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Found 12 results

  1. So the 8 - 10 have Radar in the same slot as Catapult Fighter. Reload times are sub-standard for tier and spicy 1.70 sigma... Balancing factors? (They will probably buff them later on) Radar that can only detect BBs and CVs. Kinda useless if you ask me. You can read about the upcoming Russian BB line here: Tier 3 - 7: https://medium.com/@devblogwows/low-tier-ussr-bb-7d13efcf866e?fbclid=IwAR1M3T8-oU1BNai13kXGoP9IZQmvEYzbbS383RM7ZCIK_9deKVJnD1KbmTw Tier 8 - 10, and the Premium - Lenin (all of these have radar): https://medium.com/@devblogwows/high-tier-ussr-bb-9e599ee4f4b3?fbclid=IwAR1aWFt9cWNB60qYN7bl_jR4oFP_tQnw-aGANWI7KkZq-m1jjfPq12H9u9g Tier 8, 9 and 10 have more HP than German counterparts. BIAS DETECTED!!! AGAIN, where are the stat posts for the RN CVs??? They were announced EARLIER, right??? UPDATE 1: Surveillance Radar. Interface improvement. Flooding. Flooding has been changed (mostly nerfed). Sell your German and RN DDs now!!! https://medium.com/@devblogwows/radar-flooding-c8711f9e87a7?fbclid=IwAR0ycTR_PWVQpz8GNSKBvnO997oKCMPhKsr0ItByx2NORmoAbwgIjVB9NIo UPDATE 2: Russian BBs confirmed to have limited charges of Damage Control Party. Literally cyka bylat Rush B and die in the first 10 mins -OR- snipe from max range the whole match.
  2. Yes. Yes it is. Before any stone is thrown, there are valid historical designs that can make it to the line. https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/zplan/cruiser/kreuzerm/tech.html https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/zplan/cruiser/kreuzerq/index.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-class_cruiser And this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_cruiser_Lützow_(1939) “Lützow was originally designed as a light cruiser version of the Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruisers, armed with twelve 15 cm (5.9 in) guns instead of the Admiral Hipper's eight 20.3 cm (8.0 in) guns.” And an image (from somewhere I fail to remember): A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (but I did some tests and the results are very close). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. The line: VII: M-class Q-class VIII: Hull A Hipper with Königsberg's guns IX: Hipper with Nürnberg's guns X: (Slightly) Modified Hull B Roon with Nürnberg's guns Let’s get into the details: M-CLASS Q-SUBCLASS PROPOSED DESIGN OF LÜTZOW Opinions: + The line in general: I know WG could always make brand new models for the ships but it’d be much easier to put existing models on existing models. That’s basically the concept of the Lützow light cruiser proposal, right? RIGHT??? + Traits: Tanky light cruisers? I mean the M and Q even have “sloped decks”. While I cannot confirm what it truly means, but I assume that “sloped decks” are essentially something similar to “turtleback armor”. “Turtleback armor” is not a technical term by the way. If you view armor profile of a ship like Hindenburg and select to show only the ship’s vital part (the citadel), you will see sloped “sides” of the citadel box, and those edges are called “armored citadel deck slopes”, whose thickness is 60 mm. On German battleships, the armor is arranged differently, so you can’t truly view the actual thickness of the slopes. But they are there. “Sloped deck” on light cruisers. German through and through. The later ships are, of course, as tanky as German heavy cruisers get. That fact needs no more advertisement. 1/4 HE pen, like the heavy cruiser line. + Consumables: I can’t think of any except being identical to the heavy cruiser line already in the game. Would Radar be a good thing? I mean German Hydro is already too good, I don’t think having “German radar” on these ships would be much better than just popping German Hydro, which is long-ranged, lasts longer and can also detect torpedoes. Maybe better Repair Party? Myabe no catapult aircraft (I can see this happen)? + M and Q: Due to the similarities between M-class and Q-class (they are of the same class anyway), I can think of 2 ways: Q-class would the Hull B of M-class -OR- M-class gets in the game as the T7 for the new tech tree, Q-class is a semi-clone as a T6 premium ship. I do have a concern that other T7 cruisers in the game have much better HP pool than those ships (ALL of them to be correct), but M and Q do feature excellent speed and their “sloped decks”. + Lützow: I can think of splitting this CL Hipper into two. This is not a very good way to implement them, admittedly. One as T8 and one as T9. The T8 version will have the 150 mm turrets from Königsberg (7,5s