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Found 2 results

  1. This is my personal review of the Tier VIII German Battleship, the Bismarck. Anything that is in here is based on experience, so please keep that in mind. KMS Bismarck Survivability(Hit Points and Armor): The Bismarck has 69,000 Hit Points, which is more than average compared to other Tier VIII Battleships. Theoretically speaking, it can survive longer than her counterparts. However, that theory is let down by her armor. The turtleback armor is designed to protect the ship during close-range engagements, which let her survive longer in those kinds of engagements compared to long-range ones, in which the sloped armor work against the ship it is designed to protect as shells plunging down could easily punch through the armor. In a twist of irony, even in CQC, the ship is vulnerable, as the ship eats a ton of Armor Piercing Damage as nowadays people tend to shoot above the main armor belt. Firepower(Main and Secondary Armaments): The ship's 380mm(15") L/52 Drh LC/34 guns is a mixed bag. To begin with, the shells can do massive amounts of damage, however, it is offset by the fact that, universally speaking, German Battleships have some of the worst dispersions among all battleships tier-for-tier, which means that shells would often have a greater tendency to 'fly' all over the place, and half of the time it can create some frustrating results. Her secondary armaments are powerful, but it noteworthy to point out that fact would cause harm to the player's play, and so a great deal of caution is adviced. Anti-Aircraft Suite: It is powerful. Not as powerful as the North Carolina's, but still enough to decimate planes out of the sky. Speed and Maneuverability: The ship has a respectable speed of 31 knots. Also, along with the other Tier VIII battleship, it has quick rudder shift for a BB, provided that Steering Gears Modification 2 is installed.
  2. Any thoughts about it ? do you like it or not ? opinions anyone ?