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Found 1 result

  1. LordTyphoon

    Most DD players are bad

    My Yamato is my favourite ship, so I play it a lot in random battles. I like being the most important ship in the game, and like in history, the role of all the destroyers and cruisers around me is to support me and my big guns. But what I find is that I can't achieve my average damage per game of 50,000 because the destroyers on my team cannot keep the enemy spotted! They keep dying! They always get killed by the Worcesters and the Minotaurs because they could not spot them for long enough (around 10 minutes) so that i can hit them with a shell! I tell my DDs - my ship can shoot from 24km, so I make use of all that range. Keep those enemies spotted and I will hit them with impunity. We are pretty much invincible if I shoot from far away - if they can't kill me, the enemy can never win. The job of the DD is to spot enemies - why can't these DDs just be smart and spot the Worcesters and MInotaurs without being counter detected? A bit stupid really. None of them can do their job properly. I will easily become the best destroyer if I played, but I don't play though - it is too far below my skill level. Skillful players like me only play battleships. Everyone knows that the battleship must keep as much of its health as possible because it needs to be the last ship left in the game to win the game. A useless battleship is a dead battleship...the rest of the team should be dedicated to keeping me alive to I can hit the game-winning shots. So please explain to me - why are DD players always so terrible? #whysoserious