reload) and the T9 (the historical, proposed Lützow) will actually have her designed guns from Nürnberg (6s reload). Since both of the ships would be light cruisers, there would be little problem if the ships have smaller HP pool. For example, all US heavy cruisers will have larger HP pool than all US light cruisers of the same tier – Des Moines’ 50,3k versus Worcester’s 45,4 k. In-game Hipper has 37,3k (Hull A) and 43,8k HP (Hull B), having about the same or slightly more HP than Hull B of some T9 cruisers (Donskoi, Seattle, Ibuki and even Zao – a T10). The very good reload will make up for protection (as if they even lack protection). What I don’t like is making the same ship (the same hull) two different ships in a ship line. But KGV and Monarch exist. Thank to WG for setting the precedence. Also I’d like point out that if the design indeed only changes the main guns of the Hipper-class, then the Fire Control System would still be the same, which means the firing range of these ships would be the best of all the light cruisers in the game: 17.7 km (FCS module B) versus Worcester’s 16.7 km). Even with FCS module A, at 16.1 km, it’s already better than Minotaur. Coupled with the impressive 6s reload, this ship can be really really powerful. + Tier 9 and 10: Alternatively, a light cruiser using Roon’s hull and Königsberg’s guns would do well at T9. Probably too well because of the huge HP pool for a light cruiser. It’s a German ship. It would be characteristically overweight. The last ship of the line would be a largely fabricated design (who’d have thought?) and I can think of 1 of 2 ways. If the T9 is indeed a ship based on Roon’s hull, then the T10 could be using Hindenburg’s hull with Nürnberg’s guns. Admittedly, a ship with Hindenburg’s hull and Nürnberg’s guns can be a very powerful ship in the game. Roon’s hull can have 4 turrets on it easily because: Nürnberg’s turrets are much smaller than Roon’s turrets (being a smaller caliber) and the forward superstructure can be pushed back just a bit to make space for the additional 150 mm turret. Here are my proposed stats of the T8 and T10, T7 is M-class and T9 is the historical proposed Lützow: TIER VIII TIER X
  3. This has nothing do to with anything but whatever, gotta post it. Information on most classes could be found on: https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/destroyer/index.html And Wikipedia. On Type 1937J: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_1937J_destroyer The split is as follow: Historical note: All German 127 mm are actually 128 mm, and all German 150 mm are actually 149.1 mm. I doubt WG use 149 mm anyway. I use 128 and 150 for convenience. Characteristics on the 150 mm line: + Carry 150 mm guns so IFHE won’t be an absolute requirement. Also those guns have slow-ish reload (6,7s – 7,5s). BFT and AFT will only be required for AA builds. + Are very big (basically overweight) so expect massive HP pool and big detection range. T10 will get full BB AP pen damage like Khabarosvk and Harugumo. + Similar to the main line, they have sluggish rudder and large turning radius. About Aki-Kita-Haru (and Khaba) level of maneuverability. + Decently fast having at least 36 knots speed on all ships. + Roles: cap support (only cap when it’s safe to do so), HE spammer, potential DD hunter (don’t go against Kapparoast, Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo though), torpedo sweeper (because German Hydro). + Consumables: I think they don’t need any consumable gimmick, aside from the German Hydro the current line already has. Maybe Heal at T9 and T10 in the same slot as Smoke, like Khabarovsk. A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (but I did some tests and the results are very close). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. Some side thoughts: German torpedoes on DDs are spammable, mobile and stealthy yet short in range. Torpedo B modules are always straight upgrades from Torpedo A modules. A somewhat boring trait. The 150 mm line can have a different set of torpedo modules that have long range and more reload time. More damage is 100% optional. They need long-ranged torpedoes. That’s all I’m asking here. THE SHIPS TYPE 1936A - Z25 Tier 7- 150 mm guns TYPE 1936 - Z17 DIETHER VON ROEDER Tier 8 - 128 mm guns TYPE 1936A – Z23 Tier 8 - 150 mm guns Now no longer carries 128 mm guns, only – 5 150 mm guns (one twin in the bow, 3 single in the aft). Nothing else will be changed. TYPE 1938 A/AC Tier 9 - 150 mm guns SPÄHKREUZER 1938 Tier 10 - 150 mm guns PREMIUMS TYPE 1938B Tier 7 TYPE 1937J Tier 9 TYPE 1945 Tier 10 SPÄHKREUZER 1940 Tier 11
  4. Paladinum

