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Found 3 results

  1. HamzY

    Rework the Anti Air

    Can You Please, PLEASE Rework the Anti air. The low tier suffer from constant Aircraft attack and can do nothing to retaliate.
  2. Peanutflower

    The Ishizuchi

    The Ishizuchi The Ishizuchi is currently the only premium battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy (except for the Mikasa but that is just a bunch of guns strapped to a ship and you are relegated to the helmsman) and lies at tier four. The Ishizuchi has tough competition at its tier such as Imperator Nicolai II and the Kaiser. At a glance the Ishizuchi looks mediocre compared to its competitors, it has low armour and its guns have bad penetration characteristics. On top of this the turning circle is so big that is performs a tour of all of Japan`s imperial possessions. The guns have a low range and have the typical battleship accuracy (they can`t hit the side of a barn from the inside) but there is a fair few of them, in fact there is enough to completely out-gun the Chinese navy on it`s own. The speed of the ship is very good which means it is able to take the emperor to all of his palaces in a timely manner. The high explosive shell also has a “balanced” fire chance and with the demolition expert the fire chance rises to 35%. Now the Japanese can finally invade Australia and have that barbeque they have always wanted. My opinion on this ship is that it is okay, it`s an okay tier four ship but none of that matters, because it is fun. Firing a high explosive salvo at an enemy battleship and getting three separate fires after he has just burned his damage control consumable is glorious. This ship is a high explosive spammer of a battleship, 10k damage salvoes happen and arsonist is a common occurrence; you will get one fire a salvo if you aim well. Combined with the buffed reload time this makes for one hell of a barbeque. Indeed, the Ishizuchi is soft like the zucchini it is but it bites back (if a zucchini is even capable of hurting a person). If indeed you want to fire your armour piercing shells at cruisers, they do work. Of course the damage isn`t great on your armour piercing shells but you will be tossing a lot of them at your opponents and some of it is going to do damage. The Ishizuchi`s anti-aircraft defence will do this ship about as many favours as it did for the Yamato. You have the grand total of six anti-aircraft guns. With the main battery of the Ishizuchi you might actually kill something; it won`t be a plane. To be honest I would not recommend this ship to any new players, you will sink faster than the Japanese carrier fleet. If you turn at the wrong time you will take damage so, try to time your turns according to enemy salvoes. The citadel is mostly just on the water line but it does have a bit sticking up just between the 1 2 34 5 turrets. At the very least the citadel is away from the centre of the ship away from where most players aim at (I know, I`ve just ruined it by saying it). Overall the Ishizuchi is an okay ship, but it`s fun, as it is a battlecruiser it is possible to train your Japanese BB and CA captains in and not have the single most out of place captain ever, hmm air superiority, useful. Anyway get this ship if you want it, sure, but don`t set your expectations too high.
  3. Loshirai14

    IJN Tier 4 Premium Suggestion

    Tier IV - IJN Oyodo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_%C5%8Cyodo Has 6x155mm guns on two triple-gun turrets, no torpedoes and powerful AA. Oyodo can be made as a AA focused Cruiser in-game with the AA consumable and a catapult fighter. those seal clubbing tier 4 and 5 CV's are gonna avoid you specially with a top speed of 34kn. She can have an optional upgrade of 4x203mm on two twin-gun turrets. here's some images of IJN Oyodo