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Found 1 result

  1. So we all know War Gaming likes to throw their historical accuracy out the window at times, but I would not have realized this if I didn't see it for myself, I am a Yamato captain fully built for secondary action, the max range that I can get my secondaries up to is 10.6 kms, I was in a training match with another player who captains a Bismarck also secondary built, however being the aggressive person that I am I rushed in softened the enemy team and died fairly quickly and as expected my secondary guns started opening up at 10.6 kms, now I realize that Bismarck has better secondaries than the Yamato in some aspects, but what I didn't expect is that my friend in the Bismarck had his secondaries going off at a target 10.9 - 11.1 kms away, and his ship is tier 8, now if this is actually a part of the game I believe that because Yamato's 155mm secondary guns were literally taken off a Mogami class cruiser they should have the same range as when they were on the cruiser 14.2 kms, because balance wise I do not think for a second why Bismarck should have better secondary capabilities than a ship that is 2 tiers higher than it, Großer Kurfürst I can understand but oh wait it has 10.6 km secondaries just like me, not this far fetched ridiculousness of 11 km secondaries on the Bismarck, so I ask why Bismarck should be the all round seasoned fighter with impenetrable armor better secondaries than tier 10 battleships a relatively high speed and faster rate of fire with main guns that hit harder than 460mm guns, they are taking a ship that was powerful in some but not all ways and giving it extraordinary combat capabilities that don't seem to match what the real Bismarck was capable of if it was implemented into a game, War Gaming if you even have the slightest bit of attention to listen to what we are saying you should tend to this issue.