    German BB split proposal

    Yes, it is. Commemorating the release of Prinz Eitel Friedrich, this is my take on the (inevitable) German BB split. This split is a "when" and not an "if". I just don't care when. I’ll go through the possible setups of the 2 lines first, then the stats of the ships down below. I’m not going through AA for the ships, if anything, I would just compare the AA of the ships to the ships that already in the game. Also protection stats for the ships can be changed/adjusted by WG so I would only mention some details. I put everything in spoilers to avoid unnecessary mouse-scrolling. Just click the ones you want to see. Sources: https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/index.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page http://dreadnoughtproject.org/plans/SM_Studienentwurf/ And some other sources include someone I know who is a WW1/2 ship nut. A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (but I did some tests and the results are very close). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. Setup 1: Old line – All-new line Setup 2: THE SHIPS VON DER TANN Tier 3 MOLTKE Tier 4 SEYDLITZ Tier 4 Premium DERFFLINGER Tier 5 MACKENSEN Tier 6 ERSATZ YORCK Tier 6 Premium or Tier 7 Tech tree/Premium O-CLASS Tier 7 Premium GROßERKREUZER 4541 Tier 7 HYPOTHETICAL DESIGN FOR TIER 8 H40A Tier 8/9 Premium H40B Tier 9 FREE XP VERSION OF FdG Tier 9 Premium H41 Tier 10
  5. Paladinum

