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Found 6 results

  1. G'day folks! So I often talk about Scenario Mode and Operations and how it is wasted potential... Here is a discussion video on methods to improve it... I don't know if WG will ever re-examine Scenario Mode, but we can hope. They have a lot of potential to solve some game and mode progression issues, not to mention education issues.
  2. G'day folks... So I'm working on an Un-Eff-It (maybe) or an In-Depth (probably) as to how I would do a skills rework... I had been working on this some time ago but as with many of my videos and ideas it sits in limbo based on an ever changing priority list that is heavily influenced by RL... In the course of events since I last looked at this, I did my Commonwealth Tech Tree series, we got new lines including KM CVs, WG implemented their own skills rework and my first child (a son) was born... So as part of the process of going back to the drawing board, I'd like to open the floor to every crazy tin-foil-hat theory for a skills system. Please go nuts, no idea is too crazy but please at least be in earnest (soz @Max_Battle, please no derailing thx). But I do have a working idea that would benefit from some more particular ideas if some of you are willing to work within a framework... So... SappeRs Skill System Theorycrafting Changelog - 24-29 Jan 21. Filled in BB skills. Added initial framework for Upgrades. Numbers TBC. Added CA Durability skills. Tweaked descriptions. 10 skill point limit introduced. - 01-06 Feb 21. DD skills added. - 07 Feb 21. Added IFHE as a module (Slot 3) A few conditions for my current idea... (If you wanted to work within a framework, I always find it easier to work within parameters). Class skill trees are separate as per post-rework but for now I'm working on BBs. Damage (Main weapon systems) and Concealment related things should not be in the tree. There will be 'x' categories, most likely 3 or 4. At each level of skill in a category there is a binary choice between two related skills that unlocks access to next tier for that category. (I'll provide an example below) No skill should be an auto-pick but there will be some that are better for some ships than others. All accuracy and concealment bonuses from pre rework are hard-baked into ships, including upgrades. Upgrades are an integral part of a build and would need to be adjusted as well to provide balance. All numbers are negotiable, don't get tied up on them too much. My Current WIP Framework Upgrades: WIP Slot 1: Durability Weapons Slot 2: Durability Ship Slot 3: Weapons functionality Slot 4: Mobility mods Slot 5: Utility mods Slot 6: Enhancements, UUs Slot 1: Main Battery health+ Auxiliaries health+ Torpedo Tubes health+ Certain Consumables (per normal) Slot 2: Engine Room Damcon Magazine protection Certain Consumables (per normal) Slot 3: IFHE module (same as current captain skill) Turret Traverse Torpedo Tubes Secondary Systems AA systems Certain Consumables (per normal) Slot 4: Propulsion Rudder Turning circle Stop (less travel after initiating halt) Slot 5: Torpedo Detection Plane Detection? Ship indicator (arrow). Points to direction of enemy ship when in hydro/radar, possibly apply to ships firing at you as well. Consumable duration (not dcp/heal) Slot 6: Main weapon incapacitation time reduction -75% Auxiliary reload, 10% increased DPM, +1 flak -10% chance of fire/flood. UUs (consolidated, remove 'compensation' values compare to removed upgrades and slot changes). Skill Categories (WIP) 1. Utility. Think about things that are useful that don't really fit into the other categories. 2. Mobility. Think Speed, Rudder, Turning Circle 3. Durability. Skills that make you last longer. 4. Auxiliaries. Secondary and AA skills. For DDs, may include torpedo or gun skills. Skill Points (WIP) - 10 points to spend. - All skills cost 1 point. - Higher tier skills are generally more powerful. - The preceding skill level in the category is required. - One or the other skill at each level, not both. Skills (BBs) Utility T1: EL OR Greased Gears (Expert Marksman) T2: PT OR Torpedo PT (shows an indicator if an enemy torpedo locks on you) T3: Superintendent OR -20% cooldown on consumables (except DCP) T4: Radio Location OR +20% torpedo acquisition range. Utility skills will mostly be a lower priority compared to other categories for most BBs. Some BBs that may find advantages with higher tier Utility skills could be bow tankers that are secondary focused or those that have a variety of consumables. Mobility T1: -30% turret traverse time when rudder at 1/2 +, or -10% turret traverse time when at least one gun is on target. T2: -30% loss of speed in turns. OR -20% turning circle size. T3: +15% engine power. OR -30% time taken to halt. T4: +5% maximum speed. OR +30% engine power, -5% maximum speed. Mobility skills will likely favour BBs with a mobile playstyle like Vanguard, IJN BCs Kongou and Amagi or even Georgia or some French BBs in a flanking configuration. Some BBs will find it useful to pick up a T1 skill to assist in turret traverse in some conditions. Durability T1: 50% reduced chance of main module being incapacitated. OR 50% reduced chance of auxiliary module being incapacitated. T2: DCP: 50% extended duration, 