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Found 7 results

  1. So I recently got the Montana, and I've heard she's really good. I can see that - great AA, accuracy and speed, 12 guns etc... I have found my play to be inconsistent, however. Most of the time I either get HE spammed to death (Smolensk, Conqueror, I'm looking at you) or on the rare occasion trying to escape the fiery hellscape of HE shells, I get torpedoed by an opportunistic DD. Rarely do I find myself citadel'd by another BB in an evenly matched fight, leading me to believe that my angling and positioning are decent. Often trying to stay out of range of the HE spammers I just keep myself too far from the action and end up with a paltry 30-40k damage. I have had a few decent games, what I consider 100k+ matches, mainly these games are devoid of Smolensk or Conquerors. So is it something I'm missing about Tier X gameplay, or is the Montana just obsolete in the current invisible light cruiser HE spam meta?
  2. I want to ask you, fellow member. What do you think about Legendary Module on Premium Tier X ships (Ohio, Thunderer, Smolensk, Somers, Stalingrad, etc)? Is this good? Is this bad? Give me your opinion. What should be buffed and what should be nerfed when using this Legend Mod. Example: I want a better dispersion buff but less secondary range on Ohio.
  3. PeterMoe1963

    Public Test 0.7.6

    Just played a few battles PT 0.7.6. One of the missions to earn a reward on the main account is to play a battle in T X ship. But T X is 500,000 XP?? Seriously? Also, cannot convert XP for doubloons. Is there a way to a T X in PT i'm overlooking?
  4. Should maintenance costs for tier IX and X ships be reduced such that players will earn less than previous tiers, but not lose credits? I understand that this is done to keep players in the lower tiers, but I don't think that credits should be lost for losing a match, unless a player plays badly.
  5. Well , taking Midway out for a spin and trying out official AP bombs. The bombs are extremely accurate , even without manual aim do moderately good damage on BB , but not spectacular. I seemingly cant deal more than 14k+ average on a perfect drop on common BB like Montana and Conqueror , Yamato is okayish , nothing major and GK is no where to be found. The bomb can deal major damage to cruisers , but that rely alot on CA not dodging in the first place and it is entirely useless against dd. To me, atleast at present time , HE bomb is still the better choice since dd flood the MM trying to do PA dd line. The torpedo 2x6 is horrible , it will be caught by FT since it is too slow and it drop like flies to almost anything. Since it is 2x6 i cant complaint about that since it do very good damage. Now the unfun part , im trying to keep it civil here , but i my mind i really want to spit out a lot of toxic words. Fishing division is still there , it doesnt change anywhere, but 4x DFAA on DD mean CV no longer can dominate or atleast try to fight at cap. It is just not possible. Ridiculous amount of AA still prevent CV from having fun. Im not talking about speccing AA , im talking about the amount of DFAA available. In all of my games , i never EVER was able to bait all DFAA. There was just too many, leaving me looking around uselessly. So many DM and memetaur around also reduce the amount of fun i have. When there is like 2-3 of them all over the place i cant do anything , like really. TL;DR : nice change devs , thumbs up but still need tweaking. End game is still the same , nothing change to CV at tier 9 and 10 , it still isnt fun even when you are fishing. This is my experience first thing on the morning of 0.6.14. Changes are good , but it personally doesnt make CV play more fun to me at tier 9 and 10 P/s : off topic , deep water torp and AP bomb has scared the hell out of BBabies. Even more campy environment has been found
  6. Just want to confirm what is popular and wether POI is real or not If possible , comment about why you want dat ship in your roster P/s : If you dont want your master evil plan exposed dont go to this post
  7. FenrirApalis

    Campers on ocean

    It is so annoying on ocean when none of your team's battleships move up so you just completely can't do anything and your DD dies quickly or doesn't cap. Can we like get ocean out of tier 9-10 or make it like super low chance because it is really annoying. Maybe add cyclone to it if not already there