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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone seen 2x2 T10 CVs in a match recently? I just got a report from a clannie this morning saying he saw it last night... Sadly he didn't screen grab it but I'm trying to get a hold of his replay to verify.
  2. I want to ask you, fellow member. What do you think about Legendary Module on Premium Tier X ships (Ohio, Thunderer, Smolensk, Somers, Stalingrad, etc)? Is this good? Is this bad? Give me your opinion. What should be buffed and what should be nerfed when using this Legend Mod. Example: I want a better dispersion buff but less secondary range on Ohio.
  3. So uh... We have a few new tier 10 ships out now and some more up and coming. While I'm sure wargaming is well on the case, it'd still be fun to speculate on what the legendary upgrades will be for the tier 10 ships still without them. Harugumo Kreml Daring Audacious Kleber While we're here, why not also speculate on "Alternative playstyle" legendary upgrades. Like a Yamato upgrade for brawling
  4. Since there is an upcoming 30% off for tier 8 ships (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/mission-september-2017/), I decided to write a long post about it. This is more for those cheapskate people, but you can read it for fun. (scroll till the end for conclusion) Let’s start with table 1 and 2 on how much you can save. Both tables have the same data, just different sorting. Table 1: Discount calculation for USN ships from tier 8-10 sorted by classes Table 2: Discount calculation sorted by tiers I am not posting other nation as it is troublesome to fill in all, and the price different between nations is not that great (I think, I guess, erm go calculate on your own). The 30% discount for tier VIII is definitely worth it, better than the regular 15% discount (table 3). The amount you saved can be used to buy most of your equipment. For tier IX and X, the saving is normal/usual, nothing to talk about it since it happens every now and then. Table 3: 15% discount for USN tier 8 CA On special occasions, there can be 50% off for equipment (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/boost-weekend-20170721/). See table 5 for calculations. You can buy your ship and wait for the discount on the equipment later. However, I doubt most of you can wait so long for the special module discount, and ended up buying the ship now with all/most equipment so you won’t be disadvantageous during battle. Play a few (or a lot more) more battles, and you will earn back the credits. If only WoWS has the similar inventory like WoT, where you can purchase equipment without ships (correct me if I am wrong), then this will not be a problem when I bought my Des Moines (spoiler). Side story: Table 4: Price of equipment in different slots Table 5: 50% discount calculation for all equipment for tier 8 to 10 Extra content: To sum thing up: 1. BUY the tier 8 now if you can. 2. This 15% discount for tier 9 and 10 is usual, you can skip if you want more time to consider (or no credits yet). Next 15% discount will most likely happen in 3 months’ time during Christmas or New Year. 15% saving is still good. 3. For maximum benefit, you can buy the ship first, then fill in those expensive equipment during module discount (if there is one).

    Beehive shells for Yamato

    Hey now I have been reading a lot about Yamato and I heard that its main guns were multipurpose even though they're AA ability wasn't good it was still able to shoot Beehive Shells, shells that explode in mid air so I thought why not why don't we make this an experimental thing and see what people think I mean that's what the test server is for isn't it? oh well I cannot go into detail at this time as I have got to get to University so I'll see you guys later