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Found 1 result

  1. detonate_me_daddy

    We need some better tutorials

    I'm not sure if WG implemented any better tutorial since I started. But I feel like the current tutorial is not working. First of all, game modes, before a player is allowed to enter PVP or even PVE they should be given tutorials on EACH game modes and WIN the battle in order to get into the actual game. Yes, there is, on the game loading screen, a line which tells you what to do in each game mode but 1st hardly anyone READS them, 2nd currently the game only have 4 languages available we are in god damn ASIA server!! And after they get a new type of ship, they should receive a tutorial on HOW to play it. Like Destroyers should try to hide to an extent and use the white line to guide torps, BBs should stay with ur cruiser teammates. YES there is a line on the matchmaking screen telling you what each type should do but again hardly anyone reads them And CVs.....................when i started playing CV there is no tutorial whatsoever, I only got to know it when my friend who plays CV tells me how to launch planes and how to manual aim. With such a poor tutorial system, of course the gameplay experience will be bad Seriously WG do you even try??? Yes you implemented a tutorial page but It need the user to click themselves and watch a video and so no one bother to watch it, WHY? because it is not complimentary! Actually implement some REAL tutorial rather than implementing a in-game online video plugin.....