    US Torpedoboat destroyer line

    US Torpedoboat destroyer line speculation! More lines are coming, mostly German 'cause I'm a wehraboo. NOTE: It’s actually a strange matter of how these classes aren’t in the current line. It’s like they intentionally did this to signal a line split or something. I mean… it’s strange, at least to me. All current US DDs from T6 in the current line have dual-purpose guns. All of them have just 2 sets of torpedo tubes, very uniformly so (except Mahan, but still). It just feels strange. I have high hopes for this line. My philosophy when speculating split lines is making sure one line is different than the other. For example, this line has some characteristic design differences that at least 80% guarantee they are different from the current US DD line, like focusing more on their torpedo power. THE LINE: VII: Bagley Gridley VIII: Benham IX: Porter X: Somers THE SHIPS BAGLEY-CLASS HP estimation: 10.700 (Hull A), 13.500 (Hull B) Primary armament: 4x1 127 mm dual-purpose (DP) guns in a AB-XY layout Torpedoes: 4x4 533 mm torpedo tubes (2 each side) Speed: 37 knots Consumables: standard T7 US DD consumable set. GRIDLEY-CLASS HP estimation: 10.600 (Hull A), 13.400 (Hull B) Primary armament: 4x1 127 mm dual-purpose (DP) guns in a AB-XY layout Torpedoes: 4x4 533 mm torpedo tubes (2 each side) Speed: 38.5 knots Consumables: standard T7 US DD consumable set. BENHAM-CLASS HP estimation: 10.900-12.000 (Hull A), 13.500 (Hull B) Primary armament: 4x1 127 mm dual-purpose (DP) guns in a AB-XY layout Torpedoes: 4x4 533 mm torpedo tubes (2 each side) Speed: 38 knots Consumables: standard T8 US DD consumable set. PORTER-CLASS HP estimation: 11.800 (Hull A), 15.400 (Hull B) Primary armament: 4x2 127 mm single-purpose (SP) guns in a AB-XY layout Torpedoes: 2x4 533 mm torpedo tubes (centerline) with spare for reload Speed: 37 knots Consumables: standard T9 US DD consumable set, with TRB in the same slot as Smoke Generator, same as some IJN DDs (Akatsuki, Kagero, Yugumo and Shiratsuyu). TRB is the same as Monaghan (or 20s instead of 30s). SOMERS-CLASS HP estimation: 11.700 (Hull A), 15.900 (Hull B) Primary armament: 4x2 127 mm SP guns Torpedoes: 3x4 533 mm torpedo tubes Speed: 38 knots Consumables: Damage Control, Smoke Generator, Engine Boost. Characteristics of the line: + Glass cannons for many roles and playstyles: sitting in smoke gun blazing or speed boosting while spamming walls of skills. + Have low HP pool on average due to being built pre-war or early in the war. + Torpedoes: mainly short-ranged as expected on US DDs. But there are a lot of them on one broadside, which is why I have the idea to come up with this line in the first place. Later tiers will have better torps (see the table below). + Porter and Somers’ SP guns have the same rate of fire as their DP counterparts, but no AA because they are SP. + Generally faster than the main line at 37 knots minimum. + Poor AA on Porter and Somers as their main guns are single, not dual-purpose. + Roles: ambusher, potential DD hunter (Porter and Somers) but low health so cautious DD hunters. Torpedoes they carry: Comparing historical torps with in-game torps In-game torps: Torpedo Ship(s) Speed (knots) Range (km) Damage Reload/torp (second) Mark 11 Farragut A 56 5.5 11,733 22 Mark 12 Farragut B Mahan A 64 6.4 11,733 22 Mark 15 Mod. 0 Mahan B Benson A 55 9.2 11,600 21.75 Mark 15 Mod. 3 Benson B Fletcher A Sims Kidd 55 9.2 16,633 24.4 Mark 16 Mod. 1 Fletcher B Gearing A 66 10.5 19,033 21.2 Mark 17 Gearing B 66 16.5 17,900 27.2 Bliss Leavitt Mk7 mod. 2B Sims 49 9.2 8,500 18 Mark 29 Black 43 (lol) 13.7 21,600 19.2 My speculation for the torpedoes that would be used by the ships as follow. Historically they used Mark 11, 12 and 15 torpedoes: Bagley and Gridley: Mark 12, then Mark 15 Mod. 0. Benham: Mark 15 Mod. 0 and Mod. 3. Porter: Mark 15 Mod. 3 and Mark 16 Mod. 1. Possibly also Mark 17, but that's just purely insane. Somers: Mark 15 Mod. 3 and Mark 16 Mod. 1. Premiums of the line: DD-360 PHELPS (PORTER-CLASS) 1944 HP estimation: 15.400 Primary armament: 2x2 and 1x1 dual-purpose guns. 1 twin turret in the front, the rest in the back. Torpedoes: 2x4 533 mm torpedo tubes (centerline), either Mark 15 Mod. 0 or Mark 15 Mod 3. Whether she had spare torps for reload is unknown to me. Speed: 37 knots Consumables: Damage Control, Smoke Generator, Engine Boost/Defensive AA Fire, Torpedo Reload Booster (maybe). Opinions: solid T8 premium, a good contender to Benson and Fletcher in most aspects. Same TRB as Porter. DD-395 DAVIS (SOMERS-CLASS) HP estimation: 15.900 Primary armament: 2x2 and 1x1 dual-purpose guns. 1 twin turret in the front, the rest in the back. Torpedoes: 2x4 533 mm torpedo tubes, using Mark 15 Mod. 3 and Mark 16 Mod. 1 torpedoes. Speed: 38 knots Consumables: Damage Control, Smoke Generator, Engine Boost/Defensive AA Fire. Opinions: I’d place this at T9. Having 1 torpedo mount less than tech tree Somers hampers this ship’s overall power, but there is also USS Kidd at T8. If WG want, they can gimmick this ship up. DD-396 JOUETT (SOMERS-CLASS) HP estimation: 15.900 Primary armament: 4x2 single-purpose guns. Torpedoes: 3x3 533 mm torpedo tubes, using Mark 15 Mod. 3 and Mark 16 Mod. 1 torpedoes. Speed: 38 knots Consumables: Damage Control, Smoke Generator, Engine Boost. Opinions: I’d place this at T9. Simply a downtiered Somers with less torpedo tubes. A notable mention: ROBERT H. SMITH-CLASS Minelayer Destroyer HP estimation: about 18.000 Primary armament: 3x2 127 mm DP guns in a AB-X layout, like Gearing. Torpedoes: a big, fat NONE. Speed: 34 knots Consumables: Damage Control, Smoke Generator/Hydro, Engine Boost/Defensive AA Fire. Opinions: tier indefinable. Basically Sumner-class (in-game Yueyang) without any torpedo, basically most of her firepower gone. Big, tier 9-material HP pool with a possible Hydro consumable that may become a torpedo-sweeper. As is, a T7 Premium. If some gimmicks are added (1/4 HE pen, improved US AP, Main Battery Reload Booster, Repair Party), she could be T8/9.
  6. Why aren't we allowed to see what consumables ships are allowed to carry until we purchase the ship? It would be good to know what other ships you might run into are capable of. Is there any mod out there that does this? I've used Aslain and Haka mod packs and haven't seen anything that shows ship's consumables and modification upgrades
  7. Minimum_Chips