20% increased cooldown. OR halved duration, 20% decreased cooldown. T3: Heals heal 10% more but take 20% longer. OR Heals take half the time but have 20% longer cooldown. T4: Fires duration is 50% less OR fires only deal 60% of their total damage but burn for 20% longer (drastically reduces fires DPM). Durability skills will likely be the bread and butter of every BB build. Generally there are two different focuses, longer lasting or quicker effectiveness. There are advantages for both. Those that prefer the quick hit for niche situations, probably more effective for those fighting with their concealment. Longer durations will likely benefit those who need the sustained durability. Of note are the Tier 4 options, one directly reduces fire duration, the other focuses on lengthening the fire duration to prevent new fires from burning (but for less damage than a normal length fire). Auxiliaries T1: 20% increased secondary range, OR 10% increased AA range. T2: Auxiliary mounts cannot be destroyed by one shell AND... Secondary Mounts recover module HP when not destroyed. OR AA mounts recover module HP when not destroyed. T3: +20% secondary accuracy on a manually selected target. OR + 20% AA DPM, -10% Secondary reload. T4: +40% secondary accuracy on a manually selected target. OR + 20% AA DPM, -10% Secondary reload. Auxiliary builds will favour those with decent secondary armaments or decent AA armaments. There is some scope to to have a little of both but accuracy will be lost. The different skills stack in effectiveness and Range can be improved with T1 skill and modules. Some BBs may want to pick up T1 or T2 skills with surplus points to beef up range or improve mount longevity. WIP will change/adjust as necessary, will reserve other class sections below in comments.
  3. So... I've been thinking about upgrades lately. The reason I started thinking about them was an outgrowth of an idea I had as a quick improvement to the current skill system some time ago... Remove concealment bonuses (at minimum skill + upgrade) and apply it to all ships. (This would free up 4 skill points for everyone, that would benefit DDs the most, but that's a discussion for another time... A time after the skill rework). Upgrades... So this idea came out of 'what would I take over concealment?' Initially everyone's response would probably be rudder shift. But for BBs why not consumable duration? So let's take this a step further... What sorts of improvements could be made to upgrades? Firstly let's set a few conditions, or better put; goals. 1. To provide a realistic choice for different ship classes and niches (e.g. flankers or island campers or secondary ships). 2. Simple and easy to calculate. 3. Fits within the balance of the game as it sits currently (e.g. no major AA buff which would throw out balance for CVs, or no stupid boost to something like radar). 4. Attempt to nominate a slot and fit any suggestion into the current system. I would start with slot 1... Ruggedised Main Armaments - Main Armaments are impossible to destroy (but can still be incapacitated) - +10% to +50% incapacitation length based on weapon size. (adjust % for balance) - 15% to 30% slower traverse speed The idea for this one is to provide an option to take against reduced incapacitation MB1. slower traverse and incapacitation chance would need to be tweaked as required. The idea is ships like Jean Bart and possibly some DDs or CAs would be at a serious decision point between this and MB1 and it would possibly free up points spent on PM. Not sold on the slower traverse speed, could defo scrap that. Slot 2 and Slot 4. I would have propulsion and rudder options in both slots, prop 30% each, rudder 20% each. I would split Damcon into 2 types in each slot. Damage Mitigation mods - Reduced fire chance - Reduce flooding chance Damage Control mods - Reduced fire duration - Reduced flood duration The idea with these two mods is to amplify choices such as Fire Prevention and High Alert while allowing builds without either. By having both choices in both slots, those who go one way will amplify their choice. A ship that is going to stay unseen for longer or isn't going to be focused is more likely to choose chance over duration. A tanky ship is more likely to go with duration but will still consider a combination of fire chance and quick DCP length. Slot 3 Insert range and reload mods here, halved effect compared to slot 6, remove USN unique mods entirely, move traverse mod. Slot 3 becomes accuracy, reload or range. Slot 5 Move Turret Traverse mod into slot 5, buffed more. Improve torpedo lookout system distance. Improve consumable mod duration buff. Hull and Propulsion Optimisation - Improved turning circle (could even go as higj as 15-20%) This one would need a lot of testing, the idea is that you may want rudder shift to stack with slot 2 and 4, or you may want to tighten the turns more. Slot 6 I would move legendaries into slot 6, keep reload and range upgrades I haven't crunched numbers on all these or thought about all the niche implications but I feel that a lot of them COULD even possibly give a lot of ships far more choice and maybe even make secondary builds more effective in some situations... Thoughts? P.S. Please forgive any grammar/spelling, on my phone.
