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Found 1 result

  1. Rina_Pon


    My opinion of the 4 point captain skill, radio position finder (RPF), has evolved recently. I used to consider it a "must" on high tier DDs, but I re-specced my Fletcher captain to remove it and proceeded to have two monster games. This just re-affirmed what I'd been moving towards for a while now: those 4 skill points are better spent elsewhere. There are two main uses for RPF. 1. Locating an undetected enemy ship, usually the enemy DD. This is less useful than it sounds, however, since this information only matters in the specific situtation where 1. you don't already have good idea where he is anyway AND 2. it is important to know this. The classic example is close in fighting around smoke screens or islands, where you have a straight binary guess "did he go that way or did he go this way". Without RPF you have no way to know which is more likely, and without that answer you have significantly reduced chances of surviving the encounter, especially if the opponent has RPF equipped. 2. RPF is also an effective deterrent to enemy DDs. If a DD is located he is unlikely to even bother to try to run down a flank, and won't be successful if he does. There is no way to sneak behind the enemy lines and ambush the CV at the back of the map. So RPF is legitimately useful here There are however downsides. With RPF you risk giving away more information to the enemy team than you collect for yourself. 1. You broadcast your approach to an enemy BB on a stealth torp run. Any DD that is in the habit of getting close to enemy BB and launching torps from stealth is going to take a big penalty, because the BB is going to be alert to you being close by. And it is 10x harder to hit an alert BB than one that thinks you are nowhere near him. 2. You broadcast your presence to an enemy DD. Especially when you do the "move up to the cap but park just outside" routine - which I do a lot, to great success - this is a real killjoy. DD captains are eternal optimists (trust me, I am one), in that faced with no evidence of a threat, they will act as though there is none. 3. It's actually quite a distraction, as for much of the game time it returns useless information that you still have to examine and process. Advice I once got on this forum was "RPF for competitive, no RPF for randoms". Competitive, you are much more likely to be in 1-on-1 fights, so the information RPF gives you is much more likely to be useful and actionable. In Randoms you are better off, I think now, to put away the assist and trust your instincts.