the Atlanta to tier 6. Her tier 6 sister Cleveland is now doing better in most circumstances. Regards,