    Improvement Ideas

    I would like the tech tree to list all the ships available and expand the nation list as well. For example, There are several Chinese ships in the game but they're are listed on the tech tree. Australia has a ship in the game, also not available via the tech tree.
  8. Dangerfish

    LF Excel of Tech Trees

    does anyone know of a fan designed document with all the tech trees within ? thinking of something I can print off as A3 or maybe A2, would consider designing one or improving one .... whatevers needed, cheers
  9. war4sure

    IJN Tech Tree Split?

    Some time earlier during the CBT, a modder stumbles upon a localization file that includes a line that contains description for Shinano, a tier X CV. WG also confirms Shinano will be in the game, and even showed her in one of their videos. Currently Japanese CV line in game are made up of ships build as a carrier,but Shinano came from a Yamato-class BB. So, I can tell much that sooner or later we get to choose whether to work up on purpose-built CV or converted ones. The split probably start at tier V like this: Shoho(V)>Chitose(VI)>Kaga(VII)>Akagi(VIII)>Ibuki CV(probably,IX)>Shinano(X) The same might also be done with destroyers, since I looked at WG planned tech tree for Japan and saw Akizuki there.The split for Japanese DD line are probably like Soviet heavy tank line, at tier VI you get to choose to grind for the IS if you're into the IS-7,or KV-3 if you prefer IS-4.Since Akizuki is a Anti-Air DD,the destroyers leading up to her are those that traded surface combat capability for increased AA stats. So it might looked like this: Surface Combatant Mutsuki(VI)>Shiratsuyu(VII)>Fubuki(VIII)>Kagerou(IX)>Shimakaze(X) AA Performance Mutsuki(VI)>Hatsuharu(VII)>Michisio(VIII)>Yuugumo(IX)>Akizuki(X) Take note that this was based on the planned tech tree and changes might happen throughout the development.
  10. It seems we have some more ships and Cruisers coming this Octoberfest! (Also deadly Russian Destroyers) Are you excited for this? . . . I know they'll have the Royal Navy Soon, Warspite isn't enough to the Royal Navy :/ (So, imo, what BBs,CLs,CAs,DDs and CVs you want to put in the Royal Navy?)
  11. CrossHares


    So would Submarines and U-Boats be too complicated and unbalance the game too much if they were included as a new type of vessel?
  12. Earlier I was watching , and noticed this mock-up of the Japanese tech tree: From what I gather: Myogi will be renamed or replaced with Masamune at tier 4? They've decided on a tier 9 BB and a tier 5 CA The first Japanese aircraft carrier branch will begin with CVLs (light aircraft carriers) and develop into CVs such as Zuikaku and Taihou (I'd assume that the slower CV designs such as Kaga, Akagi and Shinano will appear in a second CV branch, or as premium warships) They're already rolling out the paper warships for the CV branch (Hakuryu? Never heard of it) Of course, this is always subject to further change in the future, and by no means represents the final tree design. One issue that I personally have with this design is that they're already rolling out plenty of paper blueprint warships, even though there are many famous ships that aren't in the tree yet. Of course, this isn't to say that they won't come later in secondary branches, but I really hope that the game doesn't become overwhelmed with paper designs for many branches like the German and Soviet trees in WoT are.