  4. Hey folks... So I was crunching some numbers, because with the Cruisers I wanted to make sure that my 'higher alpha, lower DPM' for the Light Cruisers was feasible (it is). Here's some numbers (and comparisons) to compare, see what you think... Hobart is a Mod-Leander, Bellona is a 152 Dido, Swiftsure is an Ontario, Tiger is a 3x3 Tiger, Bellerophon is a theoretical 1124A design with 4x3... (Think Mino-esk with 4x3 and a bit bigger...) Basically if the DPM is pushed much further, the shell alpha would need to be reduced. The idea is that the numbers are to balance the range and better shell ballistics. Range isn't 'long range' because the ships have access to creeping smoke, so they don't get too much range otherwise you end up with Kutuzov-style ships which isn't a good thing. I'd say if there's a 'weaker' one tier for tier in the line, it'd be Bellona but I don't want to push her reload better any further and I didn't want to go down the 130s route (there's a premium for that - Black Prince). Thoughts? Tier 6 Hobart (proposed) Perth Budyony Dallas Range (km) 15 12.8 (15.36) 16.6 (19.92) 14.3 Guns 8 (4 x 2) 8 (4 x 2) 9 (3 x 3) 10 (2 x 2, 2 x 3) Reload (seconds) 9 7.5 8 8.5 HE Shell Alpha 2500 2100 2200 2200 HE DPM 133 333 134 400 148 500 155 294 AP Shell Alpha 3600 3100 3300 3200 AP DPM 192 000 198 400 222 750 225 882 Tier 7 Bellona (proposed) Fiji Shchors Hellena Range (km) 16 15.4 16.8 (20.16) 14.6 Guns 8 (4 x 2) 12 (4 x 3) 12 (4 x 3) 15 (5 x 3) Reload (seconds) 7 7.5 8 8.5 HE Shell Alpha 2500 2200 2200 HE DPM 171 428 198 000 232 941 AP Shell Alpha 3600 3100 3300 3200 AP DPM 246 857 297 600 297 000 338 823 Tier 8 Swiftsure (proposed) Edinburgh Chapayev Cleveland Range (km) 16.5 15.4 17.3 15.6 Guns 9 (3 x 3) 12 (4 x 3) 12 (4 x 3) 12 (4 x 3) Reload (seconds) 7 7.5 8 6.5 HE Shell Alpha 2500 2200 2200 HE DPM 192 857 198 000 243 692 AP Shell Alpha 3600 3100 3300 3200 AP DPM 277 714 297 600 297 000 354 461 Tier 9 Tiger (proposed) Neptune Seattle Range (km) 16.8 16.5 15.7 Guns 9 (3 x 3) 12 (4 x 3) 12 (4 x 3) Reload (seconds) 6 4.8 6.5 HE Shell Alpha 2500 2200 HE DPM 225 000 243 692 AP Shell Alpha 3600 3200 3200 AP DPM 324 000 480 000 354 461 Tier 10 Bellerophon (proposed) Minotaur Worcester Range (km) 17 15.8 16.7 Guns 12 (4 x 3) 10 (5 x 2) 12 (6 x 2) Reload (seconds) 6 3.2 4.6 HE Shell Alpha 2500 2200 HE DPM 300 000 344 348 AP Shell Alpha 3600 3200 3200 AP DPM 432 000 600 000 500 870
  5. G'day Folks, So I've finally completed it, albeit it's not 100% perfect (I forgot to put in the tier number graphics in) but I'm not going through another 6 hour rendering process (silly me for making a cool animation as a background) so it'll do. Also I'm pretty sure anyone who can count can easily tell what tier each ship is, so maybe it looks better without it. There's a bit of a preamble but all the information is relevant and helps frame the context. Thanks to everyone's input on this over the last couple of years, this is as much your Tech Tree idea as it is mine, so thankyou! Kick back and enjoy... As usual, YouTube and Reddit love would be greatly appreciated. PS: Yes I did do the Commonwealth Flag animation from scratch, yes that is why rendering took so bloody long, no that's not why the video got delayed... BAH! Stop pestering me and watch the video!
  6. So I'm working on something at the moment (refining earlier ideas...) So as part of that, I'm still looking for more ideas but here's how I'm going so far... I need ideas for premium BC/BBs above T4/5... Designs they were even tentatively involved with, mentioned for, funded, associated with because for CL/DDs, we got heaps (I've only shown a few here). Keep in mind I'll need to make any additions have their own thing and not just be duplicates. Either way, enjoy!!! (Oh and roasting me or toasting me, either I'm perfectly happy with!)