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Found 4 results

  1. I recently purchased Yorck and it is a solid ship in my opinion. I mean just look at my personal stats on the Yorck... Look at the winrate, it's such a high winrate. 3 of those battles are just basically these Epic victory
  2. amazinghuh

    Fiji premium Camo

    I got my Fiji couple of days ago and i like her a lot so i was wondering is it worth buying the premium camo for her or i should save my doubloons for Tier 8 Edinburgh or Tier 9 Neptune?

    Nagato umm not worth it at all

    So umm I just got the Nagato this morning and I have been doing my research on it because I was looking forward to moving up 1 level, However I understand that stock ships have many drawbacks Nagato having many such as... (35 second reload time, painfully slow traversing turrets, 20.5 km range and 22 knots maximum speed) Now because its a stock ship I get that you know and if those were the specifications for just the stock Nagato then I would have no problem with that but its the range on the main guns I did a little digging in game and found that even with a maxed out Nagato the range stays the same why? Are you meaning to tell me that the tier 6 ship Fuso at maxed ability has more range than a ship of higher tier with bigger guns? seems a bit out of place to me in real life Nagato had a maximum firing range of 38.4 kms and like all the ships to balance the game they reduced the range to fit the maps but this 18 km reduction seems like a bit much and to see that throughout the upgrades it doesn't change at all so whats really worth it a Fuso with more range and more guns but lower caliber or a tier 7 Nagato with bigger caliber less range longer reload time and less guns you do the rest.
  4. So thought I'd start a Ranked Battles carry thread, Only because I had one of my best Myoko battles to date (see attached) and frankly, it was hectic!!! Held of an enemy Atlanta and 2 DDs (close range). Without those 3 kills we would have lost due to enemy team have 2 caps and being ahead ~100-200 points. Citadelled the poor Atlanta really hard... Please post carries, I want to see some of the epic stuff everyones done... [non-prem account] 7v7 allows a lot of solo-carry power, so hop to it!